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Massive die off of fish, no one knows why, in Mymensingh, Bangladesh

Fish Kill Alert

Over the past fifteen years, Bangladeshi pisciculture has undergone a revolution, bringing the nation to fourth position globally in the farming of freshwater fish. For the last several years, koi fish, first Thai koi and subsequently ‘all female’ koi, have shared centre stage; but from three years ago it was Vietnamese koi that took the mantle of most exciting koi breed, with the promise of the highest profits. The Vietnamese koi industry has blossomed since, without a hitch, until now. 
This year, Vietnamese koi farmers have lost millions of taka. To find out exactly what is going on, I spoke with the pisciculturalists of Mymensingh, the district that has long been one step ahead of others in freshwater fish production.
“I couldn’t sell any fish yet,” says pisciculturalist Rahim of Mymensingh’s Fulbari upazila. “All the adult koi are dead, only the small ones are left.”
His colleague Jabbar from Mymensingh Sadar upazila says he started with approximately 350,000 Vietnamese koi fry but only around 50,000 have survived.
In nearby Trishal upazila, Jamil tells of similar woe. “When the fish were only a month old they started to die. On many a morning I found dead koi floating.”
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Massive fish kills due to virus in Westland, Netherlands

The fish are infected with the goldfish herpesvirus. (Photo: delfland water board)
The dead fish were found between recreational area the Psw, the auction route, and the Zwethlaan. The goldfish herpesvirus is deadly to goudvisachtigen, but for freshwater fish, other warm-blooded animals or people, it is not harmful. 
More than 1,500 kilograms of dead fish has been taken out of the water. The next few days the delfland water Board keeps the situation in the holes. Dead fish are removed as soon as possible.
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Thousands of fish have died in the Vam Co Dong River, Vietnam

The freshwater fish in Xining always lived in the throbbing anxiety before discharging wastewater contaminated victims river fish died.
Over the past two weeks, people Phuoc Vinh Chau Thanh district, Tay Ninh restlessness before state Vam Co Dong River water pollution sudden severe, causing mass mortalities.
Ben Stone region, in the village of Phuoc Trung many freshwater fish cages river dock, the more the friend of 5-6, 1-2 and friends at home.
Her family has 3 friends Luu Ngoc Hue tilapia and red tilapia. Over the past days, the river water pollution caused her fish cages 2/3 Hue flickering.
Ms. Hui look for ways to save fish but failed. Finally, she had to run up and down looking for pimping dump antlers removed the capital.
Dead fish in the same boat as the river water pollution family Nguyen Van Loc. Since 20 years, Mr. Loc live mainly in freshwater fish farming on the Vam Co Dong River. If there is no pollution, it reaches maturity, each signed Goby he is nursing home, selling 200,000-250,000. Fishing season this year, Mr. Loc lost because of dead fish.
Among those who fish in the village of Phuoc Trung Phuoc Vinh, particularly tragic family of Nguyen Van Dat.
Disadvantaged, his wife daily to Achieve selling lottery tickets, save for grass carp and red tilapia.
This poor couple abacus, if fish can be sold over 200 million profit, the money invested to expand fish cages, selling lottery tickets every scene and stored ashore stable housing.
But now all estimates are for naught when the river water pollution, making the fish in his friend almost died Pass.
Mr. Nguyen Van Dat pressing situation by wheat plants discharged, no natural river water were toxic.
According to Reach, he adopted nearly 5,000 dead fish is almost 98%.
The time of the dead fish from 3/3. Upon receiving the news, specialized staff in Phuoc Vinh Chau Thanh district and areas to fish at Ben Stone for fieldwork.
Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tay Ninh province also took samples of river water and initially concluded parameters exceed environmental standards allow 2 to 5 times; low dissolved oxygen, leading to fish kills.
However, so far, the industry has yet to function officially announced major cause of water pollution is due to line waste water from two businesses and Red Buttons as Sam Most of the people in question, as well as who will responsible for compensation for damage to the fish farmers.
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Thousands of dead fish wash up in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Puzzling dead fish case resurfaces in Kota Kinabalu
Thousands of fish ended up dead in a monsoon drain in the industrial area of Kolombong here, raising concerns about the possibility of toxic chemicals being discharged into drains.
The Department of Environment (DOE) has been ordered to conduct an immediate investigation into cause of the death of the freshwater fish, mostly tilapia.
State Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun said the DOE should check the water quality and industrial waste in the Kolombong area.
Cases of fish found dead have occurred in the past.
However, the cause of those deaths remained a mystery despite investigations by the state Fisheries Department and other agencies.
The latest incident happened late Saturday at a monsoon drain that connects to Sungai Likas where a large number of dead fish was found among the filth and garbage.
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25,000 fish killed ‘due to storm surge’ in Norfolk and Suffolk, England

Fish Kill Alert

It’s estimated around 25,000 fish died as a result of Tuesdays storm, the majority of those, about 20,000 in one dyke at Acle.

Strong winds and high tides led to some serious flooding witnessed by holidaymakers

    “Hundreds and hundreds of dead fish, mainly small ones, just floating up the rivers. The seagulls were having a whale of a time but yes it was a great shame but apparently it was caused by the tidal surge and the salt water coming into the river.”

– Mandy Thomas, Holidaymaker

The Salt water incursion killed the freshwater fish.

Fish specialists at the Environment Agency have been on the River Thurne in Norfolk monitoring the current levels of seawater and checking fish stocks.

Angling is worth around a hundred million pounds to the local economy.

    “A lot of the anglers who’ve been around and fishing for say 40 or 50 years have said quite regularly the fishing now is as good as its ever been which is fantastic and whilst it’s always sad to see these fish mortalities on the whole we’re very hopeful that next year the fishing will be very very good.”

– Steve Lane, Environment Agency

The Environment Agency are also checking a boatyard in Potter Heigham.

Sonar equipment on their boat gives them an accurate assessment of what’s underneath.

    “Seeing some of the effects of the saline incursion yesterday were pretty heart wrenching at times and obviously we want to do as much as we can for the fish to try and hep them survive.”

In Loddon anglers found there wasn’t a shortage of fish in the River Chet as they were taking refuge trying to escape the salt water.

    “There was more fish than there was water really, it was just solid with fish, big fish and small. There was a lot of good fish and there was some young boys up there catching big fish, they were just fighting over each other to get out of the salt.”

– George King, Angler

Anglers are being urged to tell the Environment Agency is they see any signs of dead fish.