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Savage hail storm causes mayhem in the Hunter Valley, Australia

Hail Formation Alert

Residents of Bulga in the Hunter Valley will spend the day counting the cost after a second savage hail storm hit the area in less than a week.
The storm late yesterday dumped up to 80 millimetres of rain and hail on the area leaving paddocks awash and adding to a mounting damage bill.
Hail dumped last Friday damaged wine grape crops in the area, with some vineyards losing all of their fruit for the next vintage.
Bulga resident Graeme O’Brien says the latest storm took them by surprise.
“Our good car wasn’t parked in the shed, didn’t see the hail coming,” he said.
“This cloud wasn’t that colour that you typically get hail out of.
“Anyway, next minute there was lots of hail and now there’s little round pock marks on three horizontal surfaces of the car.”