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Severe storm causes complete mayhem in Budapest, Hungary

Severe Thunderstorm Warning Alert

Streets and buildings around Budapest were filled with water due to flooding caused by a huge hail storm late yesterday. Power outages were widespread, and people in various locations were trapped and had to be rescued by firefighters, according to reports. A similar storm is expected tonight.
Some 9,000 homes in Budapest lacked electricity due to the storm, while another 47,000 homes saw shorter temporary blackouts.
Flooding water on the streets of Budapest also leaked in some of the metro stations, and reports suggest that, at the station of Corvin negyed, flood levels reached 40 cm.
A similar storm is is expected for this afternoon and evening, and the Hungarian Meteorological Service (OMSZ) issued a warning for today, origo.hu said.
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Severe dust storm kills 14 people in Uttar Pradesh, India

Severe dust storm kills 14 people in Uttar Pradesh
The severe dust storm that hit many parts of Uttar Pradesh on Friday has left behind a trail of devastation and death and officials on Saturday confirmed death of more than 14 people.
Besides, over two dozen people were injured in the storm, the officials said.
In Lucknow and neighbouring areas, eight people lost their lives, 320 hoardings were ripped apart and power transmission lines snapped, leading to power outages of more than 20 hours at many places.
Harvest, mainly of wheat which was lying in the fields has also been damaged extensively, officials informed while adding that this has added to the already cup full of woes of farmers following heavy rains and hail storm last week.
Mango harvest has also taken a beating in Kakori and Malihabad mango belts neighbouring Lucknow.
Heavy rainfall has been reported since Friday night in Agra, Bareilly, Sitapur and some parts of western Uttar Pradesh.
More such weather phenomenon are likely to occur over the weekend, the state Met department has predicted.
Regional Met director J.P. Gupta said that the dust storm was a local phenomena which had developed due to “local heating”.
“There has been extreme heat at some places while at some places the mercury is down by few notches and this yawning gap has led to this cyclonic circulation,” he added.
The Met office has predicted rainfall in some parts of the state on Saturday and Sunday.
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Freak three-minute snow storm hits workers on lunch breaks in central London, UK

Freak storm: snow falling outside the Liberty department store (Picture: ‏@bethsquires)
Workers enjoying their lunch breaks were surprised by a freak snow shower in central London this afternoon.
The three minute hail storm saw people running for cover and putting up their umbrellas as icy snowflakes fell from the sky.
Pictures of the bizarre weather were posted on social media, which showed the snow falling in Covent Garden, Oxford Circus, Regent Street, Conduit Street and other central London spots.
Beth Squires tweeted: “Bizarre sunny snowstorm on Regent Street.”
Jonathan Andrew Hume, who plays Simba in the West End production of the Lion King, wrote: “Sun and snow at the same time. Really London?! That’s ridiculous weather. Make your mind up!” 
The freak storm follows reports from the Met Office that warmer weather is on the way for Spring.
Forecasters predict there will be be drier and brighter conditions for most of the south east, while the weekend is likely to see a transition to milder weather.
The sunny spell is expected to continue to Easter, where temperatures could peak at 21C.
A spokesman said there could be occasional outbreaks of rain, but temperatures were “likely to be slightly above average by day”.
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Tornado causes structural damage in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK

Tornado Hampton 02.06.12

Residents in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire say they’ve experienced a ‘mini tornado’ this evening, after a violent hail storm reportedly hit the county.
Firefighters attend scene
Crews working to make houses safe after suspected ‘mini tornado’ Credit: @ PembMAWW
One resident filmed this video as emergency crews attended.
Crews from Mid and West Fire Service were also busy tonight in Haverfordwest, after reports of roof tiles being blown off buildings.
A yellow alert for snow and ice remains in place for much of the country.
Courtesy of ITV News

Savage hail storm causes mayhem in the Hunter Valley, Australia

Hail Formation Alert

Residents of Bulga in the Hunter Valley will spend the day counting the cost after a second savage hail storm hit the area in less than a week.
The storm late yesterday dumped up to 80 millimetres of rain and hail on the area leaving paddocks awash and adding to a mounting damage bill.
Hail dumped last Friday damaged wine grape crops in the area, with some vineyards losing all of their fruit for the next vintage.
Bulga resident Graeme O’Brien says the latest storm took them by surprise.
“Our good car wasn’t parked in the shed, didn’t see the hail coming,” he said.
“This cloud wasn’t that colour that you typically get hail out of.
“Anyway, next minute there was lots of hail and now there’s little round pock marks on three horizontal surfaces of the car.”

Apocalyptic hailstorm destroys acres of crops and causes landslide to bury homes in Bolivia

Severe Weather Alert

A hail storm caused a landslide that buried at least three homes in a town in western Bolivia, affecting 20 families, media outlets said Tuesday.
Mud and rocks covered homes, vehicles and a tractor in Luribay, a municipality in the La Paz district, an agricultural official told Radio Erbol.
Besides spurring the landslide, the hail storm destroyed area farmers’ crops.
The families who lost their homes are in a makeshift camp at the town’s soccer field.
Landslides are common during Bolivia’s October-March rainy season.
Fourteen people, including several children, died in February when a rain-soaked hill collapsed on top of several houses in the central province of Cochabamba.
A month earlier, eight people were killed by a landslide in the tourist village of Rurrenabaque.

Large hail storm hits northern Israel

A large hail storm hit northern Israel on Monday morning causing damage to property.

The storm, which lasted only a few minutes, began just before 6:00 a.m. with unusually strong winds and large balls of hail.

In Haifa and the surrounding area trees fell from the strong winds, but there was no serious damage to property and no people were injured. Some residents reported downed electric wires and some damage to buildings. The hail caused damage to cars in the area.

In Kiryat Ata on Zevulun Street, a solar panel was blown from a roof of a house and damaged a car below.

Weather in the North on Monday morning following the storm was clear and stable, and temperatures were forecast to reach a high of 21. The rain that much of Israel saw last week was forecast to return on Monday afternoon and continue into Tuesday.


Extreme hailstorm unleashes complete havoc in Florence, Italy

The Italian city of Florence has been hit by a violent hail storm which destroyed terrace bars in a central square and injured five people when a primary school collapsed in an outlying village.
It also flooded the market of San Lorenzo in the historic centre
Other outlying areas were struck by a whirlwind.
Officials ordered the closure of many of the city’s museums including the famous Uffizi Gallery, to check for damage to any of the works of art.

Christmas in July? Several inches of hail coated Geneva, NY, USA

Pea-sized hail fell in and around Geneva this morning, looking more like several inches of lake-effect snow.

While residents were surprised to see it, a hail storm like this one is pretty common, said National Weather Service meteorologist Kat Hawley.

“It’s definitely nothing out of the ordinary,” Hawley said. “It’s just a small thunderstorm.”

Hawley said the fact that the hail fell in the morning rather than the afternoon could have caught people off guard. But that also meant that air temperatures were a little cooler, which allowed the hail to accumulate rather than melt away quickly.

“Most of the time that hail would melt,” she said. “It’s just kind of cool enough where the hail managed to stay as ice.”

how hail forms.JPG
Hail forms from upward and downward motion of air in a thunderstorm
Hail forms inside thunderstorms. Air pushes water up and down in the storm, and the water can freeze into hail. If the tiny hail pellet gets pushed up and down repeatedly in the storm, it grows larger with each layer of water it picks up.

(The largest hailstone ever recorded was 7 inches in diameter and weighed just under one pound. It fell in Nebraska on June 23, 2003.)

The atmosphere in the Finger Lakes this morning was just right for hail, Hawley said, with colder, dry air high in the atmosphere and drafts of air pushing the water up and down.

“We just happened to have all the right ingredients,” she said.

Freak summer storm brings ‘rivers of hail’ and ‘snow indoors’ in the S/SE Of the UK

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Courtesy of @Kennedy121

Lightning, heavy downpours and a huge hail storm created a scene described as the “zombie apocalypse” in Sussex this morning.

The storms hit the Hove, Brighton and Worthing during the morning rush-hour, causing chaos on trains when a lightning strike affected services.

An electricity sub-station was hit, causing power to the coastal rail route to be cut, although the main line to London was running normally, according to a Network Rail spokeswoman.

Network Rail said on its website: “Electrical supply problems caused by a lightning strike, near Hove, are causing delays of up to 30 minutes to trains between Worthing and Hove/Brighton.

“There is no firm estimate yet of how long disruption will last but it is likely to continue until at least 09.00.”

Flash floods

Commuters posted on Twitter descriptions of heavy hail and localised flooding caused by the storms.

Local residents said the storm started at 5.30am, leading to torrential rain.

Laurence Hill wrote: “Used to be roads. Now rivers of hail. Never seen anything like it.”

Brighton and Hove Police posted: “Localised flooding in Hove and Portslade, some roads not passable. Please do not enter flood water on foot or in cars.”

Brighton station tweeted: “At a stand west coastway, Worthing, Brighton, Both ways due to zombie apocalypse Brighton, Hove, Fishersgate, Portslade, Lancing, Shoreham”

London Fire Brigade rescued two women from a car which got stuck in flood water near South Ruislip station, north-west London.

The fire service said on Twitter that 50 houses were also affected by flood water in the area.

Firefighters rescued five people from three neighbouring houses which were flooded in Thaxted, Essex.

One family remained on the first floor of their home while crews pumped water from the property after flood water affected the electrics, a Essex Fire and Rescue spokesman said.

Brighton and Hove City Council’s headquarters also had to close after the basement flooded due to the heavy rain.

Commuters described flash flooding which left roads impassable

The Met Office issued a “yellow” warning of rain – meaning there is a “moderate risk” – for East Anglia, the South East and London. Some 30mm (1.2in) of rain – half the average monthly total for England in July – fell in an hour some areas overnight, a spokeswoman said.

Chief forecaster Steve Willington said: “A deeply unstable airmass will cover south eastern areas of England on Monday. The main risk of disruptive downpours is now early this morning, with only a very low risk during the afternoon period.

“These heavy showers and thunderstorms may become focused into slow-moving narrow bands, meaning that whilst some areas experience locally intense downpours giving 25mm within an hour and very locally 40mm within two to three hours, adjacent areas could stay dry. “

The Environment Agency issued a flood warning – meaning flooding is expected – for the Kidbrooke stream at Forest Row, East Sussex.

It said: “Heavy showers will bring a chance of some localised surface water flooding issues across parts of Sussex and Kent this afternoon.

“Further heavy showers are expected from around dawn tomorrow across much of south-east England which may result in some surface water flooding, especially in urbanised areas.

“In any one specific location within the South East, there is a very low chance of flood impacts, but flooding of properties and parts of communities and travel disruption is possible somewhere within the region as a whole.

“Despite some heavy showers across north-west England today and tonight flooding is not expected elsewhere or at other times during the next three days.”

Flash floods