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Severe hailstorm causes mayhem in Scottsbluff, USA

Area hit by hailstorm Monday evening
Photo by: Irene North/Star-Herald
Large balls of hail rained down on Scottsbluff Monday evening. The hail was accompanied by wind gusts of up to 60 mph and several areas reported flash flooding. The storm lasted less about 10 minutes, causing damage to vehicles, roofs, siding and trees.
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Apocalyptic hailstorm strikes a neighborhood in Denver, USA

04.06.15 Hailstorm in Denver

AIRTRACKER 7 found hail several feet deep as it flew over South Irving Street and West Alaska Place, that’s near Alameda Avenue and Federal Boulevard.
“It started last night around 8 or 8:30. Within a half an hour it started accumulating,” said Sinforoso Sanchez. “Then all of a sudden, probably within 45 minutes, we heard like a rumble and we ran down our porch and looked down the street and a car was coming sideways — just rolling on ice. Next thing we know, within an hour’s time, this whole area was just… it was deeper than it is now.”
People were seen using shovels in an effort to free their cars. 
“Where this came from I don’t know,” Sanchez said with a laugh, “but we got it.”
“Cars were floating down the street”. Snow plows and shovels removing hail measuring in feet. #cowx. @DenverChannel pic.twitter/GGYysmtFqc
— Brad Bogott (@bbogott) June 5, 2015
Heavy loaders and dump trucks were called in to scoop up and remove the hailstones by the truckload.
Courtesy of thedenverchannel.com

Severe storms bring hail, lightning, damaging winds to South Plains, USA

Severe Thunderstorm Warning Alert

Two areas of severe thunderstorms developed across the KCBD Viewing Area Wednesday evening and produced large hail, dangerous lightning and widespread damaging wind gusts.
Initially, scattered severe thunderstorms developed across the northern Rolling Plains. A severe thunderstorm produced hail up to the size of ping-pong balls and wind gusts to 60 MPH between Matador and of Cee Vee.
Severe storms bring wind damage to the south plains
Further west, a cluster of showers moved out of New Mexico and into the western South Plains before 5:30 PM. As showers moved eastward, showers encountered more energy in the atmosphere and became strong over Hockley County.
A 76 MPH wind gust was recorded at the West Texas Mesonet site near Levelland. An 82 MPH gust was recorded eight miles west-southwest of Sundown. Widespread wind gusts between 60 and 70 MPH were reported across the city of Lubbock.
These gusts downed large limbs, toppled neighborhood trees and turned lawn furniture into air-born missiles. As storms pushed eastward, power lines were downed near Posey; just southeast of Lubbock. Storms then organized into a large cluster and raced eastward, moving at nearly 60 MPH at times. More reports of gusty winds and hail were received from communities across the Rolling Plains between 8 and 10 PM.
Another round, or rounds, of inclement weather are expected late Friday through Sunday. Stay tuned to the latest forecasts as we approach our next potential round of severe weather.
Courtesy of kcbd.com

Huge hailstorm turns beach white in Southern California, USA

The beach at Southern California’s “Surf City” has been turned white by a dumping of hail from a fast-moving storm.
The National Weather Service says at least an inch of icy pellets coated the sand at Huntington Beach after the system roared ashore Monday morning.
Brianna Burkhart, who works at Duke’s restaurant on the city pier, says the sky suddenly turned dark and then opened up.
She says when it was all over the beach was completely white and it looked like it had snowed.
It’s the second winter storm to hit the area in several days. Over the weekend a smattering of hail was reported to the north on Venice Beach.
Plane pilots reported seeing funnel clouds over the ocean about 25 miles off Redondo Beach.
Courtesy of Yahoo News

Severe Hailstorm Causes Significant Losses To Pear Production In Argentina

Severe Weather Alert

The producers, Cipolleti, Fenandez Oro, and Allen, from the province of Rio Negro, were assessing the damage caused by the hail that affected the productive segment located south of Route 22, in the Upper Valley. The producing chambers advanced that, in many cases, the loss had been severe. 
Rio Negro’s Secretary of Fruit Cultures, Alberto Diomedi, confirmed that they had notice that the damage, which was caused on Wednesday, had mainly affected pears. The Secretariat’s Control staff has already visited some sectors and noted that, up to the moment, the Upper Valley most affected areas were Cipolletti, to the south and towards the field of Confluencia, and Allen’s rural fringe to the west.
“It is impossible to quantify the damage today but there are marked pears. We will probably have an estimate of the damages in seven days,” said Diomedi when he announced that the Secretariat of Fruit Cultures were preparing affidavit forms for the producers that had been affected by hail. 
In Allen, the hailstorm caused concern among producers, which yesterday began to analyse whether there were damages. Sebastian Hernandez, president of the chamber, said some producers had reported damages in pear crops. 
“Hail and water fell for some eight minutes in my field, but I know of other sectors, further west, where the storm lasted longer and the hail was drier. I think we have to wait to see if the hail caused damage, at least one or two days,” said the fruit leader who met with producers yesterday to assess the situation. 
“The damage on pears was total. Some fruits were hit between 14 and 15 times. Some of the red apple varieties might have survived, but the rest is all damaged,” said producer Eduardo Artero, who has a farm in the area affected by hail, yesterday.
Meanwhile, the Association of Producers of Fernandez Oro stated that the farms in that locality had suffered heavy losses because of the water and the hail. The president of the association said they had lost 50% of the fruits and all of the pears.

Major Hailstorm Strikes Napa, California, USA

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“In the 49 years I’ve lived here, I’ve never seen anything like this ever.”
One month after an earthquake struck the Napa area, the region was pounded by an incredibly rare hailstorm Friday afternoon. Heavy rainfall and lightning were also reported throughout the North Bay.
A viewer in the Napa County community of Browns Valley took video of hail covering the ground like snow.
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KPIX 5 meteorologist Paul Deanno reported six inches of hail in the Napa area. Children were seen making snow angels and had snow fights with the hail.
“It was nothing but rain, then all of a sudden it comes down. It was complete hail for a good to 20 to 25 minutes,” said Paul Frommelt of Napa. “In the 49 years I’ve lived here, I’ve never seen anything like this ever.”

Severe storm with heavy hail across southern Alberta, Canada

Hail fell on a rain-soaked street in the northeast Calgary neighbourhood of Taradale.

A thunderstorm swept across southern Alberta Monday, prompting Environment Canada to issue thunderstorm warnings and watches.

The Heritage Day storm had officials warning of heavy rain and possible hail. The Calgary Airport was under a lightning advisory for about half an hour.

Thunderstorm watches and warnings were issued for much of southern and central Alberta, moving from west to east with the storm.

“Environment Canada meteorologists are tracking a severe thunderstorm capable of producing dime to nickel size hail and heavy rain,” according to Environment Canada. “Remember, severe thunderstorms can produce tornadoes.”

Longview hail

Severe hail storm dents cars, surprises residents with large ice pellets in Oregon, USA

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Courtesy of @Terry_Lawhead

The National Weather Service’s Saturday evening forecast for Bend called for lightning, gusty winds, heavy rain and occasional hail.

No kidding. In fact, maybe the forecast should have read, “occasional, quick and Giganto-size hail.”

Shortly after 5 p.m., the Central Oregon city was warm and sunny and then all hell broke loose. 

The good news for Bend residents, who have been living through so-called “fire weather” with thunderstorms and lightning strikes during the past two days, is that the skies are expected to clear up and calm down, with temperatures falling to the lower 60s after midnight.

Astonishing severe storm wrecks havoc in Luther Forest Park, Malta, NY, USA

Thursday’s storms brought down trees in Malta, and destroyed one man’s brand new car.

The storm hit just after 1 p.m., bringing hail, heavy rain and wind to the Luther Forest Park.

Craig Randall, A GLOBALFOUNDRIES employee, came out to find his car and his employee’s, destroyed.

He just bought the Kia three months ago and made a payment Thursday – the same day as the storms.

While he says the storm was bad, he wasn’t expecting this.

“We were actually joking around saying we saw the hail. I go, ‘Oh man, I wonder if they cover hail dents. I never expected this at all,’” said Craig Randall.

While NewsChannel 13 was there, another tree fell.

That one, however, was cut down.

As for Randall, he says his insurance company is helping out and has him set up in a rental car.

Gigantic hail damages homes & cars in Clay County, Kentucky, USA

Charles Collett has lived in Big Creek for years. But he tells me the hail that fell on Sunday was the worst he has ever seen
Many living in the Big Creek section of Clay County are counting their losses

Many living in the Big Creek section of Clay County are counting their losses. This after high winds and softball size hail that damaged homes and cars across the region on Sunday.

Charles Collett has lived in Big Creek for years. But he tells me the hail that fell on Sunday was the worst he has ever seen.

“It was loud. You could not hear yourself talk from it hitting the tin roof. It was softball size hail,” said Collett.

The storm left holes in his roof and dents on his car.

“I was amazed by how big it was and then I got to thinking that our vehicles was destroyed,” said Collett.

Two older cars in a nearby field suffered the worst damage.

Bill Gorman Jr. with the Hazard Insurance Group has advice for folks dealing with storm damaged property.

“It is good to take photos of any damage that you might have and then try to protect what has been damaged until the insurance adjuster can get there,” said Gorman.

Gorman said hail, as well as high wind and water damage, are covered under most home owner’s policies. But there is one big catch.

“In order for it to be covered it has to be what we call sudden and accidental. So yesterday if there was damage to the roof because of that particular storm, it would be covered,” said Gorman.

He adds that the same can not be said for damage occurring over a long period of time. Gorman tells us it is best to have pictures or video of your property the way it is. That way, if it is damaged, your insurance agent has something to compare it to.