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Hailstorm in Abha, Saudi Arabia 5th May 2020 #hailstorm #Abha #SaudiArabia

300 Birds dead ‘due to hailstorm’ in Ivaipora, Brazil

Photo: Ivan Maldonado
A hailstorm that hit mainly the south central Ivaiporã on Sunday night killed about 300 birds, including sparrows, doves, doves and well-te-vis.According to information from the Environmental Secretariat, the hailstorm was located between the Plaza Henry Portelinha, near the Bank Brazil, to the Bible Square, close to the bus station and Rio Grande Street South, near the State Barboza Ferraz College.At first there was a suspicion of environmental crime, which was dismissed by Secretary of Environment Jayme Ayres, moreover, the birds were badly hurt. “We talked with popular living here in this region and they confirmed the hailstorm yesterday (Sunday) at about 23 hours. The dead birds were found only where the hail occurred. “

According to Ayres, just before the hail there was a strong wind that frightened the birds. “Frightened by the wind, they went looking for another shelter. It was when there was a hailstorm and ended up killing the birds, “said Ayres.

Courtesy of North Tribune