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Massive sinkholes forces evacuations in Hernando County, Florida, USA

“I never even heard of a sinkhole back home in Ohio. You know what I’m saying? So, this is, ah, this is very scary. I just hope that’s the end of it. And they can patch it up, and you all can go home, you know? ” said Katie Carter.

Sinkholes are not unusual in this section of Hernando County.  Gloria Byrtek has had one.

“I sat at my table and I accidentally knocked my coffee cup off. And this crack was all the way from my kitchen to my dining room, through my sewing room and out the garage door.”

This one big stands out and is not considered the norm. 

“When we got out here, it was about 25 yards by 25 yards wide, and 30 feet deep. And since then, it’s gotten to be about 40 yards by 40 yards wide.”

The sinkhole that caused several families to be evacuated Saturday, has not grown and that is good news to people who live in the neighborhood.