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Mass die off of fish in a lake in Huangshi, China

Recently, Hubei Huangshi City Lake Castle Lake appeared in a large number of dead fish on the 4th, pungent odor, to the residents living around the impact.

14, 10 am, reporters on the scene, silver carp, carp, grass carp and other fish, or piles or scattered floating in the water. These large dead fish about 40 cm, only a small little finger length. In the middle of dead fish, but also mixed with damaged boat, plastic bags and other garbage. In response, EPA staff said Huangshigang area, into a piece of dead fish or water quality and weather.

Chen, who lives in Castle Lake community, weekdays along the Castle Lake on the 4th lake walk, exercise. “This morning on the 4th to the lake, I was scared to death, the lake is full of dead fish floating.” Mr. Chen said, “Although there are a few days before this phenomenon, but not so serious today, stink to high heaven, yet near the lake to smell the stench very strong, are not here for a walk. “

Chen said that each year 7,8,9 month, Castle Lake on the 4th lake will have varying degrees of dead fish, but never so severe as it is today.

It is understood that the 4th Lake Castle Lake area of ​​50 acres. Its north of the Yangtze river bank, there is a large forest, normally people concentrated there walking exercise, sing song pull; car to drive to the south, large flow of people Yellowstone Boulevard; east and west sides of a residential area. “Pungent smell of fish, has affected our normal life.” There are nearby residents said.

September 15 morning, the reporter saw a boat in the lake is fishing lake in the middle of dead fish salvage almost, but still a lot of shore on both sides.

In this regard, according to EPA staff Huangshigang area, said a piece of dead fish or water quality and weather.