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Hurricane Cristina expected to strengthen off Mexican coast

Hurricane Alert
US national hurricane center says storm swells could cause life-threatening surf conditions off Mexico’s Pacific coast

Hurricane Cristina has formed off Mexico’s Pacific coast.

The hurricane’s maximum sustained winds early Wednesday were near 75mph (120kph) and the US national hurricane center said it was expected to strengthen during the next two days.

Cristina is centered about 265 miles (425 kilometers) south of Manzanillo, Mexico, and is moving west near 6mph (9kph).

The hurricane center says swells generated by Cristina are affecting parts of Mexico’s south central and south-western coast. The swells could cause life-threatening surf and rip current conditions.


Hurricane Alert

The first hurricane of the eastern Pacific season formed hundreds of miles off Mexico’s coast Saturday and could become a major storm by Sunday though it poses no immediate threat to land, forecasters in Miami said.

Amanda emerged as a Category 1 hurricane about 645 miles (1,035 kilometers) southwest of Manzanillo, Mexico, and had sustained winds of 75 mph (120 kph). The National Hurricane Center in Miami said Amanda was moving west-northwest Saturday at about 5 mph (7 kph) while rapidly intensifying.

Senior Hurricane Specialist Stacy Stewart told The Associated Press that Amanda does not appear to pose any threat to mainland Mexico at least over the next five days. He said it could become a major hurricane sometime Sunday, still far out in the Pacific.

“The forecast is calling for it to remain far offshore,” Stewart said, adding the storm could eventually generate strong surf, especially along Mexico’s Baja California coast.

No coastal watches or warnings were in effect Saturday.

The eastern Pacific season opened May 15, two weeks ahead of the six-month Atlantic hurricane season that begins June 1.

Federal forecasters with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released forecasts for both areas recently. In the Atlantic, they said, they expect eight to 13 named tropical storms, of which three to six could become hurricanes. Of those, one or two major hurricanes with winds over 110 mph are forecast.

In the eastern Pacific, Stewart said, NOAA forecasters are calling for 14 to 20 named tropical storms, of which seven to 11 are forecast to become hurricanes. Three to six of those hurricanes are expected to become major hurricanes, he said.

Massive Amounts Of Dead Fish Wash Ashore In Manzanillo Del Mar, Colombia

Peces muertos en Manzanillo del Mar

Apparently, the sudden lack of oxygen in a body of water would cause massive fish kills, which appear for days on the beaches of Manzanillo del Mar, north of the city. The community claims to be affected, because the smell comes to their businesses and homes and can not fish.

Some people claim that Karibana Manzanillo Club condominium sector, is causing fish kills that are in most of Manzanillo beach extension and channel beside Karibana.

Some members of the community, the condo, renowned for its great golf courses, sewage pours chemical channel, contaminating and killing the small fish and crabs.

Also stated that due to the environmental emergency, they hired Karibana machinery to collect fish and away from the place, also removing watercraft through waves, fish the body of water.

This means reached the affected area at the time and many dead animals were no longer visible in the channel, but on its banks, as well as almost the entire length of the beach, but when turned off the water craft, animals began to massively enter the body of water and died in seconds.

“We are concerned about the smell and leave us work because we have privatized a road to Punta Canoas and will be environmentally damaging. Now you can not fish, Karibana working with chemicals. There must be water pollution, “said Claudia Luna, leader of Manzanillo.

The community leader said the channel was in the community, however it Karibana Club privatized and there would be arriving the water with chemicals.

“In the channel there are many dead fish until eight days ago we thought it was a natural phenomenon of the sea, but we keep finding out, the lake is polluted and oxygen does not reach the sea,” he continued.

Jorge Ramos, another inhabitant “are making a public complaint to the environmental authorities take this and make studies in Guayepo pipe. We live on tourism, people can not stand the smell. We do not know if a chemical sprayed over the golf courses and is entering the pipe or if lack of oxygen. “

Do not throw chemicals 

Karibana Club manager, Carlos Abuchaibe said that this phenomenon occurs on the beaches of Manzanillo, and especially in the channel is not a consequence of Karibana.

“It was high tide and entered an amount of fish as the tide had dropped by to go out further with decreasing oxygen died,” he said.

Abuchaibe claims that have not produced chemicals as some say, much less wastewater were discharged because they have two water treatment plants and sewerage system. One plant receives water from the submarine outfall to be treated, and it is this kind of liquid thrown into the golf courses to bring minerals.

He said the channel is not privatized, but was adequate with permits and IDs do ask those who come to fish for the safety of the club.

The equipment manager denies taking fish. On the contrary, claims that a retroescavadora removing sand. Finally said the fish kill has not only presented in Manzanillo, on other occasions also seen in Punta Canoas and Nozzle.