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Hundreds of dead fish found floating on the coast of Guaymas, Mexico

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Hundreds of fish were found dead in the Royal Navy of San Carlos Nuevo Guaymas and apparently is related to red tide recorded in the area.

More than half a ton of marine species such as snapper, corvina and smooth dawned floating lifeless, and it was used by several bystanders to collect them and take them to their homes, according to testimony from pedestal cited by the newspaper El Imparcial.

The same newspaper noted researcher statements holder Ecology and Management of Coastal Ecosystems, José Alfredo Arreola Lizarraga, who attributed the cause of the deaths of marine species to lack of oxygen and has collateral relative to the red tide recorded in the area.

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30 Turtles found dead during past month on beaches in Salina Cruz, Mexico

Still appear dead turtles in Open Beach

It remains an open sky cemetery for adult turtles and The Open Escolleras the Marquis de las Salinas Beach; in the past 30 days, have died on average 30 adult turtles.

Climate change and natural phenomena and the high temperatures are prevailing in the world, has caused deaths in marine species in danger of extinction.

To tell Oswaldo Morales, marine biologist Regional Fisheries Research Center Salina Cruz, said the turtles are very sensitive to these climate changes and come to earth to die.

Open Beach has become the last seven years in the right place for the release of this marine species in danger of disappearing, by personnel of the Department of the Navy of Mexico.

The armed forces has managed to take about 30 thousand sea turtles for reproduction and growth, but it is also true appear each month on average about ten dead adult turtles.

It’s a real shame that these marine species in danger of extinction, leave the planet earth exterminating certain causes.

Predator and Terminator number one sea turtle, is the human being sold in bulk with meat and eggs tortoise.


Mass die off of fish and crabs ‘panics fishermen’ in Paradip, India


Large scale death of marine species including fish and crabs for the last couple of days on Santra Creek here has spread panic among local fishermen. Scientists of State Pollution Control Board (SPCB) have rushed to the spot to collect water samples to ascertain the cause of the mass death of marine species.

The fishermen alleged that discharge of chemical effluents from the proposed Paradip refinery project of IOCL is the main cause of the fish death.

Though the refinery project is yet to be commissioned, IOCL authorities have pressed several contractual agencies for the project’s construction work. The agencies have been discharging chemical effluents into Santra creek and Kadua river leading to the mass death, alleged the fishermen.

Farmers in Paradip area also complained that prawn and other marine species have perished in nearly 11 gheris causing loss to the tune of `4 crore. Prawn farmer Susant Pradhan said marine fishes in a three-acre gheri have died due to release of chemical effluents from the refinery project. The loss is estimated to be around `35 lakh, he added.

Fishermen Madhu Parida, Lalu Patra, Gobind Samal and others said they had cultivated prawn and marine fish by availing loans from private financiers. After the death of the marine species, it is an uphill task to repay the loans, they rued.

On the other hand, a senior officer of the IOCL refuted the allegation of the death of marine fish due to discharge of chemical waste from the refinery project. The project has not yet been commissioned and so there is no question of chemical waste being discharged into Santra creek. Moreover, IOCL collected water samples for testing and found the allegation baseless from the report, he added.

Senior scientist of SPCB Prasant Kar, who visited the spot, said, “Our team has collected water samples which would be tested at the central laboratory in Bhubaneswar. The cause of the death of marine fishes is yet to be ascertained as we are awaiting the laboratory report. Fishes and crabs in around 10 prawn gheris on Santra creek have perished,” he added.