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Massive explosion, fire at mobile home park in southwest Bakersfield, USA

Explosion Alert

A massive explosion erupting in a southwest Bakersfield mobile home park, hospitalizing at least one person and devastating homes there.
The Bakersfield Fire Department received a call at 1:00 a.m. Thursday. When they arrived a mobile home here near Planz and Stine was engulfed in flames.
We received reports on Facebook of people living quite a distance away being jolted out of bed by the explosion. With some saying they felt like the explosion was happening at their home. That man living inside the mobile home was saved by a heroic neighbor who BFD says pulled him to safety. He was taken to the burn unit at San Joaquin Community Hospital.
“It was just a massive explosion. It looked just like it was fire falling from the sky,” said neighbor Darlene Littrell. 
Firefighters say 5 homes were damaged in total, including the one that exploded. Some had window damage, others had significant fire exposure.
The cause is under investigation.
Courtesy of kerngoldenempire.com

Massive explosion at a fuel depot kills many firefighters in Ukraine

Several firefighters are feared to have died in a massive explosion at a fuel depot outside the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.
The country’s interior minister Arsen Avakov described the blaze as “gigantic”, adding that several fireman had been killed.
But he later announced on Twitter that those initially presumed to have died had been pulled alive from the flames.
Videos have emerged on the internet, showing the force of the blast and the rescue efforts at the site.
In one video, a fireman can be heard to say: “Everyone – leave. Whoever is still here – leave.”
Ukraine’s Emergencies Ministry has told the AFP news agency that it was aware of six people being injured.
Residents living within 1.2 miles (two kilometres) of the site have been ordered to evacuate, according to the Ukrainian government.
“The likelihood of the blasts being repeated exists,” the government said in a statement, adding that it was prepared to expand the exclusion zone to a 6.2 mile (10 kilometre) radius.
It is unclear at this stage what caused the fire. Kiev has been suffering from hot, dry weather for more than a week.
Courtesy of Sky News