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Extremely bright fireballs traveling across the sky of Iraq and Indonesia, 6th May 2020 #fireballs #meteors #Iraq #Indonesia

Meteor or bomb? Explosion destroys over 100 houses in Akure, Nigeria #meteor #explosion #Akure #Nigeria

Over 100 buildings, school, churches were destroyed by an explosion in Akure, the Ondo State capital, on Saturday morning.

The explosion which happened in the early hours of Saturday, cut off the ever bustling Akure /Owo road (Eleyowo Village) while many people were said to be injured, Tribune gathered.

“The incident which happened less than a kilometre to Akure Airport, affected many residents of Eleyowo community, destroying completely a church and a school in the area.

Individuals who lived within the church premises were said to be wounded while some were rescued by the people of the community”

Courtesy of thenewsnigeria.com.ng


‘Fireball meteor’ seen over western Japan

People in western Japan have reported sightings of a sparkling light racing across the sky on Monday evening.

Experts say it was probably a “fireball” meteor – a piece of an asteroid that ignites upon entering Earth’s atmosphere – and any surviving fragments mostly likely ended up in the sea.

A remote controlled camera at Fukuoka airport recorded an object emitting a strong green light, while another camera at Hakata port showed a faint orange light.

Mystery ‘meteor’ burning over Australian sky baffles eyewitnesses

Screenshot from youtube.com/channel/UCdtxFVJP_Yg5QxhHJt0SOjg

A bright object that dazzled in the sky over Australia left people confused. Social media was abuzz with the pictures of the mystery fireball, with users claiming it was either a plane crashing into the ocean or a ‘meteor.’

A round object with a burning tail was spotted in the sky over Victoria, NSW, Tasmania and South Australia at about 9:45pm local time on Thursday night.

Airservices Australia spokesman Paul Sadler told ABC Radio that pilots and air traffic controllers also reported the flaming object.

“A number of pilots reported it to air traffic controllers (and said) it was just a spectacular sight of a meteorite entering the Earth’s atmosphere,” he said.

The “light show” lasted for around 30 seconds, but eyewitnesses were fast to post pictures and start speculating online about what the object could be.

Some of them claimed the fireball was a meteor and others suggested it might have been a plane on fire.

“We received numerous emergency calls from people concerned,” Country Fire Authority spokeswoman Andrea Brown said, according to Herald Sun. “People believed they had witnessed an aircraft crashing into the sea.”

Astronomers quickly dispelled all guesses and said the mystery meteor clearly had signs of a man-made object.

The images I’ve seen show a lot of different colors,” Astronomical Society of Victoria president Ken Le Marquand told AAP. “When you get lots of colors, it usually means there are different materials in there – man-made materials,” he said.

The Nobel Prize winning Australian National University Astronomer Brian Schmidt concluded that “our fireball may well have been a piece of space junk.”

Schmidt’s assumption was supported by Monash astronomer Dr. Michael Brown, who said that “space junk crossed my mind, too.”

Sydney observatory astronomer Melissa Hulbert made things more clear, saying that what was believed to be a meteor was more likely part of a Russian satellite launched from Kazakhstan.

“It looks like it was the upper-stage of a Soyuz’s rocket that was launched a few days ago,” Hulbert said.

“It’s kind of like the Apollo mission,” she said. “Parts would be dropped off at various points throughout the mission.”

According to the local Merimbula News Weekly, the Satview Tracking Satellites forecasted space junk to re-enter the earth’s atmosphere on the night of July 10 and July 11.

Meteor Spotted In Kentucky Sky, USA
A meteor was spotted in the Kentucky sky Tuesday night. Experts call it a fireball, a brighter version of a meteor.
EKU Astronomy Professor Dr. Marco Ciocca says nine times out of ten, when there’s a flash in the sky, it’s a meteor burning up in the earth’s atmosphere. It becomes a meteorite once it hits the earth.
“It’s like rubbing two hands together very hard, everything gets hot. So hot that they burn, and they have a big flash,” explained Ciocca.
He says they sometimes make noise, either from a sonic boom or an explosion. There’s no pattern to when meteors appear, they are random events that happen all the time, and it’s just a matter of when they are noticed.
Experts say several thousand fireballs appear in the earth’s atmosphere every day.