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MetO were right after all for the UK’s SE

Cold Weather Alert

MetO were right after all for the UK’s SE. GFS resolution for snow was incorrect which is so unusual for them. Damp and cold is the theme. Clutching straws now; there’s a ppn system in the North making it’s way South approaching Leeds. If this system carries on it’s projected path and stays strong, we could be in with a chance of something wintry. Just a long shot at the moment.
This week will be very cold and snow is on the cards at some point.
Even the long range forecast is on the cold side going into February.

The following are comments I sent a friend who asked about the USA deep freeze and UK’s winter forecast by the MetO…………
“Let’s put it this way, the great NOAA predicted a few months ago that the USA would have a mild winter. They were using their $$$Million tools etc with PhD’s and got it totally wrong.

95% of the storms the UK have recently endured, the MetO underestimated the wind gusts and they issued more amber alerts when many should have been red alerts.

A blocking system will start to form mid January which will be the start of the very harsh cold conditions to set in.

The MetO are correct to a certain degree about it getting colder, but they are underestimating the blocking system which will be more steadfast allowing a flow of very harsh conditions.

One area they definitely are not looking at is the energy stored in the earth’s core. It will be like a refrigerator where the heat is drawn out to be replaced by an injection of cold. The earth’s core is like the compressor (Blocking System)”.