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Die off of poultry due to ‘unknown disease’ in Bhaktapur, Nepal


Poultry farmers of Bhaktapur district are once again worried after mysterious disease started killing adult fowls.

An epidemic of unknown disease has hit farms of Broiler poultry for the past one month. The disease which has not been yet identified has caused nervousness among poultry keepers, said poultry entrepreneur Laxman Gwachha.

The new disease shares the symptoms of the new castle disease . The Bhaktapur poultry farmers, who had been adversely affected by the outbreak of bird flu in the district a year ago, are worried as the mysterious disease is again likely to ruin their business.

Live fowls have also lost their weight. Chickens completing 30-35 days are dying due to the unknown disease . Generally, they become ready for supplying in 45-50 days of rearing. 

The farmers visited the District Livestock Service Office and Central Livestock Research Centre with the dead fowls for test, but in vain.


‘Scores’ Of Buffaloes Dead From ‘Mystery Disease’ During Past Few Weeks In Rewari, India

Hundreds of villagers today blocked traffic on Kund-Dahina road near Mandola village here after four buffaloes died of a mysterious disease, demanding that other sick animals be provided treatment free of charge.

The villagers said the four buffaloes died last night at Mandola village.

Scores of buffaloes had died of a mysterious disease at Zenabad, Dahina and neighbouring villages of the district in the past three weeks, but the Veterinary Department had not yet been able to identify the disease and provide treatment, they claimed.

The road blockade, which lasted for several hours, was withdrawn after the SDO of the Animal Husbandry Department, Nasib Singh, assured the villagers of speedy and free treatment of sick animals.


40,000 Chickens Dead From A ‘Mysterious Disease’ In Ternopil, Ukraine

For the first three days of 17,000 chickens died, and subsequently the number of dead birds has increased, and now stands at nearly 40,000.

What were sick chickens, now find out in several laboratories in Ukraine. The villagers are scared. And although experts claim that a bird from a local businessman dies not from infection, people look forward to the results of research.

The plant, which operates in the village for more than 3 years old, entered a closed mode.

Samples of dead birds were put on vetekspertizy and chickens that are left, give preventive drugs. On the chicken farm conduct a series of planned activities, and utilization of poultry occurs on vetsanzavode.