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2 TONS of fish have died in the Vam Co Dong River in Vietnam

Fish Kill Alert

9.5 That evening, his fish Nguyen Van Khanh (live New Hamlet Hamlet 1, Tri Binh commune, Chau Thanh district) killed nearly 2 tons, more than 100 million loss. Anh Khanh says more than 1 week, river water began stinking of fish in the river that floating head, strangled. Per day, the snakehead fish, catfish, fish maul throw … in friends die around 200 kg (pictured). Nearby, catfish Nguyen Van Cong (47) also being their red, opaque eyes must sell “fat” to recover capital. Truong Hoai Phong (43, Hamlet Hamlet Alternative 1) said the discovery of water stink, I immediately moved to feed the fish in the well water, oxygen blowing but fish are dead, nearly 100 million loss .
The same day, answered Youth, Nguyen Dinh Xuan, Director of Department of Natural Resources and Environment Xining, confirmed last few days, water quality Vam Co Dong river showing signs worsening, leading to fish overwhelmed, die as people reflect. According to Spring, the results of monitoring in recent days shows that the amount of oxygen in serious water shortage. Mr. Xuan said the Department of Natural Resources and Environment is coordinating related agencies to investigate the cause. He also did not exclude the possibility of taking advantage of the days of rain, have now sneaked into the river discharge.
Courtesy of thanhnien.com.vn