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Flooding and Landslides in Northern Japan

Nagano Flooding

Unrelated to Typhoon Neoguri the rainy season front as brought severe flooding and landslides across northern Japan.

The worst has been in the Hokoriku region where over 30,000 people have been told to evacuate. One location in the region “鹿児島県 与論島” 300mm of rainfall in the past 24hrs alone.

In Nagano several landslides have left at least one dead and 4 injured.

The first landslide occurred around 5PM JST. One boy died in this large slide while four more (his family) was hospitalized.

Another landslide destroyed at least 5 homes in Nagano. This one was reported to be hundreds of meters long along a steep hill side in to a river bed. More information is still be gathered on any injuries that could have occurred. Image below is the second slide.

The rain is expected to continue through the next several days in northern Japan and even worsen as typhoon Neoguri tracks north bringing showers across all of Japan.


Landslide Kills 5 Construction Workers In Japan
All five road construction workers who were buried in a landslide in northern Japan last week have been confirmed dead, with the last body recovered on Tuesday, the police said.

The crew was repairing a cracked road on a mountainous slope in Yurihonjo city in northern Akita prefecture when the road collapsed last Thursday, swallowing the workers along with their heavy machinery, a city official had told AFP.

Rescue crews struggled with the unstable condition of the slope and were only able to free the last two bodies overnight on Monday into Tuesday, a local police spokesman said.