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Plane slides off runway at Columbia Regional Airport, USA

The Columbia Fire Department and and the Southern Boone County Fire Protection District responded to the scene.
Passengers said they waited on the airplane for an hour before fire crews helped them get out of the plane and drove them back to the terminal.
Crews told ABC 17 News no one was injured.
Passengers said they were told they could fly out of the airport on the next scheduled flight.
But some passengers told ABC 17 News they didn’t want to fly out of the Columbia airport after what happened, so they re-booked their flights out of the St. Louis airport for tomorrow morning.
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Ships collide killing many in Bangladesh

Breaking News

At least 33 people including women and children are confirmed dead, and rescuers are still searching for missing passengers after a ferry collided with a cargo ship and sank in a Bangladesh river, officials said.
Sunday’s disaster was the second deadly boat accident in less than a fortnight in the country, which has a history of ferry tragedies.
Rescue workers had recovered 16 bodies including an infant and two women, local administrator Rashida Ferdous told the AFP news agency, adding that she did not know the exact number of people missing.
She said a salvage vessel was on its way to raise the sunken vessel, adding that the master of the cargo ship and two other crew had been arrested.
Survivors said the twin-deck MV Mostofa was carrying between 70-150 passengers when it capsized in the middle of the Padma river, local police chief Rakibuz Zaman told AFP.
“Some 50 people swam ashore or were rescued by other vessels,” he added.
The vessel was reportedly heading to the town of Paturia in Manikganj district, some 70km from the capital Dhaka, from Rajbari district.
Local newspaper Prothom Alo quoted one survivor, Hafizur Rahman, as saying the cargo ship hit the boat 15 minutes after departure – causing it to overturn and trapping many passengers.
“I was on the deck of the ferry and fell into the river. Those who were on the deck were able to come out but none of the passengers inside could get out,” Rahman said.
Bangladeshi ferries do not normally keep passenger lists, making it difficult to establish how many are missing after an accident.
The Padma river is one of the largest in the delta nation. Boats are the main form of travel in many of Bangladesh’s remote rural areas, especially in the south and northeast.
Catalogue of accidents
Boat capsizes are common in Bangladesh, one of Asia’s poorest nations, which is criss-crossed by more than 230 rivers.
Experts blame poorly maintained vessels, flaws in design and overcrowding for most of the tragedies.
Earlier this month at least five people including a minor were killed when an overloaded ferry carrying some 200 passengers capsized in an estuary in the south of the country.
About 50 people were killed in August last year when a crowded ferry sank in rough weather in the Munshiganj district.
Some 150 people were killed in March 2012 after an overcrowded ferry carrying about 200 passengers sank after being hit by an oil barge in the dead of night.
Naval officials have said more than 95 percent of Bangladesh’s hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized boats do not meet minimum safety regulations.
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AirAsia plane engine makes a loud noise and cuts out minutes before takeoff in Indonesia

Aviation Alert

In the latest in a string of incidents, an engine of an AirAsia aircraft with 120 passengers onboard cut out during taxiing before takeoff from Juanda International Airport in the Indonesian city of Surabaya, and passengers were forced to disembark.
The plane, scheduled to fly to Bandung, also on Java, at 9pm local time Saturday, was taxiing for a couple of minutes when suddenly one of its engines cut out with a loud noise, Indonesia’s Metro TV reported.
“The plane was ready and moved, but suddenly a loud sound was heard, the sound of the engine disappeared and the plane moved backward. We were shocked and panicked. The plane was then pulled back to where it parked and we were asked by the stewardess to leave the plane,” passenger Yusuf Fitriadi was quoted as saying.
Some time later, a man in a pilot’s uniform came out to the passengers waiting at the terminal and told them that the plane’s starter monitor had malfunctioned.
Fitriadi told Metro TV that when the airline announced later that the flight would be resumed once the malfunction was repaired, some 90 percent of the passengers refused to get back on the plane.
Those passengers who declined to take the flight were refunded in full by the airline, the report said.
There were three more minor incidents with AirAsia flights last week, on December 28 and 30.
Last Sunday, an AirAsia flight FD3254 bound for northeast Thailand’s Khon Kaen had to return back to the capital Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport soon after departing at 11:10 am due to an “irregularity” detected by pilots in the storage compartment.
In a separate incident later Sunday, AirAsia flight AK6242, with over 150 passengers aboard, experienced a technical problem about 10 minutes after taking off from Penang, Malaysia, and had to return to the airport. The malfunction was soon corrected and the flight safely reached its short-haul destination of Langkawi Island.
An AirAsia Zest plane from Manila on December 30 rolled off the runway in bad weather conditions on arrival at the popular Philippines resort island of Boracay. All 153 passengers and crew of the Flight Z2272 were safely evacuated from the aircraft at Kalibo airport, but the small airport was shut down for some time.
AirAsia’s flight QZ8501, which crashed last Sunday, also took off from the Surabaya airport.
Bound for Singapore, flight QZ8501 crashed in the Java Sea. All 162 passengers and crew of the A320-200 are believed to be dead, and large pieces of debris have already been found on the seabed off the coast of Borneo Island. The bodies of up to 30 passengers have been recovered from the water.
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Ferry with 478 passengers catches fire in the Adriatic Sea

Boatfire Alert

Passengers trapped on a ferry which is on fire during bad weather in the Adriatic Sea have been using mobile phones to plead for help.
Some called Greek TV stations in desperation as they huddled on the top decks of the Norman Atlantic while the ship was battered by gales.
Several hundred are thought to be exposed to a raging storm and billowing smoke, while a blaze burns and explosions are heard below.
Attempts to pluck them off in pairs by helicopter have proved difficult with two falling from an escape chute into the water where they were left struggling against the six metre waves.
A total of 478 passengers and crew were on board the ship when it caught fire just after 6am local time about 35 miles north of Corfu, close to the Albanian city of Vlora, while it was travelling from Patras, Greece, to Ancona in Italy.
About 115 passengers have been rescued with most being taken to ships nearby but dozens are thought to still be stranded at sea in life boats.
A map showing the location of the stricken ship
Greek and Albanian authorities, using planes and at least five helicopters, are taking part in the rescue operation which is being led by the Italians.
Sky News producer Anthee Carassava said that tug boats are being brought in to drag the stranded ship closer to the shore so the passengers can be safely taken off.
Dozens of cars and lorries are on the vessel’s vehicle deck, where the fire is believed to be alight, with several of the container lorries carrying olive oil.
A number of those who had been unable to get off the ferry, some coughing from the smoke, called news channels requesting help.
One passenger said: “They tried to lower some boats, but not all of us could get in. There is no coordination. It’s dark, the bottom of the vessel is on fire.
“We are on the bridge, we can see a boat approaching… we opened some boxes and got some life vests, we are trying to save ourselves.”
One told the MEGA TV channel: “We could see fire everywhere. The flames were coming from the garage, cabins…”
Another, quoted by The Daily, appealed for help saying: “We urgently need help. We cannot leave the ship. There are boats but we are trapped.”
It is unclear how many casualties there have been but one man is known to have been airlifted to Italy suffering from hypothermia.
The British Ambassador in Greece said he was aware of the fire and the embassy is trying to establish if any Britons are on board.
Miltiadis Varvitsiotis, Greece’s Merchant Marine Minister, said several ships are in the area, the closest of which is the cruise ship Europa, which is leading the rescue operation.
He said: “We are doing everything we can to save those on board and no one, no one will be left helpless in this tough situation.”
Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said on Twitter he is talking to his Greek counterpart Antonis Samaras about the rescue effort.
The ship is owned by the Italian company VISEMAR de Navigazione and chartered to Greek ferry firm ANEK Lines SA. It runs on a route which in the summer is popular with tourists heading to the southern Greek mainland.
Further north, a Turkish-registered merchant ship sank in the northern Adriatic Sea off the Italian port of Ravenna on Sunday following a collision with another vessel in rough seas. Reports said five crew members are unaccounted for.
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Emergency declared as plane catches fire at Belfast’s International Airport

Emergency Alert

An emergency was declared at Belfast International Airport on Tuesday after the engine of a plane went on fire.
The Flybe flight had been travelling from Glasgow to George Best Belfast City Airport but was diverted.
The ambulance service said all 76 passengers and four crew were taken off the plane safely. One person was taken to hospital as a precaution.
Flybe confirmed the flight was diverted due to a small engine fire “which was extinguished before landing”.
Quintin Oliver, who was on the BE130 flight, said one of emergency exits did not have steps so passengers had to jump about six feet onto the runway.
He said that some passengers noticed the fire half-way into the flight.
“It’s a short 20 to 25 minute flight and there was a visible shudder throughout the plane and those on the left hand side behind the engine clearly saw it burst into flames,” he said.
“Some of them described it as a burning rocket, as the flames were shooting out the back and the plane lurched a little, not dramatically, but a little as it presumably stabilised on the second engine.
“There was a lot of apprehension. There was no hysteria. The staff were as reassuring as they could be but they were visibly shaken, as well, which doesn’t exactly command confidence amongst the passengers.”
The scene at Belfast International Airport after the plane landed
Owen Glenn, who had also been travelling on the plane, said there had been a “big fireball in one of the engines which lit up the whole side of the plane”.
“There were sparks coming out. So they shut down that engine. We were running on one engine after that,” he said.
“People were getting a little panicked. The crew were doing their best to calm everybody down but people weren’t really sure what was happening.”
Another passenger Billy Pollock said he looked out a window and saw an engine on fire.
“There was some concern, and a lot of people were quite upset but not hysterical,” he said.
“The pilot did a super job, great landing. There was an emergency evacuation.”
Flybe said: “The emergency services attended as a routine and precautionary measure.
“Passengers disembarked the aircraft safely and will be transferred onto Belfast City Airport by road transport.
“At no time was the safety and wellbeing of passengers compromised.”

Plane with 194 passengers forced to make emergency landing after engine fails in mid-air, Israel

Plane Emergency Landing

There were some anxious moments for passengers when an El Al Airlines plane carrying nearly 200 people was forced to make an emergency landing on just one engine on Saturday night.
One of the Boeing 767-300 aircraft’s engines malfunctioned shortly after it departed Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv while en route to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.
The flight crew notified the control tower of the malfunction and then requested permission to return to the airport, where the plane landed safely. 
Rescue teams were on standby as a precaution when the aircraft, carrying 194 passengers, made the unscheduled landing at Tel Aviv’s international airport.
Rami Nir, head of ground operations for the Israel Airports Authority, told Arutz Sheva that the passengers disembarked and returned to the terminal, where they were taken care of by El Al staff.
He added: ‘I’d like to note that throughout the whole process the passengers were not in any danger.’
El Al Airlines said the malfunction occurred about half an hour after the plane took off from Tel Aviv.
The cause of the engine malfunction is under investigation.

Deadly Ebola Virus: Six ‘high risk’ passengers from West Africa quarantined at Delhi airport

Ebola Virus

Six people deemed “high risk” Ebola suspects were on Monday admitted to a quarantine facility at Delhi airport, health ministry said. The suspects were among 181 passengers who arrived in India from the affected western African countries.
As of Monday, the ministry said, as many as 816 passengers were being tracked by authorities under Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme. These passengers are those who carried certain risk because of suspicion that they might have come in touch with Ebola victims and are being monitored to ensure that they are attended to in case they develop symptoms of the dangerous disease.
“Report has been received from state IDSP units of 18 of the 20 states about 80 passengers being monitored. One passenger, who is being tracked and monitored in West Bengal has confirmed to be having Malaria…,” it said.
The control room in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has received 706 calls since its inception on August 9 and only five calls were received in the past 24 hours, it said. Most of the callers have sought information on signs and symptoms of the disease and travel related risk of acquiring the infection.
More than 1,500 people have died across West Africa from Ebola. Liberia has suffered the most deaths in the outbreak that has hit five West African countries.

Plane makes an emergency landing at Gatwick Airport, UK

Plane Emergency Landing

An Easyjet plane carrying 157 passengers has made an emergency landing at Gatwick Airport after smoke was detected in the cockpit.

The Airbus A320 was en route from Liverpool to Naples when it touched down at about 07:20 BST.

An Easyjet spokesman said the plane, which had left Liverpool at 06:40 BST, landed safely and the passengers “remained calm”.

“At no point was the safety of passengers threatened,” he said.

“We now want to make sure we get the passengers to Naples as quickly as possible.

“Meanwhile, the plane is being inspected.”

‘Calm manner’

Emily Scott, who was a passenger on the flight, said concerns grew on the plane as the acrid smell of burning grew.

She said oxygen was used in the cockpit and the pilot announced there would be an emergency landing, but the crew remained “extremely calm and professional”.

Firefighters met the plane after it landed and she boarded another plane after a two-hour wait. She has since arrived in Italy.

“I commend the crew and captain for handling the situation in such a calm manner,” she said.

Meanwhile, passengers had to be evacuated from the North Terminal departure lounge after a fire alarm was activated in the Garfunkel’s restaurant.

An airport spokeswoman said the false alarm happened at 08.30 BST and lasted about 20 minutes.

Passengers were kept airside while the lounge was isolated, she added.

VOMITING passengers forced a plane to be quarantined at Edinburgh Airport, Scotland, UK

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VOMITING passengers forced a plane to be quarantined at Edinburgh Airport for up to an hour while the ill travellers were treated by paramedics.

Four passengers on a Jet2 flight from Budapest, in Hungary, to Edinburgh fell sick during landing at around 3pm today forcing airport chiefs to scramble paramedics and police to the plane.

Only one sick traveller was admitted to hospital but the remaining passengers were kept on board the plane for an hour filling out a health reports.

A spokeswoman for Jet2 said: “Four passengers on the LS788 Budapest flight became unwell on landing at Edinburgh Airport today and are now receiving the necessary medical care.

“The remaining passengers currently have to remain on board to fill out a form for the Port Health Authority. This is a routine procedure in case they need to be contacted.”

An Edinburgh Airport spokesman said: “Ambulances were called to the airport this afternoon in response to four passengers who had fallen ill on an inbound flight.

“Medical staff assessed the situation and the affected passengers were taken to hospital. There was no disruption to the operation of the airport.”

Train derailment with 180 passengers at North Melbourne, Australia

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All Albury bound passengers continue to be be put on buses, while investigators continue to look at the cause of the incident, which saw two carriages came off the tracks of a Sydney-bound train that left Southern Cross station at 8.30am.
The Geelong and Traralgon lines will run without any disruptions, a V/Line spokesman said.
Trains running on the Metro line will also be unaffected.
About 180 passengers were transferred to buses after the CountryLink train derailed.
Staff helped passengers off the train and there were no injuries.
Delays are expected on regional and interstate trains.
A passenger’s view of the derailment. Picture: Twitter/Trasamgrimshaw80
A passenger’s view of the derailment