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Hurricane Sally Causing Historic and Catastrophic Flooding – 16th Sept 2020

Over 200,000 Displaced by Floods in Somalia #Floods #Somalia

Severe Flood Warning

Over 200,000 people have been displaced by recent flooding in Somalia, according to the United Nations, with more rain expected in the Juba and Shabelle river basins.

In a report of 11 May, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said 16 people have died, 546,103 affected and 216,895 displaced since the Gu’ rains started in early April.

OCHA said; “At least 27 districts are inundated; the worst being Belet Weyne in Hiran Region where riverine flooding has displaced more than 115,000 people, according to the district flood taskforce. This includes about 91,000 people who have been displaced from the four sections of the town and 23,220 people from 23 riverine villages. The flooding resulted from a sharp rise in the level of the Shabelle river following heavy rains in Somalia and the Ethiopian highlands. According to the taskforce, more people were fleeing their homes as river levels rise.”

In Jowhar district, further down river Shabelle in Lower Shabelle region, more than 17,300 people were affected by floods after a river embankment broke. OCHA said an estimated 50,000 people people have been affected by floods in Lower Shabelle region and some 83,000 people in Bay region.

Eight people died in flash floods in Qardho town in Puntland on 27 April. Over 22,000 were displaced and a total of 48,000 affected.

In Galmudug Region, flooding on 02 May displaced around 12,000 in Hobyo district. Two people died and 25 were injured.

Flooding from the Dawa river has damaged hundreds of farms in Gedo Region.

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Thousands Affected by Floods in Western Region, Uganda #Floods #Uganda #Africa

Severe Flood Warning

As many as 100,000 people have been displaced by massive flooding in western Uganda.

The government of Uganda said “All the rivers in Kasese and Bundibugyo Districts burst their banks due to heavy rainfall on the night of 05 May, 2020.

Local media, quoting district officials, said 120,000 people have been affected in Kasese district, with 100,000 believed to have moved from their homes to stay in temporary shelters set up in local schools, churches and other public buildings.

Flooding in the district has also damaged or destroyed roads and bridges and electricity supply has been interrupted. Schools and a hospital have also been severely damaged.

Uganda Red Cross report that flooding caused massive destruction in Bundibugyo District, also in Western Uganda, after the Lamia river broke its banks.

Red Cross said that 1 person died and over 3,000 people were affected. Some flooding was also reported in neighbouring Ntoroko district.

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Torrential Rain, Floods and Landslides Leave Over 60 Dead in Rwanda #Rain #Floods #Landslides #Rwanda

Photo: Government of Northern Province

Emergency authorities in Rwanda report that at least 65 people have died in floods and landslides in Rwanda after torrential rain over the last few days.

Meteo Rwanda said the Byimana weather station in Ruhango District recorded 140 mm of rainfall in 24 hours to 07 May. At least 7 other weather stations recorded more than 50mm of rainfall during the same period.

Last week the agency warned of heavy rain in Northern Province and Rubavu, Nyabihu, Rutsiro, Ngororero, Muhanga and Ruhango districts. Further heavy rain is expected over the next 3 days.

Rwanda’s Ministry of Emergency Situations (MINEMA) said that heavy rainfall from 06 to 07 May caused at least 65 fatalities in Northern, Western and Southern Provinces. Later media reports said the figure was above 70.

MINEMA said 7 districts were affected including Gakenke (22 fatalities), Rulindo (1) and Musanze (6) in Northern Province; Ngororero (5), Rubavu (1) and Nyabihu (18) in Western Province; and Muhanga (12) in Southern Province.

The rain and floods also destroyed 91 houses, 5 bridges, and washed away crops, according to MINEMA.

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Thousands Evacuate After Dam Fails Causing Major Flooding in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan #Flooding #Dam #Uzbekistan #Kazakhstan

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Over 70,000 people have evacuated their homes in border areas of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan after a reservoir dam failed.

The Syr Darya river, which runs near the border between the two countries, overflowed after the Sardoba Reservoir Dam on the Uzbek side broke in the early hours of 01 May, 2020. The government said the dam failed after heavy rain and strong winds.

About 70,000 people from 22 villages in Syrdarya region, Uzbekistan were evacuated. The government said those displaced were moved to safe districts and provided with shelter and food. Over 50 people were injured and taken to hospital but no fatalities were reported. President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited affected areas on 01 May.

On the Kazakhstan side of the border, around 5,400 people were evacuated from villages in Maktaaral district, Turkestan province.

As of 01 May, the Uzbek government said it had managed to reduce the flow of water and divert it to the Abay Canal in Oqoltin district and from there to Arnasay Lake of Jizzakh region.

Just a few days ago a severe storm caused major damage in Bukhara in Uzbekistan, leaving 1 person dead and over 5,000 buildings damaged.

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150,000 Affected by Heavy Rain and Floods Since Mid-April in Yemen #Flooding #Yemen

Severe Flood Warning

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reports that almost 150,000 people have been affected by flooding and heavy rain in Yemen since mid-April.

Flooding has damaged roads, bridges and the electricity grid, and contaminated water supplies, cutting access to basic services for thousands of people. In Aden, power cuts have continued since the floods of 21 April.

OCHA said an estimated 21,240 families (148,680 people) have been affected by flooding in 13 governorates since mid-April, including 6,286 families in Marib Governorate, 9,146 families in Sana’a and northern governorates, and 5,130 families in Hajjah Governorate.

Conditions are hardest for thousands of families already displaced who have lost shelter, food rations and household supplies. An estimated 4,764 households have been affected in Internally displaced people (IDPs) sites in southern governorates, including 1,812 families in Aden, 1,037 in Abyan, 917 in Taizz and 770 in Lahj governorates.

OCHA said there is heightened risk of diseases such as malaria and cholera. Already, more than 110,000 cases of suspected cholera have been recorded across 290 of Yemen’s 333 districts since January this year, with growing fears that the number of cases will spiral.

More heavy rains and thunderstorms are expected in the east and parts of the western coast, as well as in desert areas in Marib, Al Jawf, and Shabwah governorates.

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Homes Damaged by Flooding in Aceh and Central Kalimantan, Indonesia #Flooding #Aceh #Kalimantan #Indonesia

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Heavy rain has continued to fall in parts of Indonesia, causing major flooding in Aceh and Central Kalimantan provinces over the last 2 days. Minor flood events were also reported in Central Java. Recently flooding also affected Banten, Bengkulu and East Kalimantan provinces.

In Aceh Province, flooding struck on 28 April, damaging at least 2,000 homes in 8 villages in Pidie Jaya Regency. Flood water was up to 1.2 metres deep in some areas.

Flooding prompted evacuations in North Barito regency, Central Kalimantan, around the same period. Full damage assessments are yet to be completed. At least 3 people died earlier this month after flooding in Gunung Mas Regency, Central Kalimantan Province.

Recent heavy rain also triggered a landslide and flooding in Cilacap Regency, Central Java Province, damaging 1 house and around 300 hectares of rice fields.

Indonesia’s disaster management agency, Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana (BNPB), said that in the period January to April 2020, there were a total of 437 floods and 267 landslides in the country.

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