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Vicious EV-D68 Virus infects over 100 children in Ontario, Canada

EV-D68 Virus Alert

An outbreak of EV-D68 in the Hamilton region has pushed the number of Ontario children infected with the respiratory virus to over 100.
Test results show Enterovirus D68, which has sickened thousands of kids in the United States, has infected 96 people in Hamilton over the past four weeks.
The McMaster Children’s Hospital announced the new laboratory test results on Wednesday.
“While a few patients required hospitalization, almost all are recovering at home,” the hospital’s spokeswoman Heather Pullen said.
The rare virus has also been confirmed in Ottawa, Windsor and Toronto — bringing the total number of Ontarians infected with EV-D68 to 102.
Hundreds of other kids across the province have been hospitalized with respiratory problems, some so severe they were treated in intensive care, but test results are yet to confirm the EV-D68 strain.
Dr Marek Smieja, head of virology at the Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program, said the EV-D68 outbreak had likely run its course.
“What’s encouraging is that we are seeing a decrease over the past couple of days in the number of samples we’re receiving,” Smieja said. “We know from experience, and the science behind how viruses spread, that EV-D68 has now peaked and is declining compared to other types of viruses.”
However, the laboratory would continue to monitor the prevalence of EV-D68 in Hamilton, Smieja said.
The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario has reported four confirmed cases of the virus. The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and Windsor Regional Hospital have both had one confirmed case, but said they were waiting to receive the test results for other patients suspected of having the infection.
Since Sept. 11, Windsor Regional Hospital has treated about 100 children with respiratory virus symptoms, spokesman Ron Foster said.
Eight children were currently still in the hospital, he said.
The EV-D68 virus is part of the family of enteroviruses and is related to the common cold.
In the vast majority of cases, EV-D68 causes only mild symptoms such as fever, runny nose, sneezing and coughing.
Children with a history of asthma or breathing problems are particularly vulnerable to the infection and can be severely impacted.
Health professionals have warned parents to watch their children closely and bring them to hospital if they notice any significant breathing troubles.

Deadly Ebola Virus; Authorities are awaiting test results on two possible Ebola cases in Benin, Africa

Ebola Virus

Benin said Thursday that it has placed two patients with Ebola-like symptoms in isolation and was waiting for test results to establish if the pair were infected with the deadly tropical disease.

Deputy chief of staff at the health ministry, Moufalilou Aboubakar, told journalists that the two patients were being treated as suspected cases of Ebola and that blood samples had been sent to foreign labs for conclusive results.

“We cannot say today that the virus is in Benin,” Aboubakar told reporters. “The patients are in isolation and under observation pending the results of the ongoing tests.”

If the patients are confirmed to have Ebola, Benin would become the fifth country in the region to be hit by the outbreak.

One patient was identified as a Nigerian man being treated at a hospital in the capital Porto-Novo.

The other is at hospital in the economic capital Cotonou.

Tiny Benin shares a border with Nigeria, which has recorded seven Ebola cases including two deaths in its largest city Lagos.

Cotonou is just a few hours drive from Lagos and there is significant traffic between the two cities each day, especially among traders.

The deadliest ever outbreak of Ebola is spreading quickly across west Africa.

Nearly 1,000 people have died from the virus since the start of the year, mostly in Liberia and Sierra Leone — which have both imposed emergency measures to contain the spread — and Guinea, where the outbreak began.

Thousands of dead fish found floating on a lake in Meniffe, California, America

Investigation into the death of thousands of fish in Menifee Lake continues today, with speculation among residents of the community increasing as lake maintenance officials await further water test results.

An official would not go on record with comment today until further test results are available. The initial explanation given Menifee 24/7 was climate changes, but a source said there is no official explanation at this point. Dead fish started floating to the surface on Saturday and many still are visible against the lake shore.

“I first noticed it when I walked around the lake on Saturday, and it rained the night before,” Menifee Lakes resident Bob Howard said today. “Maybe the rain washed something into the lake. Nobody knows at this point and there are all kinds of rumors.

“Initially, I just noticed blue gill and crappie dying. Today for the first time I’m seeing dead catfish. It really ruins my walk around the lake. I hope they find out what happened.”