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Thousands of dead fish appear in a canal in Tamaulipas, Mexico

As it has happened in the last few months, thousands of dead fish appeared floating yesterday in the Anzalduas Canal, to the surprise and alarm of the reynosenses that noted the fact.
The large number of fish was detected in the stretch of the canal that goes from Morelos Boulevard to the Heron Ramírez Street, in the Centre of the city.
Serafín Gómez, general manager of the Municipal Commission of water from Reynosa (Comapa), ruled that the fact represents a risk for the population.
“We have to notify the Conagua and already the Conagua sends people and specialists to review the water. Sure is that this is like the last time, due to lack of maintenance of water, lack of oxygen and fish die.
“There is no risk, but the recommendation is that they do not approach or do not use the water until you don’t know exactly what happened,” said Gomez.
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Thousands of dead fish have ‘mysteriously’ washed up along the coast of Rades, Tunisia, Africa

Des milliers de poissons morts s'échouent sur les côtes de Radès
Thousands of dead fish have been found dead, mysteriously stranded on the edge of the sea at Rades, near the commercial port, according to several witnesses on the spot.
To learn more, Jawhara FM has contacted Harry McCaffrey, Executive Director of the national Institute of science and technology of the sea.
The official said that it is unclear the causes of this phenomenon and need to wait for the results of analyses of samples that teams of local authorities have taken.
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Thousands of dead fish found in a lake in Tabasco, Mexico

Outside thousands of dead fish in the Lagoon of the Iusiones in Villahermosa, Tabasco. This could cause radical climate and pollution.
Even that is not yet known exactly why so many fish died, major theories are running excessive pollution in the lagoon by the sewage produced by the hotel zone and the residential community, caused a reduction in oxygen and killed this poor fish floating dead in an area of approximately 40 meter long by 2 metres wide.
Unfortunately, this is not the first time something like this happens and even though authorities have tried to clean and restore this beautiful lagoon, it has been very complicated by all the contaminants that already has.
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Thousands of dead fish found in the waters of Quintana Roo, Mexico

Fish Kill Alert

Thousands of dead fish found in the waters of Quintana Roo, Mexico

Thousands of dead fish found in a river in Tucuman, Argentina

The environmental disaster caused by 12 years of neglect, devastation and appropriation of natural resources during Alperovich can be synthesized in the images that sent in the last hours a reader through the context WhatsApp.
The river left appears overwhelmed by thousands of dead fish, which waters are dragged down by the current from areas close to sugar mills of Tucumán, heading to the front dyke of Termas de Río Hondo, Santiago del Estero.
Photos were taken near the Britos, Leales Department.
Vinasse, waste that is generated during the production of ethanol with sugar cane molasses, represents the main problem of contamination of the Salí freshwater basin, which also forms part of the province of Santiago del Estero.
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Thousands of dead fish and dozens of dead birds found in a lake, ‘a mystery’ in London, England

Thousands of dead fish and birds have been found floating in an east London lake – less than a year after a similar event at the same park sparked an environmental health probe.
Cllr Jody Ganly made the grim find on Sunday while out in Harrow Lodge Park, Hornchurch, with her 10-year-old daughter.
“It’s deja vu – it’s happening all over again,” she told the Standard.
“There were hundreds. The only fish still alive were tiny little sticklebacks and even they were gasping at the top of the lake.
“There were some dead birds as well. It’s just so sad.
“The council are spending a lot of money putting in new paths but they need to address this problem first.”
A source at the park said the total number of dead fish pulled out of the lake since the weekend is now approaching 3,000, while 15 dead birds have also been found.
The probe in September, which came after thousands of deceased fish were discovered floating on the lake’s surface, concluded a storm had caused a large amount of deoxygenated water to enter the pond.
Oxygen is usually pumped into the water by a fountain, but local campaigner Lorraine Moss claimed it had not been working recently.
In 2013, hundreds of birds died following an outbreak of avian botulism thought to have been caused by families throwing mouldy bread into the water.
“This is the third consecutive year there’s been a disaster affecting the wildlife,” said Ms Moss. “They should have made sure the fountain was working.
“It happened last year and it’s just so sad. It’s a disgrace.”
She added a problem with waste water disposal meant sewage regularly floods the park when it rains heavily.
Cllr Melvin Wallace, Havering Council’s culture chief, said: “I’m really sorry people have seen dead fish in the lake. This is an unfortunate incident that has been caused by the very hot weather and flash flooding last week.
“They have been removed and we continue to monitor oxygen levels, which are now back to normal.”
A spokeswoman added the broken fountain would be replaced this week.
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Thousands of dead fish found on the beaches of Oleron Island, France

Fish Kill Alert

Many fish were found stranded at the reserve Moëze-Oléron . Specifically, the guards of this natural reserve found between the harbor of Brouage and the southern dike Montportail, thousands of dead fish, mostly mullet, but also Congress and eels. Specimens have subsequently been found in Rivedoux, on the island Ré .
The Departmental Directorate of territories and the sea has investigated the origin of mortality. Autopsies and analyzes were carried out by a laboratory in La Rochelle.
The bacteriological analysis showed no pathogenic (causing qualifies disease) common. Physical examinations of animals support the hypothesis of a problem of asphyxia due to high temperatures that have occurred.
The animals were trapped in leashes of water whose oxygen levels fell with the sharp rise in temperatures. The concentrations of dead fish on two sites only thus explained by the currents during rising tides.
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Thousands of dead fish found in a river in Sarcedo, Italy

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Thousands of dead fish floated on the river while waters was a rancid stench, the situation reported by fishermen along the Astico on weekends.
As reported in the paper version of Il Giornale di Vicenza, sanguinerole, Chub, barbel, Grayling and trout, were rapidly rotting because of the heat below deck of Sarcedo, where the bed is now reduced to a puddle.“
Beached carcasses attracted in mice and birds with many risks to public health. Only the heavy rains on Sunday resolved the situation, sweeping away all the bodies. A problem that for many could be avoided. One of the possible causes of the deaths of fish, in fact, is the gradual closure of the canals that feed the Astico agreement. The consortium of reclamation “high plain veneta” that organizes water management, had enabled the volunteers of certain non-profit associations, providing several recoveries before the fish dry. Just last Friday night shortly before the discovery of carcasses. According to the associations, it would be impossible for thousands of fish have been left behind.“
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10,000 dead fish found on a beach in Saint-Froult, France

The beach of St-Froult is littered with dead fish on nearly five kilometers. © Sabdra Chevret. LPO
© Sabdra Chevret. LPO Beach St. Froult is littered with dead fish on nearly five kilometers
About 10 000 dead fish were found last Friday stranded on a beach in the natural reserve of Moëze-Oléron in St. Froult. For now, the reasons for this mysterious massacre remains unknown.
Nature reserve managers had never seen it. It is they who discovered Friday, thousands of dead fish, and even today they are struggling to estimate the extent of the carnage: 10,000 certainly more fish, all washed up on the beach.
“The beach where they are stranded is nearly 5 kilometers long and there was a dead fish every ten meters in places but it was 20 or 30 fish were found every ten meters,” explains Pierre Rousseau, Babysitting technician wetland nature reserve Moëze-Oléron.
The fish almost all belong to the same species, these mules, an insectivorous species and herbivore.
The cause of death is not known. The specimen were collected and will be sent to the departmental direction of the territories and the sea (DDTM) to perform analysis. “Have the mules were victims of lack of oxygen due to the extreme heat of the last week or contaminated by a bacterium, it is unknown and remains for now at the stage of hypotheses. ” adds Pierre Rousseau.
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Thousands of dead fish found floating in a lake in Nan Province, Thailand

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Thousands of dead fish found floating in a lake in Nan Province, Thailand