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Coronavirus: Vodafone is giving 500,000 customers and vulnerable people free unlimited internet data for 30 days #Vodafone #COVID19 #coronavirus #UK #pandemic

Coronavirus Alert_2

VODAFONE is giving 500,000 pay-monthly customers free unlimited internet data for 30 days during the coronavirus crisis.

In addition, it will also upgrade vulnerable customers to an unlimited data plan for free, also for 30 days.

The offer will help Vodafone users stay connected if they don’t already have an unlimited data plan.

Vodafone says customers can access the deal through the mobile network provider’s VeryMe rewards scheme available on the My Vodafone app.

Any pay-monthly customer, whether on a consumer or business contract, can apply if they’re registered with VeryMe and don’t already have unlimited data as part of their package.

Vodafone says it will make the offer available to 500,000 customers to begin with.

It will then look at the possibility of extending the deal or offering other help to customers.

If you’re a customer who is classed as vulnerable, you won’t be included in this pool of 500,000 customers and will be guaranteed the upgrade.

The offer will expire after the first 500,000 people redeem it, on a first-come, first-served basis.

We’ve asked Vodafone how it will determine who is a vulnerable customer and we’ll update this article when we find out more.

However, it has said all vulnerable customers will be contacted automatically.

The Sun is also checking if the mobile provider is planning on offering money off for pay-monthly customers who are already signed up to unlimited data, and if it plans on offering any perks to pay-as-you-go users.

Vodafone has around 19.5million UK customers.

Vodafone UK CEO Nick Jeffery said: “Our role in these difficult and worrying times is to keep the UK connected, even while we have to stay apart.

“If our network capacity allows, we would love to be able to offer this to even more customers and will be monitoring the feasibility of this.

“In short, if we have more to give, we will.”

The My Vodafone app can be downloaded for free on the App Store or by Google Play.

You’ll then find the free data deal on the VeryMe section of the app.

The free data deal comes after all major network providers, including Vodafone, announced they wouldn’t charge customers, or take away from their data allowance, when accessing NHS websites.

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Coronavirus: British Army puts 20,000 troops on standby to deal with pandemic crisis #COVID19 #coronavirus #UK #Army #Military #pandemic #quarantine

Breaking News

As many as 150 troops are learning to drive oxygen tankers to supply hospitals treating coronavirus patients. They will form part of the new “Covid Support Force”

The Ministry of Defence has put 20,000 troops on standby to deal with the coronavirus crisis, it has been reported this evening.

As many as 150 troops are learning to drive oxygen tankers to supply hospitals, according to The Times.

The troops will form part of the new “Covid Support Force”.

Today the death toll in the UK reached 104 with that figure expected to rise in the coming days and weeks.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said: “The men and women of our Armed Forces stand ready to protect Britain and her citizens from all threats, including Covid-19.

“The unique flexibility and dedication of the services means that we are able to provide assistance across the whole of society in this time of need.

“From me downwards the entirety of the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces are dedicated to getting the nation through this global pandemic.”

Major General Charlie Stickland Assistance Chief of the Defence Staff Operations and Commitments said: “Putting more personnel at a higher state of readiness and having our Reserves on standby gives us greater flexibility to support public services as and when they require our assistance.

“The COVID Support Force, potentially drawing upon our highly skilled scientists at Dstl or oxygen tanker drivers, will form part of a whole force effort to support the country during its time of need.

“Our servicemen and women are committed to maintain our operational output and delivering any support the Government requires.”

The news comes hours after it is said that government officials are braced for coronavirus “lockdown” measures to be ramped up in London within days.

Boris Johnson tonight did not rule out putting London on lockdown – and said “further and faster measures” may be needed.

Whitehall sources today told the Mirror lockdown-style measures in London – which Boris Johnson admitted is “a few weeks ahead” of the rest of the country – are “imminent”.

A senior Downing Street source vehemently denied anything had been decided.

Britain’s government set out emergency legislation on Tuesday to tackle the growing outbreak, with measures including giving powers to police andimmigration officers to detain people and put them in isolation to protect public health.

“The new measures we will be introducing in the Emergency Coronavirus Bill this week will only be used when it is absolutely necessary and must be timed to maximise their effectiveness,” health minister Matt Hancock said in a statement.

The legislation, which also includes measures to allow recently retired National Health Service staff and social workers to return to work, will be brought before parliament tomorrow.

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Coronavirus: Manchester City – Arsenal Premier League clash postponed #COVID19 #coronavirus #ManCity #Arsenal #football #soccer #UK #epidemic

Coronavirus Breaking News

Wednesday’s Premier League clash between Manchester City and Arsenal has been postponed “as a precautionary measure” due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The decision to postpone came after it emerged that personnel from Arsenal have come into contact with the Olympiacos owner, Evangelos Marinakis, who has been named as a positive case of COVID-19, when he watched the Greek side beat the north London club at the Emirates Stadium in February.

Other sporting events around the world are being played behind closed doors, postponed or cancelled as coronavirus continues to spread.

Manchester United’s Europa League match against LASK in Austria will be played behind closed doors this week, following health advice from the Austrian government.

Chelsea’s game against Bayern Munich in Germany could also be played without fans, according to Sky Sports News.

In Spain, La Liga matches will be played in empty stadiums for at least the next two rounds of fixtures, the league announced on Tuesday.

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Westminster terror alert: Man arrested just 100m from Downing Street

Armed officers have arrested a man in connection with preparing a terror attack just yards from Downing Street.
Police say the 27-year-old was carrying a rucksack containing several knives – and forensic officers were seen examining knives on the pavement.
The suspect was known to counter-terrorism police and British intelligence agencies prior to his arrest, according to Sky sources.
The suspect is arrested by police
A man is led away by police in Westminster after an arrest was made on Whitehall
Roads around Whitehall were locked down as officers carried out the arrest, pushing the man to the ground before holding him at the scene.
The Metropolitan Police said the man was stopped at 2.22pm as part of an ongoing search operation. He has been taken to a south London police station where he is being held under the Terrorism Act.
He was arrested on the Parliament Street junction with Parliament Square, close to the scene of last month’s terror attack which killed five people including PC Keith Palmer on 22 March.
Moment of arrest
The Prime Minister was not at Downing Street at the time of the incident
The Prime Minister was not at Number 10 at the time of the incident but she is being kept updated about the incident on Whitehall, her spokeswoman said.
London Mayor Sadiq Khan tweeted: “Thanks to all officers who dealt swiftly & professionally with the incident in Whitehall. The Met Commissioner has briefed me on the arrest.”
No one was injured in the incident, and Whitehall has since reopened northbound.
A forensic investigator recovers a knife after man was arrested on Whitehall in Westminster, central London
A forensic investigator recovers a knife after man was arrested on Whitehall in Westminster, central London
A Metropolitan Police statement said: “The man, aged in his late twenties, was arrested on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon and on suspicion of the commission, preparation and instigation of acts of terrorism.
“Knives have been recovered from him.
“Detectives from the Counter Terrorism Command are continuing their investigation, and as a result of this arrest there is no immediate known threat.”
Sky News Political Correspondent Lewis Goodall said: “A witness said at one point he was taken to the ground – he was wearing a black tracksuit. Police surrounded him.
“There are various police officers here, both armed guards and forensic officers who are examining the scene. Earlier, we managed to get in the thick of it and we could see a bag clearly with a selection of knives which are being examined.
Moment of arrest
The moment the suspect was arrested
“This is one of the busiest thoroughfares in London, you’ve got thousands and thousands of people working in government departments among other things and the area has come to something of a standstill.”
A builder working on the road nearby said: “I saw the police officers catch him. They caught him and got him on the ground.”
Asked if the suspect was waving knives, acting aggressively or shouting, the witness said: “No.”
A man is led away by police in Westminster after an arrest was made on Whitehall
The 27-year-old has been taken to a south London police station
Courtesy of Sky News 

Huge fire breaks out at Fiddlers Ferry power station in Cheshire, UK

Fiddlers Ferry
Photo By Andrew Parker
SHOCKING photos show huge plumes of smoke billowing from a power station.
Twitter users have shared images of the Fiddlers Ferry power station in Warrington, Cheshire, apparently alight.
Widnes Police said the smoke was caused by a fire of plastic and cardboard.
Cops warned people to stay indoors and keep windows closed as a precaution.
Fiddlers Ferry is a coal-fueled power station close to the River Mersey.
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STREET ON LOCKDOWN – UK – Bomb squad shuts down Birmingham street after ‘live grenade found amongst scrap metal’

A BOMB SQUAD has been called in after a Birmingham street was placed on lockdown when a live hand grenade was “found in a consignment of scrap metal”.
Police were called to Trevor Street, Nechells, as a witness told the Birmingham Mail “a grenade with a pin still in it” has been found.
The Mail reported that the grenade was found by a scrap metal dealer, but police have said it was reported by a removal man.
A West Midlands Police spokesman said:”Police have been called to Trevor Street, Nechells, by a removal man who discovered an unexploded grenade amongst property this morning (Monday 27 March).
“Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) have been called to assess the device.
“A small cordon is currently in place as a precautionary measure.”
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Massive Gas Explosion In Wirral, Merseyside, UK

preview image
An aerial view of the Wirral explosion, which injured 34 people and flattened several buildings
A suspected gas explosion has destroyed a number of buildings and injured 34 people, two seriously.
Footage from the scene on the Wirral, Merseyside, shows alarms blaring as people gather on a street covered in debris, with witness Paul Butler tweeting Sky News and saying: “The whole block has gone up … horrific damage.”
The North West Ambulance service says 32 people are “walking wounded” and received treatment in hospital for minor injuries.
A building being used as a furniture warehouse and a dance studio was destroyed in the blast – and a nearby funeral parlour was also affected.
The explosion, which happened in the New Ferry area, was heard as far away as Liverpool and North Wales.
Ian Kenyon, a reporter for Wirral Radio, said: “A number of people who were eating in a nearby restaurant are reported to have been injured and have been taken to hospitals across the region.
“Thankfully this happened on a quiet shopping street late at night, but residents in the nearby village of Port Sunlight have been evacuated.”
He told Sky News a “significant” cordon has been set up around the collapsed buildings, and a smell of gas was reported to the major incident unit and National Grid engineers at the scene.
The area around the blast site remained cordoned off on Sunday.
The area around the blast site remained cordoned off on Sunday
“There is a certainty toxicity to the air … floodlights are being erected as they begin the job of sifting through the rubble,” Mr Kenyon said.
Merseyrail says trains have been suspended in the New Ferry area because of “potential damage” to a bridge.
The Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service said eight fire engines have been sent to the “major incident” – with extensive road closures throughout the area.
People who have been evacuated from their homes will face a long wait before they are given the all-clear to return.
One street in New Ferry was strewn with debris after the explosion
One street in New Ferry was strewn with debris after the explosion
Spokesman Dan Stephens said: “This incident is likely to be protracted, this is likely to last several days. Very significant damage as you can tell, so it will be some time before people will be allowed back into their houses.”
Alison McGovern, the Labour MP for Wirral South, tweeted: “Am on scene in New Ferry. A very serious situation. Please stay away if you can, let police and emergency services do their job.”
Emergency crews were called to the scene at 9.14pm on Saturday evening.
Before and after the explosion on the Wirral. Pic: @stemac2010
Before and after the explosion on the Wirral. Pic: @stemac2010
Wirral Council says emergency teams have set up a refuge for people who have been displaced by the explosion.
Bino Shan, who works at a local convenience store, said: “I saw one man injured, I think a few people were injured.
“The building is gone, my door is damaged and broken. It’s really scary, it was a big explosion but I didn’t see any fire.”
Courtesy of Sky News

Helicopter Crashes Near River Thames, Reading, UK

A helicopter has crashed near the River Thames after going into a spin.
The pilot gave a “thumbs-up” as he managed to walk away with just minor injuries, witnesses said.
An ambulance crew was called to Mapledurham estate next to the River Thames, near Reading, just before 6pm after a helicopter landed on its side with a “loud thud”.
A witness said: “It flew over quite low and circled the playing field, it then went towards the river and flew along it.
“It then started to look like it was coming into land, it then went below the tree line but we could see it go into a spin, next we heard a loud thud.
“We ran over and saw it was laying on its side, it was on the opposite side of the river to us but we could see someone over there and shouted if everyone got out ok, they gave us a thumbs up.
“Luckily there was no fire.”
The witness, who was at his son’s football training at the time, thought the pilot was “showing off”.
He said: “To be honest all those watching thought the pilot was showing off but naturally that was just an assumption.
“It wasn’t until we heard the crash we realised there was an issue. I couldn’t see anymore other than the pilot.”
A spokeswoman for South Central Ambulance Service said: “We got a call at 5.51pm to reports of a helicopter that had come down.
“We sent two rapid-response vehicles, two ambulance officers and an ambulance crew.
They attended to “two adult males who sustained minor injuries and did not require hospital treatment.”
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Tropical Storm Henri Threatens To Lash UK

National Hurricane Center map of Henri
Henri is moving across the Atlantic. Pic: National Hurricane Center
Tropical Storm Henri could batter Britain next week, bringing strong winds and a deluge of rain.
Henri is currently off the coast of North America but will move northeastwards over the weekend – potentially bringing the UK some wild weather.
It all comes down to how it interacts with the jet stream, said Sky News weather producer Joanna Robinson.
“The remnants of Tropical Storm Henri will move towards Europe next week, potentially reaching the UK by the middle of the week.
“This area of low pressure will contain tropical air and could produce a lot of rain, but it’s exact state and movement is still very uncertain.
“It all depends on its interaction with the jet stream along the way.
“If the jet stream is south enough, it could invigorate the low pressure system, bringing stormy conditions. However, if the jet stream has a more northerly track then it’ll have little interaction and won’t amount to much more than a wet and blustery autumn day.
“It’s not unusual to see the remnants of tropical storms over the UK at this time of the year.”
Henri is the eighth storm of the Atlantic hurricane season – a tropical storm is one level below hurricane classification, with winds of up to 73mph.
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Experts say heatwave forecast was WRONG as Britain braces itself for the ‘big chill’

Cold Weather Alert

Weather experts say snow might even be on its way
According to weather experts we might be heading for a ‘big chill’ this weekend.
The Met Office predicts that the UK will endure cold temperatures that could last up to 6 days.
Cold winds will make already cool temperatures feel close to freezing.
Nicola Maxey told The Mirror:  “Weather changes – high pressure is further north than we expected.
Experts say we might even see some snow in the UK
Experts say we might even see some snow in the UK
“Instead of high pressure being south-east of the UK, causing a southerly airflow, it is north-east of the UK over Scandinavia, so the airflow is easterly as winds go clockwise around high pressure.
“Colder, easterly air from eastern Europe will now be coming in until midweek.
“Temperatures at the weekend will be in mid-single figure for many and it will definitely feel cold in the breeze.”
So it might be time to delay your debut of that spring wardrobe for the time being and keep your trusty winter coat at hand!
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