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Coronavirus: Vodafone is giving 500,000 customers and vulnerable people free unlimited internet data for 30 days #Vodafone #COVID19 #coronavirus #UK #pandemic

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VODAFONE is giving 500,000 pay-monthly customers free unlimited internet data for 30 days during the coronavirus crisis.

In addition, it will also upgrade vulnerable customers to an unlimited data plan for free, also for 30 days.

The offer will help Vodafone users stay connected if they don’t already have an unlimited data plan.

Vodafone says customers can access the deal through the mobile network provider’s VeryMe rewards scheme available on the My Vodafone app.

Any pay-monthly customer, whether on a consumer or business contract, can apply if they’re registered with VeryMe and don’t already have unlimited data as part of their package.

Vodafone says it will make the offer available to 500,000 customers to begin with.

It will then look at the possibility of extending the deal or offering other help to customers.

If you’re a customer who is classed as vulnerable, you won’t be included in this pool of 500,000 customers and will be guaranteed the upgrade.

The offer will expire after the first 500,000 people redeem it, on a first-come, first-served basis.

We’ve asked Vodafone how it will determine who is a vulnerable customer and we’ll update this article when we find out more.

However, it has said all vulnerable customers will be contacted automatically.

The Sun is also checking if the mobile provider is planning on offering money off for pay-monthly customers who are already signed up to unlimited data, and if it plans on offering any perks to pay-as-you-go users.

Vodafone has around 19.5million UK customers.

Vodafone UK CEO Nick Jeffery said: “Our role in these difficult and worrying times is to keep the UK connected, even while we have to stay apart.

“If our network capacity allows, we would love to be able to offer this to even more customers and will be monitoring the feasibility of this.

“In short, if we have more to give, we will.”

The My Vodafone app can be downloaded for free on the App Store or by Google Play.

You’ll then find the free data deal on the VeryMe section of the app.

The free data deal comes after all major network providers, including Vodafone, announced they wouldn’t charge customers, or take away from their data allowance, when accessing NHS websites.

Courtesy of thesun.co.uk