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Stromboli volcano descends lava from the crater in Italy #StromboliVolcano #Lava #Italy

Indonesian volcano Mount Merapi spews massive ash in 2nd major eruption this month #MountMerapi #Indonesia #eruption

Mount Merapi 27.03.2020

Indonesia’s most active volcano Mount Merapi erupted Friday, shooting a column of ash some 5,000 meters (16,000 feet) into the air in its second major eruption this month. Ash and sand covered areas several kilometers away from the peak of the rumbling crater near Indonesia’s cultural capital Yogyakarta.

Authorities did not raise Merapi’s alert level. “There has been no reports of damage from the eruption. We urge people to stay calm and not panic,” national disaster mitigation agency spokesman Agus Wibowo said.

Merapi erupted earlier this month, shooting a massive ash cloud some 6,000 meters in the air. That eruption coated Yogyakarta and neighboring city Solo with gray dust and forced an airport closure.

Mount Merapi’s last major eruption in 2010 killed more than 300 people and forced the evacuation of 280,000 residents. That was Merapi’s most powerful eruption since 1930, which killed around 1,300 people, while another explosion in 1994 took about 60 lives, AFP said.

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20 MILLION fish have died due to volcano eruption in Los Lagos, Chile

Fish Kill Alert

20 MILLION fish have died due to volcano eruption in Los Lagos, Chile

Volcano Rebel Dragon erupts and destroys over 100 acres farmland in Western Burma

Volcano Alert

A mud volcano in Arakan State’s Kyouk Phyu Township erupted and destroyed over 100 acres of farmland, said locals in the area.
The volcano, which is named Rebel Dragon and is situated nearby Shouk Chaung Village, erupted at 5pm on August 31st and became silent at 7:20pm the same evening. Rebel Dragon normally erupts once every 45 years.
Melted lava spewed up to one thousand feet in the air from the 100-foot high volcano and flowed to the farmlands in Say Maw and Kyatin Villages.
U Kyaw Win, a villager from Shouk Chaung, said that he heard the sound of an explosion that evening. Witnessing the event from his harm land, U Kyaw Win said that hot lava seemed like it was flying in the sky and bellowed out to surrounding localities.
One acre of his farm land was also destroyed by the volcano eruption, added U Kyaw Win.
A Narinjara reporter tried to contact U Kyaw Thu Soe, the chief administrator of Kyouk Phyu Township, but there was no response.
U Sann Kyi, a village leader from Shouk Chaung, confirmed that the volcano destroyed a huge area of farmland owned by 17 farmers, who are now struggling to survive.

Evacuations ordered due to the increased seismic activity in the North of Iceland

Emergency Evacuation Alert

Authorities have evacuated tourists from an area north of Iceland’s largest glacier amid increased seismic activity around a volcano in the past few days.

Iceland’s Civil Protection Department says 300-500 people, mostly visitors, have been evacuated from the highlands north of the Vatnajokull glacier. The area is uninhabited, but popular with hikers in the summer.

Officials said Wednesday the measure was taken as a safety precaution following thousands of small earthquakes in recent days near Bardarbunga, a subglacial stratovolcano under the glacier. Roads in the area have been closed amid fears that an eruption could lead to serious flooding.

The prospect of a volcano eruption is worrisome because of the international aviation chaos that followed the 2010 eruption of the Eyjafjallajokul volcano, when more than 100,000 flights were cancelled.

Spectacular volcano eruption: Rivers of lava flow down Mount Etna

Spectacular volcano eruption: Rivers of lava flow down Mount Etna

Volcano Eruption Causes Tornadoes

At Least 16 Dead As Volcano Eruption Intensifies In Indonesia
Volcano Alert

At least 16 evacuees have died in shelters and hospitals as Mount Sinabung in Karo district of North Sumatra keeps erupting intensively, officials said here on Wednesday.

“Data shows 16 people have been dead,” Syamsul Maarif, head of the national disaster management agency, said at the State Palace.

Mount Sinabung’s eruption continued on Wednesday, spewing column of ash as high as 7,000 meters into the air, the highest since last September, he said.

Maarif confirmed that lava flood was threatening several villages at downstream of rivers as the lava has flowed into the rivers.

“The threat of cold lava is lingering. In recent days, lava has flowed into the rivers and we are concerned that it bloated the rivers and burst their banks,” said Maarif.

The agency so far has allocated 21 billion rupiah (2.1 million U.S. dollars) for emergency relief aid, he said.

So far, the number of evacuees has went up to 26,088, from 25, 516 recorded on Saturday evening.

The 2,457-meter-high Mount Sinabung has been back to life since September last year after remaining quiet for around 400 years. It has erupted intermittently since then, but went into overdrive frequently last November and December.

Mount Sinabung is among the 129 active volcanoes in the archipelago country, which is prone to seismic upheavals as it sits on the Pacific “Ring of Fire” encircling the Pacific Ocean.