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Plane makes emergency landing in Boise, Idaho, USA

Plane Emergency Landing

A warning light signaling an engine fire prompted the pilots of a chartered passenger jet to make an emergency landing in Boise.
Boise Airport officials say the Sun Country Airlines flight landed at about 4 p.m. Thursday but emergency response crews found no evidence of a fire.
The Boeing 737 was traveling from Lewiston in northern Idaho to Laughlin, Nevada, when the warning light came on.
No one was injured.
Boise officials didn’t have details on the number of passengers, or when they would continue to Nevada.
A Sun Country Airlines spokesman didn’t return a call from The Associated Press on Friday.

Plane in emergency landing after 25 warning lights started flashing in Manchester, UK

Plane Emergency Landing

Flight BE-2066 from Edinburgh to Brussels was on route with 20 passengers and four crew when trouble started with one warning light

A plane made an emergency landing in Manchester after all the cabin lights switched themselves off – and TWENTY-FIVE warning lights started flashing.

Flight BE-2066 from Edinburgh to Brussels was en route with 20 passengers and four crew when trouble started with one warning light.

The pilot decided to continue to Brussels, but the cabin lights starting failing from the front of the cabin and heading backwards until passengers and crew were left in darkness.

A few minutes later, more warning lights began flashing and the co-pilot’s flight display failed.

The cockpit lights and the right hand audio/radio control unit then switched off.

Crew started using the emergency torch light, but that also failed – and the crew decided to divert to Manchester.

While descending towards Manchester the flight director failed and several more caution messages appeared.

The jet landed safely and passengers were offloaded and boarded the next available flight.

After the incident, the British Air Accidents Investigation Branch launched a probe into the incident.

Their report, part of their June bulletin, showed the incident last October was caused by a malfunction in the right generator.

It said the manufacturer’s inspection had found ‘severe pitting on the auxillary contacts’ which caused a battery to drain – and the loss of power.

A Flybe spokesman said: “The safety of passengers and crew is always the highest priority, and at no time was this flight compromised. This issue resulted from an unusual set of circumstances affecting some of the electrical systems of the aircraft.

“The aircraft, with 20 passengers and four crew on board landed safely following its diversion into Manchester Airport. Passengers were accommodated on the next available flight.

“Flybe has since worked closely with the AAIB and manufacturers on their subsequent investigation and has carried out all recommendations made, which has included changing a number of electrical components.

Qantas Plane Makes Emergency Landing In Australia

Plane Emergency Landing

A Qantas flight from Sydney to Perth has made an emergency landing in Adelaide after a smoke warning light was activated.

Qantas said the Airbus A330 had 253 passengers on board when it diverted to Adelaide Airport and landed without incident.

‘The flight deck received a warning light indicating a technical issue, so as a safety precaution the pilots made the decision to divert to Adelaide,’ the airline said in a statement.

‘The aircraft landed without incident and passengers disembarked via normal procedure through the aerobridge.

‘The aircraft is currently being assessed by engineers.’

Emergency service crews in Adelaide were put on standby but were not required.

A passenger on the plane said the incident was handled well by the crew.

‘Everything went pretty smooth,’ the passenger identified on ABC radio as Dave said.

‘The pilot said he thought it was just a false alarm, but for safety they had to bring the plane back and evacuate everybody.

‘The pilot did a great job and the flight attendants did a really good job keeping everybody under control.’