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Mass die off of fish in a river in Zhangzhou, China

 Fish Kill Alert
“Zhao dongxi Group appeared in large numbers of fish, shrimps, has been jumping out of the water, the shore has a lot of dead fish. “Yesterday, some readers call newspaper hotline reflected in recent days, Zhao dongxi found many dead fish, were suspected to be contaminated stream water quality.
It is understood that the location of the fish appear, Zhao dongxi xishenxin bridgehead along the stream banks.
4th “found in streams has plenty of schools of fish swimming towards the shore, shrimp or even jumping out of the water, some fish could weigh a few pounds. “Zhao local people told the Herald reporter, there are many masses Brook lookers on that day, there are many people scrambling to catch. According to Zhao users to provide pictures, not far from the bridge Shen has found a number of dead fish on the shore. “So many dead fish that has never before been seen. If this is not vandalism, and will not be influenced by the water pollution? Hope that the authorities concerned can pay attention to. “Shen expressed concern of the public. He said that everyone in a neighborhood in succession, some are said to be caused by herbicides, some are said to be flooding with sea water, some say that is the plant emissions cause pollution.
Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted zhaoan County Environmental Protection Bureau. Environmental group said one staff member of the Council, after receiving the masses, the Brigade of 4th and 5th are there to inspect. “We saw a few dead fish at the scene, but the amount is not much. Right now, we have to sample water quality in streams and sends to the testing, test results have not come out now. “The staff member said.
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Thousands of fish have died in the Vam Co Dong River, Vietnam

The freshwater fish in Xining always lived in the throbbing anxiety before discharging wastewater contaminated victims river fish died.
Over the past two weeks, people Phuoc Vinh Chau Thanh district, Tay Ninh restlessness before state Vam Co Dong River water pollution sudden severe, causing mass mortalities.
Ben Stone region, in the village of Phuoc Trung many freshwater fish cages river dock, the more the friend of 5-6, 1-2 and friends at home.
Her family has 3 friends Luu Ngoc Hue tilapia and red tilapia. Over the past days, the river water pollution caused her fish cages 2/3 Hue flickering.
Ms. Hui look for ways to save fish but failed. Finally, she had to run up and down looking for pimping dump antlers removed the capital.
Dead fish in the same boat as the river water pollution family Nguyen Van Loc. Since 20 years, Mr. Loc live mainly in freshwater fish farming on the Vam Co Dong River. If there is no pollution, it reaches maturity, each signed Goby he is nursing home, selling 200,000-250,000. Fishing season this year, Mr. Loc lost because of dead fish.
Among those who fish in the village of Phuoc Trung Phuoc Vinh, particularly tragic family of Nguyen Van Dat.
Disadvantaged, his wife daily to Achieve selling lottery tickets, save for grass carp and red tilapia.
This poor couple abacus, if fish can be sold over 200 million profit, the money invested to expand fish cages, selling lottery tickets every scene and stored ashore stable housing.
But now all estimates are for naught when the river water pollution, making the fish in his friend almost died Pass.
Mr. Nguyen Van Dat pressing situation by wheat plants discharged, no natural river water were toxic.
According to Reach, he adopted nearly 5,000 dead fish is almost 98%.
The time of the dead fish from 3/3. Upon receiving the news, specialized staff in Phuoc Vinh Chau Thanh district and areas to fish at Ben Stone for fieldwork.
Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tay Ninh province also took samples of river water and initially concluded parameters exceed environmental standards allow 2 to 5 times; low dissolved oxygen, leading to fish kills.
However, so far, the industry has yet to function officially announced major cause of water pollution is due to line waste water from two businesses and Red Buttons as Sam Most of the people in question, as well as who will responsible for compensation for damage to the fish farmers.
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Worst drought in 84 years and water rationing to 200 million in Brazil

National Emergency Alert

Brazil is struggling to supply enough water to its 200 million people, amid the worst drought in 84 years.
São Paulo’s 20 million citizens face having their tap water cut off five days a week, in a bid to conserve dwindling resources. Some 17% of Brazilian towns have declared a state of emergency.
In the centre and southeast of the country, electricity supplies are threatened as water levels drop to 18% in the reservoirs for hydropower generation.
“We have never seen such sensitive and worrying situation as this,” admitted the minister of environment, Izabella Teixeira.
Rain scarcity, deforestation of the watersheds around streams and rivers, high consumption in the big urban centers and waste in the water supply system are some of the reasons for the crisis.
It has brought into sharp focus the political response to extreme weather patterns, which are only expected to get more volatile with climate change.
“Public authorities need to be absolutely transparent in the information on the extent of the problem. We are living in a period of scarcity and there’s even a high probability of having a much more prolonged crisis”, said José Galizia Tundisi, president of the International Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (IIEGA)
Low rainfall had played a big role, he argued, but was not primarily responsible for the collapse in water supplies.
In São Paulo, Brazil’s biggest city, governor Geraldo Alckmin is on the verge of announcing drastic measures to eke out the dwindling water reserves. The plan is to provide running water only two days a week.
This comes as a shock to the general public, who complain they were not informed about the risks during last October’s election.
Tundisi said: “There were few discussions. It is not only about drinking water, it is the whole set of elements regarding the water pollution, air pollution, soil deforestation, energy generation and sanitation. No one mentioned about those items.”
The scientific community is seeking to work with public authorities to develop emergency action plans and future solutions to adapt to changing rainfall patterns.
Last February, rectors of six universities in São Paulo announced the creation of a task force to help society to overcome the water crisis. This week in Rio de Janeiro, a group of renowned scientists from the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC) launched a public report with ten recommendations.
This document was provided to public authorities in November 2014, but scientists complain they have not been contacted yet to discuss further action.
The situation could escalate and trigger social unrest, Tundisi warned. “It has outlined a complex reality reaching different social sectors. Added to climatological problems, the water crisis may be connected to economic damages, health, food security and natural resources. I am very much convinced there is a high danger of an upheaval if the government does not act now.”
Energy blackout
Water shortage also raises the risk of power blackouts. Normally, some 80% of Brazil’s electricity comes from hydropower plants. With reservoirs drying up, it is turning to generation from fossil fuels – a major source of greenhouse gas emissions.
“This whole year we shall depend fully on thermal electricity. The chance of a deep energy crisis this year is very high,” said Luiz Pinguelli Rosa, executive secretary of the Brazilian Forum of Climate Change and member of ABC. He recommended an energy-saving policy to avoid blackouts.
“The government trusted the rainfall intensity would come to regularise the system. But there is no way the reservoirs can get back to their normal levels before the end of the rainfall period in April,” Rosa added.
All the projections suggest 2015 is a year Brazilians will have to get more efficient at using water, said José Marengo, researcher at the National Center for Monitoring and Alerts Natural Disasters (Cemaden).
Marengo is a contributor to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which last year published a comprehensive review of the science of climate change impacts.
Climate scientists are not yet convinced this extreme drought in Brazil is directly linked to global warming. Marengo said it will take at least five years to understand the weather trend.
“IPCC works with scenarios in which drought as the one we are facing will be more frequent, with high levels of uncertainty,” said Marengo. “Only with good water management and public policies, the impacts could be dampened in the future.”
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Mass die off of fish in fish farms of Jakarta, Indonesia

Mass death of fish in the reservoir allegedly caused water pollution leading to a reduction of dissolved oxygen (Dissolved Oxygen / DO).

Pollution of the waters of the reservoir is not only due to the existence of floating net cages exceed the carrying capacity of the environment, but because it is a downstream reservoir watershed that has been contaminated by sewage.

Floating net cage fish farmers (KJA) in waters Cirata, West Java, helm obtain weather forecast information hostile conditions the next few weeks. The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG) predicts the peak of the rainy season occurs early January to February 2015.

Learning from the experience of previous years, entered the peak of the rainy season means it will appear threat of mass death of fish (KMI) in waters Cirata. Signs before the events of the IMA, usually cloudy sky for a few days with the wind.

Therefore, these days most of the farmers did not dare to speculate with the weather conditions. “Because the weather is getting a bit ugly, some farmers to harvest fish early KJA. There are also farmers who plant the seeds reduce fish so great loss, “said fish farmers KJA, Maman, told The Jakarta, last week.

Farmer losses could reach millions of dollars for failing to harvest fish cultivation KJA. Head of the Regional Office Technical Implementation Unit (UPTD) Aquaculture Fisheries Development Center Public Bodies Cirata, Ade Durahman, giving examples of November occurred KMI around 153 tonnes due to the quality of water decreases dramatically.

Of the total of KMI, which absorbed about 85 percent of the market price of six thousand dollars per kilogram. “Dead fish only sold six thousand dollars, whereas fish fresh condition can be sold up to 18 thousand dollars per kilogram,” said Ade, last week.

In fact, said Ade, dead fish could not have prices so the majority of farmers accidentally let it rot in the waters of the reservoir. This fish spoilage and polluting the waters thereby increasing the environmental burden in the reservoir.

“The carcasses of dead fish are left to rot in the waters of the reservoir can cause odor and make the water reservoir becomes rancid and slimy,” said researcher Associate environmental technology Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT), Nawa Suwendi, told The Jakarta, recently .

To prevent pollution of the water reservoir once the IMA, originally was published in West Java Governor Decree No. 41 of 2002 on Development and Utilization of Agricultural Land and Reservoir Region. KJA development in Cirata limited to 12 thousand plots. “In fact, now this number reached 53 thousand plots KJA,” said Ade.

Approach is difficult to apply the law, deception Ade, because Cirata wide. This reservoir has a total area of ​​7,111 hectares (ha) (including land) and a broad pool of approximately 6,200 ha. In addition, the presence of reservoirs in the three districts, namely West Bandung, Purwakarta, and Cianjur it difficult for enforcement.

Reduced DO

When law enforcement does not work, the researchers tried to find the root causes of the IMA to offer a solution. KMI in Cirata allegedly caused water pollution leading to a reduction of dissolved oxygen (Dissolved Oxygen / DO).

Investigate a investigate, water pollution Cirata not only due to the presence of KJA which exceeds the carrying capacity of the environment, more so because Cirata is downstream of the flow of water from the River (Citarum and Cicendo) actually has contaminated domestic and industrial waste in the form of organic materials and inorganic.

“The level of pollution of the waters of the reservoir influenced their activities in the upstream watershed (DAS) that goes into the reservoir and the activity in the reservoir itself,” said Nawa. The effects of increasing pollution of reservoirs in the form of organic load and downs of the carrying capacity of the environment may cause a reduction in DO.

DO condition that usually gets worse when the weather is less friendly. Nawa explain the rainy season like now it will affect the discharge of rivers that flow into the reservoir to be able to cause the flow pattern in the waters of the reservoir. Flow pattern in this reservoir can cause the spread of pollution and sediments in the reservoir teraduknya.

“Teraduknya reservoir bottom sediment (organic matter) can interfere with the process of photosynthesis in aquatic organisms resulting in lower levels of DO,” said with a doctorate from the University of Indonesia.

Decreased levels of DO in the rainy season, said Nawa, compounded when the winds blowing parallel to the coast resulting in flows perpendicular to the coast, causing upwelling. Occurrence will result in the lifting of the upwelling of nutrients that exist in the base to the surface. The high nutrients in the surface can lead to hinder the process of photosynthesis organisms that live in the waters.

“Disruption of the process of photosynthesis means that inhibits the production of oxygen in aquatic organisms,” explained Nawa. The process of photosynthesis is also disturbed when clumps of clouds covering the sun rays to the Earth’s surface.

Nawa continue lasting cloud cover also affect the temperature of the air at the surface. The surface air temperature would then affect the temperature of the water reservoir, causing reduction in DO. “Reduced DO is what causes the IMA,” said Nawa.

Sustainable Production

Based on the research Nawa, KMI in Cirata in a year can occur more than once. In addition to the environmental impact, a negative impact on the economy KMI KJA owners who lost their capital and workers who have lost their livelihoods.

The collectors and fish traders are also affected because they could not sell. In the end, the supply source of protein ordinary people who eat fish also disrupted.

Cirata fish production, said Ade, so far to supply the protein source community in West Java, Central Java, and Jakarta. “Cirata fish production reached 240 tons per day,” he said.

Therefore, Nawa KJA suggested that fish farmers should not lose money in producing fish farming remains the balance between environmental, economic, and social. The balance of these three aspects are the pillars of sustainable development.

That is, when building a fish farming business KJA still consider the carrying capacity of the environment to the economy they are not disturbed because acaman KMI. No less important than that, the supply of protein for fish consumption did not break down.


Large amount of fish die off in three rivers in Morigaon, India


A large number of fish were reported dead due to water pollution of three major rivers — Kolong, Kopili and Kiling — in Morigaon district, causing concern among environmentalists.

According to information received by the revenue department, arsenic poisoning from the ground water was suspected to have mixed with the rivers in spate resulting in the death of various types of fish during the last three days.

Stating that thousands of dead fish were seen floating on the rivers, revenue department sources feared that other aquatic beings might also have been affected.

Arsenic pollution was also reported in neighbouring district of Karbi Anglong and parts of Nagaon’s western and southern parts, besides along the inter-state Meghalaya border, causing the outbreak of viral diseases affecting the throat.

The revenue department has informed the Geological Survey of India about the situation and asked them to study the soil and the exact cause for the pollution.

Environmentalists were also concerned about the loss of fish in the three rivers.

Thousands of dead fish wash up on a beach in Victoria, Australia

Some fish found at Seaspray were still squirming in the sand.

Thousands of dead fish washed up on Victoria’s Ninety Mile Beach were probably killed by cold Antarctic water, according to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

Many beachgoers had reported the dead fish between Seaspray and Marlo in Gippsland, identifying mainly the leather jacket species and also trevally.

The EPA said it was investigating but test results did not indicate water pollution was the cause.

It said the fish were most likely killed by cold Antarctic waters moving up the east coast.

The fish prefer warmer waters.

Large numbers of dead fish have also washed up on Tasmania’s east coast.

2 Million fish found dead in a dam in Tehran, Iran

Fish Kill Alert

Some 2 million fish are found dead in Tehran province’s Fashafuyeh dam due to water pollution.

Reports suggest that the incident has happened because the Vavan housing complex’s sewage system goes directly into the lake.

Mohsen Shokati, head of Rey City Environmental Protection Office, said that over 30 tons of fish have been killed in the past few days.

“Previously the housing complex’s sewage system poured into the lake through a canal, but now it directly goes to the lake,” he noted.

“Vavan housing complex needs a Water treatment facility. The construction work even started, but due to lack of budget the project was halted,” Shokati said, adding that the facility is currently 60 per cent complete.

He went on to note that Fashafuye dam’s water is being used for agriculture, fish farming, and animal husbandry.


Massive die off of fish along 1km of river in Haikou, China

Haikou a spread of 1 km river discovered dead fish shocking

Nearby residents suspected to be caused by water pollution. Haikou municipal environmental protection department sent to the scene, after a preliminary judgment as hypoxia, said the specific cause needs further investigation.


Massive Amounts Of Dead Fish Wash Ashore In Manzanillo Del Mar, Colombia

Peces muertos en Manzanillo del Mar

Apparently, the sudden lack of oxygen in a body of water would cause massive fish kills, which appear for days on the beaches of Manzanillo del Mar, north of the city. The community claims to be affected, because the smell comes to their businesses and homes and can not fish.

Some people claim that Karibana Manzanillo Club condominium sector, is causing fish kills that are in most of Manzanillo beach extension and channel beside Karibana.

Some members of the community, the condo, renowned for its great golf courses, sewage pours chemical channel, contaminating and killing the small fish and crabs.

Also stated that due to the environmental emergency, they hired Karibana machinery to collect fish and away from the place, also removing watercraft through waves, fish the body of water.

This means reached the affected area at the time and many dead animals were no longer visible in the channel, but on its banks, as well as almost the entire length of the beach, but when turned off the water craft, animals began to massively enter the body of water and died in seconds.

“We are concerned about the smell and leave us work because we have privatized a road to Punta Canoas and will be environmentally damaging. Now you can not fish, Karibana working with chemicals. There must be water pollution, “said Claudia Luna, leader of Manzanillo.

The community leader said the channel was in the community, however it Karibana Club privatized and there would be arriving the water with chemicals.

“In the channel there are many dead fish until eight days ago we thought it was a natural phenomenon of the sea, but we keep finding out, the lake is polluted and oxygen does not reach the sea,” he continued.

Jorge Ramos, another inhabitant “are making a public complaint to the environmental authorities take this and make studies in Guayepo pipe. We live on tourism, people can not stand the smell. We do not know if a chemical sprayed over the golf courses and is entering the pipe or if lack of oxygen. “

Do not throw chemicals 

Karibana Club manager, Carlos Abuchaibe said that this phenomenon occurs on the beaches of Manzanillo, and especially in the channel is not a consequence of Karibana.

“It was high tide and entered an amount of fish as the tide had dropped by to go out further with decreasing oxygen died,” he said.

Abuchaibe claims that have not produced chemicals as some say, much less wastewater were discharged because they have two water treatment plants and sewerage system. One plant receives water from the submarine outfall to be treated, and it is this kind of liquid thrown into the golf courses to bring minerals.

He said the channel is not privatized, but was adequate with permits and IDs do ask those who come to fish for the safety of the club.

The equipment manager denies taking fish. On the contrary, claims that a retroescavadora removing sand. Finally said the fish kill has not only presented in Manzanillo, on other occasions also seen in Punta Canoas and Nozzle.


Thousands Of Dead Fish Found In A River In Vinh City, Vietnam

Thousands of dead fish abnormalities, white floating on the river and stinks km-long worried that people are the source of water pollution here.

Many days, people in blocks 2 and 3 wards mids (Vinh City, Nghe An), said Vinh River, state fish die-off. Thousands of well-identified white fish the river, loading stench anonymously, making people afraid of the water pollution of this place.

As noted by PV, on the third, the status of dead fish on the river a lot. Determination of dead fish is still the most popular river flows through Central Capital ward, bara Ben Thuy. In 1km range, determine the dead fish scattered everywhere, from 3-4 average 1m2 dead fish carcass.

Tran Van Hoang, 1 the people living in the area said: “Every day I let down the nets on the river. Before it was normal, but recently contaminated water fish die so much. During recent days dead fish floating in the river and then white. Now I do not dare drop their fishing nets on the river to eat again. ‘m Scared. ”

According to Hoang, the time from the festival so far, river water unexpected turn smelly and opaque. There are many passages, river water appear black scum much like water and sewer.

Talking to the press, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Huan – Central Ward Chairman Admiral, verify the status of dead fish on the river that flows through the province and can be caused by many water sources have been polluted. “Ch sewer flooding did not detect any waste water from the plant into the river. Could cause fish kills caused by contaminated water.” Mr. Lord said.

According to Mr. Lord said, after discovering the incident, authorities have reported to the Department of Natural Resources Environmental Vinh City to ask for help, to clarify the situation cause this mass mortalities.