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Thousands of dead fish found floating on a lake in Meniffe, California, America

Investigation into the death of thousands of fish in Menifee Lake continues today, with speculation among residents of the community increasing as lake maintenance officials await further water test results.

An official would not go on record with comment today until further test results are available. The initial explanation given Menifee 24/7 was climate changes, but a source said there is no official explanation at this point. Dead fish started floating to the surface on Saturday and many still are visible against the lake shore.

“I first noticed it when I walked around the lake on Saturday, and it rained the night before,” Menifee Lakes resident Bob Howard said today. “Maybe the rain washed something into the lake. Nobody knows at this point and there are all kinds of rumors.

“Initially, I just noticed blue gill and crappie dying. Today for the first time I’m seeing dead catfish. It really ruins my walk around the lake. I hope they find out what happened.”