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5 dead in train, car crash in Hanoi, Vietnam

Scene of the accident which left five people dead and two seriously injured
The car with seven people in it crossed the railway track in Thuong Tin District just as the HCM City-Hanoi train was approaching. The impact of the collision was so strong that the car was completely destroyed after it was thrown some distance.
The crash occurred at 5:30am on National Highway 1A at the section which passes through Van Binh Commune in Thuong Tin District.
According to Dao Vinh Thang, head of the Hanoi Traffic Police department, the accident left four people dead on the spot while another person died on way to hospital. Two others who suffered serious injuries were transferred to Viet Duc Hospital for treatment.
Traffic police are coordinating with relevant agencies to regulate traffic, he said.
Shortly after the accident occurred, Deputy Minister of Transport Nguyen Ngoc Dong and deputy chairman of the National Traffic Safety Committee Khuat Viet Hung arrived at the scene to monitor the investigation.They also visited the injured victims in hospital.
The cause of the accident was being determined, but according to the initial investigation, the car’s driver did not pay heed to the warning signs when crossing the railway track. The signals were still operating normally. 
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‘Deadly’ Train Crash Kills One; Many Injured In Gauteng Province, South Africa

‘Deadly’ train crash in Gauteng province kills one
At least one person has been killed and 150 wounded in a train crash in South Africa’s Gauteng province, the economic hub of the country. 
Images shared on social media show mangled wreckage with rescue staff at the scene. According to EMER-G-MED paramedics, one person was declared dead on the scene and was still trapped inside the wreckage of the trains.
A spokesman said reports indicated that over 150 people sustained minor to moderate injuries and would be transported to Tembisa hospital and nearby medical facilities. Netcare 911’s Chris Botha estimated that it would take at least a day to clear the crash site.
The East Rand train route is one of the busiest in Gauteng and carries thousands of commuters travelling between Ekurhuleni, Tshwane and Johannesburg daily.
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‘Mini-tornado’ lifts roofs and smashes windows in central New Plymouth, New Zealand

Tornado Alert
Firefighters were kept busy securing homes and businesses after a mini-tornado hit central New Plymouth early this morning.
The fire brigade received the first call about 1.45am to a roof lifting on Fulford St, and this was followed during the next couple of hours by reports of garage doors being ripped off and windows being blown in on Devon St West.
It appears the twister touched down down in both streets causing serious damage but completely leapt the one-way system running between the sites. 
Heavy rain, strong winds, thunder, lightning and hail battered the region over night and a clean-up operation was underway on Wednesday.
MetService meteorologist Stephen Glassey confirmed it appeared a small twister had struck in New Plymouth and there had been more than 60 lightning strikes over Taranaki.
“The thing with thunder storms in they can be very localised and can bring intense rain over a small area,” Glassey said.
“There was a line of thunder storms that did go through between one and two this morning and it looks like there could have been a small tornado in there.”
Fulford St resident Kayla Phillips said the twister struck the area about 1.30am.
“Smashed our tramp on the road, threw bins around, slammed the neighbours’ boat against the fence and lifted our roof a little and we had to get the fire brigade to come to the rescue,” Phillips said.
“I just work up to, it kind of sounded like a small earthquake.”
Phillips said the front door blew open and the curtains were flapping around in the strong wind.
“The noise sounded like really intense wind and everything was shaking.
“Outside the tramp was missing and was in the middle of the road in pieces.”
When her home’s roof started to lift Phillips said her 9-year-old son, Charlie, started to get scared but was excited when firefighters arrived.
She said her neighbour’s trampoline had also been blown away and another had their windows smashed by the powerful wind.
Jaymie Johnston said she was woken up when her neighbour’s boat slammed into the fence close to her car.
“I just work up and there was a big bang, the boat had been spun around and it was being held up by the fence,” Johnston said.
Her banging and crashing didn’t wake her four-year-old son.
“We had people up on the roof banging the iron back on and he slept right through it.”
Johnston’s trampoline was missing only to be discovered about 120 metres away up a steep bank at Shane Aberdein’s hillside home.
Aberdein believed it was a small tornado that had touched down.
“It had to have been something like that to transport a trampoline that far.
“First of all there was a lot of rain and then it sounded like a bit of thunder, then everything stopped and it went really silent, we heard a smash against the house and then a lot of really, really heavy rain and then all stopped and went silent.”
Aberdein said he was shocked to see the trampoline crumpled up outside his house and tried to work out where it came.
He checked his house which had suffered no major damaged apart from twisted powerlines and some broken wooden trellis before going back to bed.
“It was pretty wild for a little while, about five seconds, and the it was all over.”
Gill Lambert, owner of Curves Gym on Devon St West, arrived at work to find the glass frontage of her business smashed in and debris scattered through the building.
“Actually I was really glad that there wasn’t any more damage,” Lambert said.
A sign from the gym, which was closed on Wednesday, was discovered one street over on Powderham St.
Lambert said the work done by the fire brigade and security company was great.
“It’s amazing when something like this happens how people kick into gear.
“I haven’t been through anything like this before so i didn’t know what needs to happen.”
Instructor Carlita Collins had arrived just before 6am to find a security guard outside the building who had been there since 3am.
“I was surprised, I didn’t know what was happening,” Collins said.
She had spent the morning cleaning up the mess.
“The whole room was just full of glass, dust and debris.”
A neighbour of the gym, who wouldn’t be named, had his double garage doors ripped off when the twister struck.
“I thought a freight train had hit the building.”
Senior station officer Maurice Kemsley said he wasn’t sure if it was a tornado or a ‘wind bomb’ but confirmed it had blown in garage doors, lifted roofs and even blown a boat on a trailer over a small bank.
“We hauled that back into place and secured the roofs,” Kemsley said.
The weather event was completely unexpected and confined to a small area, he said.
“It came right out of the blue.
“We got the police down there for security and they drove around the area and they couldn’t see any other damage other than those four properties.”
Kemsley said two fire engines and eight firefighters were kept busy for about three hours dealing the the damage.
Glassey said the showers were expected to ease on Wednesday with fine spells increasing while it would be mainly fine on Thursday with the chance of isolated showers.
Rain would develop on Friday evening, he said.
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Entire crops decimated by freak hail storm in central west New South Wales, Australia

Hail Alert
Thousands of hectares of grain crops in New South Wales have been decimated in a freak hail storm.
A number of storm cells ripped through the central west on Friday night damaging crops, felling trees and ripping rooves off houses.
Trundle farmer David Watt said he believed the storm was about 10 kilometres wide and ran for at least 20 kilometres.
“There are going to be some crops that are a 100 percent loss,” he said.
“I have approximately 200 hectares of barley with severe damage. Around 600 hectares of canola would have severe damage.
“It’s patchy with our wheat, but there would be 800 hectares of wheat damaged.”
Neighbouring farmer Andrew Curr said hail stones broke windows and ripped through flyscreen on the night.
He farms with his son near Trundle and said it’s difficult for his son to watch brilliant crops go to waste.
“It’s a bit disappointing, when we have had such good potential yields and crops this year because of the season,” he said.
“To see it damaged like that is still a disappointment to them, even though we should be financially covered.”
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Cyclonic Storm Sounds Coastal Alert In Odisha, India

The Odisha government has ordered complete preparedness in all districts, especially in the coastal region, as a cyclonic storm is developing over Bay of Bengal and is likely to hit the state on October 26 and 27, officials said here on Monday.
“The state government is prepared to face any eventuality. All district collectors, especially those in the coastal region, have been alerted. They have been told to be in a state of complete readiness,” Special Relief Commissioner Pradipta Mohapatra told media persons here.
Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has convened an emergency meeting on Tuesday to review the situation.
According to the weatherman, the present deep depression over Bay of Bengal, centred about 930 km rast-southeast of Gopalpur, is likely to intensify into a cyclonic storm, move northeastwards and reach close to north Myanmar coast.
“It will intensify into a cyclonic storm by this evening. The impact will be felt in Odisha on October 26 and 27,” said Bhubaneswar Met. Office Director Sarat Chandra Sahu.
Thereafter, it is likely to recurve initially north-northwestwards skirting Myanmar coast and then northwestwards towards northwest Bay of Bengal, according to an Indian Meteorological Department forecast.
Distant Cautionary Signal Number One (DC-I) has been hoisted at all ports in Odisha and the fishermen have been advised to be cautious while venturing into interior/distant sea along the Odisha coast during the period of alert.
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Subject To Change

Depth: 5 km

Distances: 104 km N of Bujumbura, Burundi / pop: 332,000 / local time: 01:29:59.8 2016-10-25
22 km E of Bukavu, Congo, The Democratic Republic of the / pop: 226,000 / local time: 01:29:59.8 2016-10-25
17 km E of Cyangugu, Rwanda / pop: 63,900 / local time: 01:29:59.8 2016-10-25

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Subject To Change

Depth: 90 km

Distances: 32 km NE of Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe / pop: 11,500 / local time: 14:45:34.2 2016-10-25
2 km S of Le Gosier, Guadeloupe / pop: 28,700 / local time: 14:45:34.2 2016-10-25

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Subject To Change

Depth: 66 km

Distances: 823 km NE of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea / pop: 284,000 / local time: 04:15:01.0 2016-10-26
74 km SE of Kokopo, Papua New Guinea / pop: 26,300 / local time: 04:15:01.0 2016-10-26

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