Severe hailstorm causes mayhem in Sydney, Australia

Severe Thunderstorm Warning Alert

A fierce hailstorm that slammed Sydney on Saturday has left some parts still coated in ice.
Streets in the city’s inner west were turned white and some remained that way into Sunday.
Part of Salisbury Rd in Camperdown, in the inner west, was still closed about midday on Sunday with a large ice slab covering the road.
Sydney’s temperature was sitting at a chilly 16 degrees about 1pm on Sunday.
Business owners were also counting the cost of the hail after it brought down five large factory buildings in Huntingwood, in the city’s west.
Seven people were at the complex but made it out without any serious injuries.
Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) forecaster Francois Geffroy said a drop in freezing levels as part of the storms prompted the hail.
“We had a surface trough move across the state but also an upper trough moving through as well,” he said.
“That was associated with the pool of cold air that saw low freezing levels.”
Prospect Reservoir and Blacktown in the west received the heaviest downfalls on Saturday with 60mm and 53mm respectively.
Mr Geffroy said showers would remain around Sydney during the week, increasing towards the later half.
The hail topped off a massive week for emergency services following widescale flooding in Sydney and the Hunter region.
Between Monday and Sunday, the NSW State Emergency Service received 18,600 calls for assistance.
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Severe flash flooding submerges a herd of cattle in Texas, USA

Early morning flash flooding in Lee County, Texas on Friday left cows struggling to survive.
The cows were caught by the high water and washed under a bridge, according to resident James Kalbas who recorded the dramatic video.
All the cows survived the destructive event and have been left in good hands at a neighbour’s property, Kalbas told KXAN reporters.
More than 6 cm of rain fell over a two-hour period in Lee County on Friday.
Severe storms slammed the south over the weekend with numerous flood and tornado warnings.
A major clean-up is underway in Dallas, Texas after wind gusts of up to 80 mph ripped through the region, taking down trees and damaging power lines. About 35 thousand customers were left without power.
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Severe hail storm causes mayhem in Russell County, Kansas, USA

Severe Thunderstorm Warning Alert

A severe thunderstorm caused widespread damage in the town of Lucas in Russell County.
Residents say it hailed for over a hour.
“It got so dark, I said what is that noise and my granddaughter say mama, get inside, get inside, there is a warning, get into the shelter,” said Olga Vasquez, who barely made it home before the storm.
A BMW parked outside Vasquez’s home had the panoramic moonroof broken out and front windshield cracked. The SUV also had holes in the fenders from the hail stones.
Jude Stecklein, superintendent of Sylvan Grove and Lucas schools, says the hail damaged windows and skylights, allowing water to get into the buildings.
Classes are cancelled at Sylvan Grove and Lucas so staff can clean up the damage.
Many cars in town have extensive damage.
The towns grocery store had its roof damaged so bad that it was leaking in water.
There were no reported injuries because of the hail.
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Distances: Latitude, Longitude 27.9302 -15.0956

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Depth: 28 km
Distances: Latitude, Longitude 28.0875 -16.2656

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Depth: 30 km
Distances: Latitude, Longitude 29.3133 -16.1161

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