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Thousands of dead fish due to drought, an ‘ecological disaster’ in Metztitlán lagoon, Mexico #fish #Mexico

Fish Kill Alert

A natural disaster is the one that is being lived in the Metztitlán lagoon, in the state of Hidalgo, which is dry, as only 10 percent contains the channel contains water, reported biologist Edwin Flores Ortega, a resident of the community from San Cristóbal.

Thousands of dead fish lie in what is considered one of the worst ecological disasters in the region that affects both fishermen and farmers, he said.

According to the inhabitant of the region, the decrease in the flow of the lagoon started a year ago.

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Thousands of dead fish wash up on Rinconcillo beach in Spain #fish #Spain

Fish Kill Alert

Thousands of small dead fish have flooded much of El Rinconcillo beach, in Algeciras, this Sunday. In principle, it is not known why the presence of so many dead fish on the shore may be due, but it is not ruled out that it is due to a natural phenomenon.

It is not the first time that large banks of very different species such as “gherkins”, “trumpeters”, “little stars” or different varieties of jellyfish are dragged by the sea currents or by the storms of Levante and gale, after the seabed has been agitated . The currents start the different colonies of algae and with them, the different species that live among them.

Ecologists in the area also point out that the floods of the Guadarranque and Palmones rivers are caused by an excess of fresh water that causes this situation, which, contrary to what may seem, may be making clear that the ecosystem is recovering.

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Thousands of dead fish wash up on a beach in Fuengirola, Spain #fish #Spain

Fish Kill Alert

The beaches this morning in Spain’s Fuengirola are littered with dead fish both on the beach and in the water under mysterious circumstances.

Thousands of dead fish are floating in the water and strewn across the beach with a warning going out from culinary experts not to be tempted to collect and take the fish home for consumption.

Fish specialist chef Jo Jo from the popular Luna Bar that hosts Friday fish nights warned “These fish could be contaminated and whilst the temptation could be to bag them up and take home for eating – it could have complications causing sickness”

Local fisherman are currently scratching their heads to the loss of so many fish in one go as literally thousands float in the sea.

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39 TONS of fish die in a river in Dong Thap, Vietnam #fish #Vietnam

Fish Kill Alert

High density of farmers, plus low water levels, weak currents lead to lack of oxygen leading to massive fish deaths on Cai Vung river, Dong Thap province.

Dong Thap Department of Animal Husbandry, Veterinary and Fisheries has just analyzed results of causes of dead fish in Cai Vung river.

According to the analysis results, fish died due to local hypoxia. Dissolved oxygen content in water (referred to as DO) where dead fish occurs is only 1.0 – 2 mg / l, while the required oxygen requirement according to DO> = 4 mg / l.

The cause of this situation is the water level on Cai Vung tributary, the section passing through water in Hong Ngu district is getting low, combined with weak flow, dense stocking density.

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Mass die off of fish wash up in Walkers lake in Northern Grampians Shire, Australia #fish #Australia

Fish Kill Alert

Dead fish are lining the shores of Walkers Lake in Avon Plains.

A Northern Grampians Shire spokesperson said Council was aware of a fish kill event, involving redfin and some golden and silver perch.

In November, the Shire issued a warning for the lake after algal bloom was detected

The spokesperson said there was a significant algal bloom over the last month or so at the lake and there was a history of summer blue-green in the system.

“There has been some decomposing weed and blue-green algae present in the water recently and the likely cause of the fish kill appears to be a severe lack of oxygen in the water,” they said.

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Hundreds of TONS of fish died suddenly in a lake in Indonesia #fish #Indonesia

Fish Kill Alert

Hundreds of TONS of fish died suddenly in a lake in Indonesia

Hundreds of dead fish wash up on beach in Pasir Ris Park, Singapore #fish #Singapore

Fish Kill Alert

National Parks Board (NParks) officers are looking into the cause of hundreds of fish deaths along a stretch of beach in Pasir Ris.

The silver-coloured fish, as well as several crabs, were spotted washed up at Pasir Ris Park on Monday morning (Feb 3).

Three cleaners were seen along the approximately 150m stretch of shoreline clearing the dead animals into large bags at about 8am.

NParks coastal and marine director at the National Biodiversity Centre Karenne Tun said that based on preliminary findings, the fish were mostly of the Hilsa kelee species, which is part of the clupeid family of wild fish found in Singapore’s coastal waters.

“NParks officers did not observe any dead fish or biodiversity along the surrounding coastal areas along Changi Beach, East Coast Park and Pulau Ubin, including Chek Jawa,” said Dr Tun.

There were also no reports of fish deaths at the nearby fish farms, she added.

NParks officers will continue to monitor the coastal beaches for anomalies and look into the cause of the fish deaths.

In April last year, thousands of fish died in the waters near Lim Chu Kang jetty and in nearby fish farms.

Fish farmers in the area sent motorboats out to remove and dispose of the dead fish that had surfaced in the sea.

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TONS of dead fish appear in rivers in Aruanã, Brazil #fish #Brazil

Fish Kill Alert

Tons of fish appeared dead on the surface of the Vermelho and Araguaia rivers, in Aruanã, in the interior of Goiás. Videos recorded by residents show the fish floating in the water (see above). The Environment delegate, Luziano Carvalho, speaks in tons already collected this Monday (3), when the images were more strongly shared on social networks.

What draws the delegate’s attention is that the fish that appears in the images is the cascudo, a resistant species that is difficult to be contaminated. For this reason, the researcher initially works with the line that someone polluted the Rio Vermelho, even if in a guilty way, that is, without intention.

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25 TONS of fish dead due to storm in Cullera, Spain #fish #spain

Fish Kill Alert

The Valencian town of Cullera continues to work to recover from the damage caused by the storm ‘Gloria’, with the removal of 13,000 kilos of dead fish just on the Dosel beach.

The total of collected fish thus amounts to 25,000 kilos, from the beginning of the storm and with practically all the dead fish removed, the consistory details in a statement.

Municipal services were involved from minute zero to clean and condition every corner that suffered the effects of the maritime storm, as highlighted by the Councilor for Foreign Services and Beaches, Salva Tortajada.

After a week of ‘Gloria’, the technicians are working on preparing the Dosel beach and preparing and cleaning the dirt from the streets of Marenyet and l’Estany to solve all the setbacks and damage caused by the storm.

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Mass die off of fish washes up along Sydney river, Australia #fish #australia

Fish Kill Alert

There’s a mystery surrounding the deaths of fish in southwest Sydney.

Sydney Harbour Recreational Fishing Haven posted video to Facebook on Tuesday about the dead fish found washed up on Liverpool Weir.

“Endless dead fish,” the man says.

“What the hell?”

The man points out catfish, mullet and others with some about a metre long.

“Who knows what’s in this river or what’s getting put in it but it’s pretty sad to see,” he says.

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