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Thousands of fish have died in a reservoir in Shandong, China

A photo shows large amounts of dead fish on the banks of the Jufeng Reservoir in Rizhao City in east China’s Shandong Province on Sept. 15, 2015. [Photo: CFP]
Thousands of fish have died in the Jufeng Reservoir in Rizhao city in east China’s Shandong Province, due to heavy rains that had led to a sudden drop in temperatures in the reservoir.
Wang Yunying, a contractor working on the clean-up effort at the reservoir says that the area had experienced a sudden bout of heavy rain on September 11.
This had resulted in a rapid change in water temperatures leading to the death of thousands of fish, mainly silver carp and spotted silver carp.
According to Wang, the area had been affected by a long dry spell earlier. The reservoir’s water line had dropped steadily and the excessive amount of fish had led to oxygen deficiency in the reservoir.
But this issue was aggravated by the heavy rains, because as the cold rain water mixed with the warm water in the reservoir and affected the flow of oxygen to shawls of fish.
The reservoir management started to remove piles of dead fish that were giving out a foul stench since September 13.
It is estimated that the cleanup efforts will cost around 600,000 yuan, or around 94,200 US dollars.
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Large amount of dead fish washes ashore in a reservoir in Qingdao, China

Fish Kill Alert
Recently, jimo Song Huaquan reservoir continue to die in public float to the shore, this situation has been going on for a long time. Fish stacked on the shore, have not been cleared up, many have been emitting a stench, and these fish are stocked in the reservoir. After reporters learned from the Song Huaquan, jimo, reservoir management, because the water level continues to fall, hypoxia leads to fish kills.
“Yesterday, I was back home, drop by the reservoir has a circle, see, gave me a jump, the shore is full of floating dead fish, could have thirty or forty centimeters along the dam to the West, is more than a kilometre. “Recently, the hometown in jimo Song Huaquan Reservoir near the Sun reflect it to the newspaper, Song Huaquan reservoir dam on the edge of a lot of dead fish, many have started to rot, and seems to have been dead for a long time, but the accumulation of so many fish on the shore, but no one came to clean up.
On September 10, journalists also came to Mr Suen mentioned place, walked up the slope from the South side of the dam, first see only scattered small fish, when it was close to the surface of the North, more and more dead fish appear in front, and also some small, big enough to have thirty or forty centimeters long, have washed up on the shore.
On the edge of the dam, reporters encountered strolling near the village to the villagers, one uncle, told reporters, “to come around to see alive to carry home. “Villagers told reporters that” the reservoir has been contracted out, contracting of many fish are stocked inside. ”
On September 11, the journalist, contacted Song Huaquan reservoir management, the management is responsible for the day-to-day management of the reservoir. Administration Deputy Director Wang after understanding the situation: “we arranged to clean up since early September, probably only caught fish out of the water, not removed. We can arrange as soon as possible. “Due to the small size of the reservoir, and also undertakes the functions of water supply, Administration Deputy Director Wang:” on or about August 10, we had to stop water supply, because the water level drops well pumping, so dead fish will not have an impact on water quality, fish kills can occur because the recent drop in water level of the reservoir. ”
Reservoir contract matters, the reporter also contacted Zhang Fangyi Song Huaquan reservoir management Director, explained: “beside the reservoir before contracting to Li Jia Ling village, and there is no charge, as long as they can help with day care or two reservoirs and dams. Inside the stocking are silver carp and Hualian, these species are primarily the algae in the water, there are water purification effect. ”
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Thousands of fish have died in a river in Altrip, Germany

Fish Kill Alert

In Neuhofener Altrhein at Altrip thousands of fish have died. According to the competent municipality, the water last weekend’s upset and no longer contains oxygen. An angler had discovered many dead fish on Thursday and alerted the authorities. The firefighters had ventilated the Altrheinarm with floating water circulators. The oxygen content is now slightly increased again, it said. The cause of the fish kill is believed that the only three meters deep water has warmed too much in the summer.
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Hundreds (maybe thousands) of dead fish found floating on a lake in Missouri, USA

Fish Kill Alert

A fish kill in Benton County left hundreds of fish dead. Nathan Manning was feeding his cows one day when he noticed dead fish floating in his fish pond.
“Oh, there’s thousands,” Manning said on Thursday.  “I saw all the fish on the top of the water and some of them were dead and there were some still kind of swimming on their side and stuff.”
He contacted the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Conservation but he says they couldn’t tell him what killed the fish.
“They said they didn’t really now what caused it for sure.  They thought it was low oxygen level but I don’t think they test for a lot  of different things,” said Manning.
Manning’s pond covers about six or seven acres and was once home to hundreds, but now most of those fish, both big and small, are dead.
“There’s bluegill and catfish and bass; I found a lot of them and I found some goldfish, too — somebody must have turned them in there at one point — but they were dead as well,” said Manning.
Now Manning and his family hope they can get some answers and save some of his fish.
The City of Lincoln says its water quality is checked every two weeks at its waste water lagoon that sits on an adjacent property to Manning’s land, and it tested safe, but Manning is still waiting to hear the results of the Department of Conservation’s water quality test.
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Dozens of TONS of fish have died in fish farms in Vung Tau, Vietnam

Fish Kill Alert

Emergency meeting to address the tens of tons fish farming in cages in her friends the fishermen Long son commune, Vung Tau dead white belly.
Before that, starting from Jan. 6/9, fish birds, fish bớp in hundreds of cages of 16 households on the grinding and (Long Painted) surface and then die, estimated tens of tons, about 10 billion in damage.
That causes the dead fish is due to the seafood processing factory in Binhai wastewater River Township, 7/9 tens of households already pulling the regarding PPC headquarters of BA RIA-Vung Tau asked to solve, and households have taken dead fish dumped in front of a number of seafood processing plants as a form of protest.
Mrs. Truong Thi Huong, Vice Chairman of PEOPLE’S COMMITTEE of HO CHI MINH CITY Vung Tau, said the 2014, Long son fisherman’s friends fish have died many times with total damage amounting to more than $ 100 billion. But fish farming dies constantly for years but until now has not had an agency would identify specific responsibilities.
Therefore, Ms. Huong suggested to seek out and identify the culprit forced polluters to pay for the fishermen, while petitioning the fishermen support policy has been hurt.
Mr. Nguyen Thanh, Vice Chairman of BA RIA-Vung Tau province, requires the functional sectors identified causes and assume if the cause is due to the seafood processing plants to identify triggers specific to later retrieve the required base compensation. At the same time must clearly identify the specific damage amount of individual fishermen.
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Tens of Thousands of dead fish wash up in a lake in Baytown, Texas, USA

Thousands of rotting, dead fish are filling canals behind homes in the Lakewood subdivision of Baytown. <span class=
KTRK Photo/ Michael King
Thousands of dead fish are washing up in one Baytown neighborhood, leaving behind a stink of a mess.
The fish are in the canals that fork off Burnet Bay. Eyewitness News found tens of thousands of in the canals behind the homes on Yaupon and Rue Oleans in the Lakewood subdivision.
A homeowner who lives along the waterway says she first spotted several dead fish early in the morning. When she came back from work in the afternoon, there were thousands of them beginning to rot under the hot Houston sun.
Eyewitness News reached out to Texas Parks and Wildlife. They tell us this is a seasonal issue that is common in many canal subdivisions due to low levels of oxygen in the water. High temperatures and algae blooms typically cause this.
“The kills typically happen overnight when much of the algae dies off and also produces less oxygen,” regional biologist Steven Mitchell explained. “These fish are juvenile Gulf Menhaden that gather in large schools and are drawn to these inland canals to feed on the algae and are very sensitive to environmental stresses.”
Mitchell says as the fish die, even more oxygen is removed from the water due to the decomposition process. That in turn causes even more fish to die.
“This large die off may in turn affect other species of fish if low dissolved oxygen persists day and night for several days,” said Mitchell. “The event usually lasts a few days until weather conditions change.”
Local birds and other animals in the water, like larger fish and crabs, will generally take care of most of the dead fish.
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Hundreds of dead fish wash up on a beach in Gandia, Spain

The Government of Gandia, through the Department of responsible management of the territory, studied what happened so this Thursday morning appeared hundreds of fish dead in Venice Beach, near the mouth of the river Serpis. 
The Councillor responsible for the area, Xavi Ródenas, asked the Manager of the regional sewage treatment plant daily analyses of recent weeks to rule out that this is a problem in this plant spills.
Similarly, the company that manages the municipal water has moved technicians to the area, who have taken samples and sent them to the laboratories of Valencia for its study. You are expected in five days the results. You want to check if it’s a spill illegal in order to find out the origin and start the timely complaint. 
“At the same time we have decided to keep open the Venice Beach, since there is no danger to swimmers, according to the evaluation of the technical. What have put is the yellow flag as a precaution,”said Ródenas. In parallel was the removal of dead fish to avoid discomfort and smells.
It is not the first time that are fish killed in Venice Beach, as last summer, or must be closed by accumulation of fecal bacteria, especially after an episode of heavy rains.
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Hundreds of dead fish found in a waterway in Spalding, England, UK

Fish Kill Alert

Hundreds of fish found in a waterway on the edge of Spalding died because of “low oxygen levels in the water”, according to environmental officers.
Dog walkers and passers-by discovered the fish lying dead in Vernatts Drain, near Johnson Community Hospital, on Friday and Monday.
Specialists from the Environment Agency used air pumps to raise oxygen levels in the water, repeating a similar exercise carried out nearly four years ago when hundreds more fish died in similar circumstances.
George Scott, chairman of Spalding and Peterborough Transport Forum, said: “I was walking my dog along Blue Gowt Drove and turned left towards the hospital when I saw what I thought were a lot of lilies out on Vernatts Drain.
“Then I looked again and saw hundreds of fish, including some big ones, dead in the water.
“I’d never seen anything like it before and someone told me that they may have been there since Friday.
“I remember when the fire service came out a couple of years ago to pump oxygen into the water, but I wasn’t sure whether it was a case of lack of oxygen this time.
“It’s good to report things like this rather than just walk past and ignore it because if it’s worth noticing then it’s worth reporting to somebody.”
During the summer, fish are in danger because of low rainfall and high temperatures which can lead to lower oxygen levels in the water.
Keith Morgan, team leader at the Environment Agency, said: “We have responded to a report of dead fish in Vernatts Drain, near Spalding, where our officers attended immediately and identified that this was due to low oxygen levels in the water.
“This is a fairly common occurrence at this time of year which can be caused by low water flows, water temperature or the weather.
“We have used aeration pumps to help increase the amount of oxygen in the water back to where it should be.”
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100,000 fish killed after oil spill in a creek in Washington, USA

Fish Kill Alert

The Washington Department of Ecology estimates that 66,000 to 100,000 fish have died in Olequa Creek near Winlock after a fire last week razed a warehouse nearby, potentially releasing more than a thousand gallons of vegetable oil into the creek.
The fish include juvenile salmonids, steelhead rainbow trout, coastal cutthroat trout, brook lamprey, sculpin, crayfish and red shiners. An estimated 94 percent of the dead fish were sculpin, a bottom-dwelling fish.
Ecology and the Department of Fish and Wildlife have not definitively determined a cause of death, but the die-offs are presumably related to the oil spill, because oil can coat fishes’ gills, causing them to suffocate. Oil can also cause an algae bloom, which deprives the water of oxygen.
Ecology spokesman Chase Gallagher estimated all aquatic animals in the creek, which is a tributary of the Cowlitz River, have died in a 3.5-mile area below the spill. Gallagher said there have been no reports that the oil sheen has reached the Cowlitz.
WDFW biologists were not available Monday to put the loss into perspective.
Officials still don’t know how much oil spilled into the creek, but the company that owns the warehouse, Olympic Trading Corp., was storing at least 1,100 gallons of vegetable and canola oil inside.
Ecology contract crews have been cleaning up the spill since the fire burned down the warehouse at 803 NW Kerron St. and disgorged the stored cooking oil.
“The absorbents are doing a good job,” Gallagher said of the pads the department is using to mop up the oil. “All the reports are saying that … the clearness of the creek is improving.”
An investigation into a cause of the fire is ongoing.
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Mass die off of fish, reason unknown, in a lake in Balti, Moldova

Photo: ESP.md \ Elena Bel
Lake City Balti killed all fish. Judging by the photos, virtually all of the water surface was covered with dead fish. Bel′čane complained of a bad smell.
Causes mass death of fish remain unknown.
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