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Man and 11-year-old daughter killed in French Alps avalanche

Avalanche Emergency Alert
The deaths came as another group of hikers went missing after a separate avalanche in the Swiss canton of Valais.
The skiers died in an avalanche in Val d'Isère. Pic: Charlie Hasselhoff
The skiers died in an avalanche in Val d’Isère. Pic: Charlie Hasselhoff
A 44-year-old man and his 11-year-old daughter have died after being swept away by an avalanche in the French Alps, according to local media.
BFMTV reports that the two skiers, who were from Paris, died after an avalanche in the Val d’Isere area, at an altitude of 3,000 metres.
Cecile Ferrando, a spokeswoman for the tourist centre at the ski station, said they were part of a larger group.
The ski runway had reportedly been closed due to the risk of an avalanche.
The avalanche happened in the Valais region. File pic
Another avalanche happened in the Valais region of Switzerland on Sunday. File pic
Police in the Swiss canton of Valais also responded to an avalanche on Sunday, with two skiers rescued with minor injuries after being reported missing.
That avalanche occurred at an altitude of 2,500 metres in Col de Fenestral, which borders France and Italy.
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5 killed, including gunman in church shooting in Dagestan, Russia

Plane Crash In The Tierpoort Area In Pretoria, South Africa

Plane Crash Alert
A plane crashes during landing in the Tierpoort area in Pretoria on Friday morning.
Five passengers were injured with one sustaining serious injuries to their back.

Avalanche Kills Two In The Italian Alps

Avalanche Emergency Alert
Two members of the Alpine Rescue Corps died and a third survived after an avalanche struck in the Alps on Friday afternoon, the Corps said. The three men had been on an excursion on the 2,177-meter Grignetta peak in the northern Lombardy region, whose capital is Milan.
It took hours for the search and rescue teams to dig the two bodies out of the snow once they were located.