Driest May on record and now a heatwave on the way in Vancouver Island, Canada

Heatwave Warning

Vancouver Island temperature records expected to fall this weekend in June heatwave 
Get out the wading pool, it’s going to be a hot one this weekend.
After the driest May on record, the temperatures are going up.
Way up in the first mini-heat wave of the season.
Whether you’re moving fast, or you’re moving slow, nothing says summer like a day at the beach.
“We’re just going to chill out and eat ice cream and stuff like that.”
“We just arrived from Finland and it’s been really cold there, so, it’s really nice to be here.”
It’s first heat wave of the season, with temperatures well above average.
But that doesn’t deter these young athletes competing at UVic.
“If you drink a lot of water before you’re kind of fine.”
“Find a tree and stay under it.”
And that’s good advice as the unseasonably warm weather settles in, according to meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe.
“Temperatures across the island will be five to even ten degrees above the seasonal mark.
Pretty early this time of year to see these kinds of temperatures.”
It’s even affecting indoor work spaces, where CBC Radio host Robyn Burns came up with a creative solutions to keep it cool.
“It was a little too hot for us in here, with the sun beaming down glass, I thought what a great idea.
Get an umbrella in here.  It’s fun and it’s cooling us down and keeping the sun off the backs of our necks.”
All this heat is coming on the heels of the driest May on record.
With the forest fire rating for the South Island “high”, UBC Forest Ecologist Lori Daniels says there is a real danger this summer.
“It’s going to be really important that we be vigilant about how we use fires, campers with camp fires, people who use fire or use tools that can start fires, will have to be really careful this summer.”
Another danger to watch out for, how long you leave your pet alone in a hot vehicle, according to the SPCA’s Annie Prittie Bell.
“It’s only 10 minutes.
Our cars heat up so quickly.
Our animals are inside there they can only cool down thru panting and thru their paws so don’t have ability to keep themselves cool thru sweating.
Despite the lack of precipitation, CRD Board Chair Nils Jensen says water restrictions will remain at stage one in Greater Victoria.
“We started in May with a full reservoir.
We’re down to a little over 90-percent now.”
The temperatures are expected to ease mid-week, but there is no rain in the forecast.
Courtesy of cheknews.ca

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