140 dead turtles found washed up this year, ’cause unknown’ in Baja California, Mexico

La Paz, Baja California Sur-two weeks to end the ban on fishing in 1.9 million acres of the Gulf of Ulloa, was sufficiently clear that fishermen are not those who cause mortality of turtles, because even if there are no networks or boats in the water, have an official record of 140 turtles died in so far in 2016 , against 133 from the previous year, said the delegate of Sagarpa, César Estrada Neri.
It has been made clear; He stressed, the fishing sector has nothing to do with the phenomenon, and although the ban remains until September 30 there is no need to wait to the end to determine that turtles die from other causes, but not by interaction with fishing, said.
He said that the researchers will be to determine the source of this problem, and recalled that this hypothesis that was finally shown was designated even since before the ban, with only two cases of turtles killed because of the interaction with the man.
Accordingly, she dismissed the possibility that the period of prohibition be extended to fishing in this region, and said that from October 1 all the coastal communities of this wide area of the coastline of the Pacific will return to normal.
On the other hand, he trusted that this day will be published in the Official Gazette the date of start of the season’s catch of shrimp, activity that may develop in Magdalena Bay but not in the estate where the ban applies, but until October 1.
Finally, Neri Estrada indicated that three study projects that are underway will determine the causes of this phenomenon and are in the same line, once it has been shown that it is not the fisheries sector which originated this mortality; part of the Sagarpa and Conapesca, we have done what corresponds us and fishermen have complied with all punctuality and responsibility this restriction, scared away with it the risk of a fishing ban from United States to Mexico. 
Courtesy of oem.com.mx

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