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Stunning aurora blooms over Earth in astronaut footage



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140 dead dolphins have washed up this summer along coast of Romania

A sad report of an NGO that deals with the protection of dolphins in the Black Sea. Since the beginning of the summer, 140 mammals have died on the Romanian seaside due to wounds caused by fishing nets. Saving could come from using devices that emit sounds that make dolphins gush. But fishermen do not trust them. So the Dolphin Day, celebrated each year on August 5, remains a mourning day.
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Thousands of dead fish wash up on a beach in Dover, UK

Shocked seaside tourists found thousands of dead fish washed up on a Dover beach
Beach-goers looking to enjoy the sunny weather over the weekend were presented with a shocking sight – as thousands of fish seemingly beached themselves in Dover.
Surprised onlookers snapped pictures and videos as a broad section of the beach was coloured white with all the stranded fish.
The fish, whitebait, are believed to have beached themselves to avoid predators – but end up being pushed up on the shore by a rising tide, then are left stranded once the water level drops again.
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Mass die off of fish in a lake in California, USA

As a casualty of extreme weather conditions, dead fish began to appear on the surface of Lake Elsinore and wash up on shore Thursday, Aug. 3, city officials said.
City employees deployed to beaches and on the water to collect and dispose of the carcasses as quickly as possible, City Manager Grant Yates said.
He described the dying fish as “98 percent” shad minnows and carp. The cleanup activity is expected to continue Friday.
Yates said the fish kill was relatively minor compared to some of the episodes in previous years when large numbers of bass and other sport fish were affected.
The incident in progress now is similar to what happened in August 2015 when a die-off occurred during a series of days when temperatures reached well over 100 degrees.
Officials say the health of Southern California’s largest natural, freshwater lake remains fragile because of ongoing high heat and algae blooms. Lake overseers believe a sudden drop this week in the lake’s oxygen levels resulting from heat, overcast skies and a thunder storm sparked the die-off.
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Thousands of dead fish found in the waters of Western Lake Estates, Texas, USA

Thousands and thousands of large and small fish littered the shoreline of the largest lake in Western Lake Estates Thursday, leaving some residents concerned. 
Neighbors Karla Derington and Thedalou Tucker stood on Derington’s deck Thursday afternoon, braving the strong stench, and talked about the fish kill.
Wednesday, the two women noticed fish swimming upside down and in circles, as well as a small number of dead fish.  
When the women woke up Thursday morning thousands of dead fish of various types and sizes were floating in the middle of the lake. 
By the afternoon the fish had drifted to the sides of the lake, looking from a distance like trash piling up along the shore.
The women are worried the water’s been polluted and made calls Thursday asking for someone to look into the issue. 
Derington has lived on the lake for 25 years and never seen anything like it, she said.  
Tucker, who’s lived in in the neighborhood for four years, said she once saw a large fish kill at Possum Kingdom Lake due to algae. 
“You could actually see the algae in the water then,” Tucker said. “It looked like somebody poured orange paint in the water.”
Despite fluctuating bright green algae in the Parker County lake at times, Tucker said she’s never seen anything like the fish kill this week in Western Lake Estates. 
Their neighbors, who’d lived there for decades, couldn’t remember anything similar, either, the woman said. 
Derington was unconvinced the fish died due to a heat-related issue as the smaller lake several hundred feet down the road appeared untouched Thursday. 
Game Warden Deshanna Creager told the Democrat that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality or the Texas Parks and Wildlife Kills and Spills Team would typically handle those type of issues. 
Creager did confirm that she’d received a call from a Western Lake Estates resident about the fish kill.
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66,500 chickens killed due to bird flu in Inner Mongolia, China

China’s Inner Mongolia region has culled 66,500 chickens following an outbreak of bird flu that has affected 35,000 birds, the Ministry of Agriculture said on Tuesday.
The H5N1 strain of the virus was confirmed at a hen farm in Tongliao city, which has of 3 million people, and has killed 15,000 birds, the ministry said in a statement on its website.
The outbreak is now under control, the ministry said.
The last bird flu outbreak in March killed 134 birds at a duck farm in central Hubei province.
The most recent case is the first confirmed major bird flu outbreak among poultry after winter months and brings the total culled since October to more than 240,000 birds.
Additionally, the H7N9 strain of the virus has caused at least 281 deaths since October in China.
Live poultry markets were shut down in many provinces following human infections, forcing egg producers to keep their hens beyond their prime time, as demand also plunged amid public fears over bird flu.
Flocks are particularly vulnerable to avian flu during the winter months and outbreaks usually die down afterwards.
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2 whales dead after stranding in Queensland, Australia

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service officers tried, unsuccessfully, to save the two stranded whales.
Photo: QPWS
Two humpback whales have died after beaching themselves on a sandbank near Fraser Island.
The 10-metre and 12-metre humpbacks were found by rangers on Sheridan Flats, in the Great Sandy Strait, on Monday morning.
Rangers kept the whales wet and shaded in the hope they could be refloated but they died overnight.
“It’s unknown what caused the stranding, or how long the animals had been stranded for before being spotted, however given the condition of the animals and their lack of ability to attempt to swim free on the high tide, it is believed the whales were either fatigued or unwell and may have been stranded for some time before their discovery,” Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service said in a statement.
“The whale carcasses will now be secured at an appropriate location away from the navigational channel and vessel traffic, to decompose naturally.
“About 27,000 humpbacks are migrating up the Queensland coast this year, and about 3000 calves may be born during the migration.”
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