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Dozens of people without a home after lightning strike causes apartment fire in Riverview


Lightning strike cuts tree in Canada

Death toll in lightning, hailstorms across India rises to 45

Severe Thunderstorm Warning Alert
The death toll in lightning and hailstorms that hit several Indian states Tuesday rose to 45, officials said.
According to officials, 18 people were killed and over a dozen injured in Bihar.
In neighboring Jharkhand state, 12 people lost their lives and 28 others suffered burn injuries due to lightning.
Likewise, in Uttar Pradesh, 15 persons were killed and more than one dozen injured in storm, rain and lightning-related incidents.
In affected places, the storms uprooted trees and electricity poles, thereby disrupting power supply.
Officials said efforts to restore the power supply were underway
The hailstorm and rains have destroyed Mango, Litchi and Banana crop.
Earlier this month on two occasions, over 200 people were killed and more than 400 others injured in five states due to dust storms, thunderstorms, rains and lightning.
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Thunderstorms deliver more than 60,000 lightning strikes across UK

A streak of lightning illuminates London's Shard. Pic. Matthew Smith
A streak of lightning illuminates London’s Shard. Pic. Matthew Smith
Electric storms have swept through the UK, creating dramatic skyscapes worthy of a Hollywood film.
After a sunny start to the Bank Holiday weekend, with temperatures reaching 27C (80.6F), Saturday’s balmy evening eventually broke into a violent thunderstorm accompanied by heavy rain.
The UK was struck by lightning more than 60,000 times in 24 hours, according to the Met Office.
Temperatures overnight did not fall below 15C (59F), he said, adding: “For the end of May that’s a pretty hot and humid night, so everything was primed.
“We had some storms coming in from northern France and some building up in the Channel and they sort of spread out and have been working their way in.
“It looks like there just one huge area of thundery showers that worked across London just before midnight.”
London Fire Brigade said it received more than 500 weather-related calls, most of them due to flooding.
In Warwickshire, five properties were struck by lightning and in Dawlish, Devon, a phone box burst into flames after a telephone pole was also hit by lightning.
Flights from Stansted Airport were disrupted on Sunday after the fuelling system was damaged by a lightning strike.
The Royal National Lifeboat Institution posted a photo of the storm above the Thames, lighting up the water close to their rescue station.
A dramatic shot of lightning illuminating the Shard in the capital was captured by data journalist Matthew Smith.
Nearly 1,000 properties were left without power in the Midlands following the storm and 17 flood alerts have been issued for parts of the Thames Valley.
Sky News weather presenter Jo Edwards said: “Heavy thundery showers will be a feature of the weather over the next few days, developing over southern counties and the south-west.
“Some places will face a deluge, with torrential downpours bringing significant rainfall. There’ll also be frequent thunder and lightning with the risk of some large hail.
“Overnight the thunderstorms will move northwards to reach northern England, the Midlands and East Anglia by the end of the night.”
There is a Met Office warning of heavy thunderstorms until 6am Monday, covering much of England and Wales.
With the muggy weather set to continue through the start of the week, bringing with it cumulonimbus clouds, thunderstorms could last until Wednesday.
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