10,000 dead fish found on a beach in Saint-Froult, France

The beach of St-Froult is littered with dead fish on nearly five kilometers. © Sabdra Chevret. LPO
© Sabdra Chevret. LPO Beach St. Froult is littered with dead fish on nearly five kilometers
About 10 000 dead fish were found last Friday stranded on a beach in the natural reserve of Moëze-Oléron in St. Froult. For now, the reasons for this mysterious massacre remains unknown.
Nature reserve managers had never seen it. It is they who discovered Friday, thousands of dead fish, and even today they are struggling to estimate the extent of the carnage: 10,000 certainly more fish, all washed up on the beach.
“The beach where they are stranded is nearly 5 kilometers long and there was a dead fish every ten meters in places but it was 20 or 30 fish were found every ten meters,” explains Pierre Rousseau, Babysitting technician wetland nature reserve Moëze-Oléron.
The fish almost all belong to the same species, these mules, an insectivorous species and herbivore.
The cause of death is not known. The specimen were collected and will be sent to the departmental direction of the territories and the sea (DDTM) to perform analysis. “Have the mules were victims of lack of oxygen due to the extreme heat of the last week or contaminated by a bacterium, it is unknown and remains for now at the stage of hypotheses. ” adds Pierre Rousseau.
Courtesy of francetvinfo.fr

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