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Depth: 10 km

Distances: 1063 km S of Nuku‘alofa, Tonga / pop: 22,400 / local time: 07:20:49.8 2017-06-29
993 km NE of Whakatane, New Zealand / pop: 18,700 / local time: 06:20:49.8 2017-06-29

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Video: Theresa May lies outright to Parliament over #Grenfell #cladding


During PMQs this afternoon, Theresa May was challenged by Jeremy Corbyn (who by common consensus thoroughly outclassed her yet again) on the Tories’ enormous cuts to local authority funding and the dangers they have created. The Tories didn’t like being confronted with the truth of their actions:

Typically, Theresa May dodged any semblance of an answer to the question of funding. Instead, she tried to answer a question that hadn’t been asked, about who was in government when cladding began to be used on tower blocks.

And, again typically, she screwed even that up – and lied outright to the House:

May claimed that the cladding of tower blocks began under Tony Blair’s New Labour government. She misled the House by about twenty years – as this 1984 video shows, it in fact began under Margaret Thatcher during another period of Tory cuts to local government funding:


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Subject to change

Depth: 47 km

Distances: 535 km E of Sapporo-shi, Japan / pop: 1,884,000 / local time: 21:07:30.0 2017-06-28
93 km E of Шикотан, Russian Federation / pop: 2,100 / local time: 23:07:30.0 2017-06-28

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#Grenfell: where is the CCTV footage?


During the refurbishment of Grenfell Tower – considered likely to have been at the core of the rapid spread of the fire because of the cladding fitted – the building’s management organisation and the refurbishment contractor published a series of newsletters to update residents on the progress of the work. One of these newsletters reveals information that highlights a serious gap in the information so far disclosed by the authorities about the disastrous events of two weeks ago.

Page two of the December newsletter (now archived here) mentions access and exit arrangements, the final inspections to take place in flats after the works are completed – and CCTV cameras:

cctv grenfell.jpgFour cameras in the lobby, cameras in both lifts – and those are just the new cameras added. It’s likely that the stairs and corridors also had at least some cameras.

So far, while there are links on YouTube…

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Govt residential flat fire safety guidance taken down. Why? #Grenfell


The government publishes a list of guides to fire safety standards and law, covering a wide range of settings from hospitals to stables.

One of them, titled “Fire safety in purpose-built flats produced by the Local Government Group” would cover Grenfell Tower, where unknown and understated numbers of people died tragically two weeks ago:

fire-safety links.pngSo why is that document missing?

If you click on the link to the document on the government’s fire-safety home page, you find:

gov guidance 404It may of course be merely a technical issue, or that the document’s location has been changed and the link has not been updated. But it’s interesting timing.

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Consulting engineer’s 41 #Grenfell questions demand answers


grenfell after

Paul Follows is a hugely experienced Consulting Structural Engineer, Forensic Specialist and Residential Refurbishment Designer who has taken a keen professional and personal interest in the terrible tragedy at Grenfell Tower and its aftermath. He has used his expertise to put together a comprehensive list of questions that demand answers if the victims and survivors of Grenfell are to have anything approaching justice.

And for the security of every person living in a high rise in this country and beyond.

Explaining why he put together the list and sent it to the SKWAWKBOX, Mr Follows said:

Anything less than complete thoroughness could cause problems again and potentially mean other towers are still at some risk if the emphasis is narrow rather than as complete as possible. ie a full investigation of all parts.

I want to ensure ‘no stone is unturned – a full, thorough and complete” assessment. The danger with forensics…

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