You couldn’t make this up: hypocritical Tories supplying arms to.. #Venezuela


may hapless.pngCaught out: Theresa May and the hypocrite party

You know those times when you want to say something’s unbelievable – but it just isn’t? This is one of those.

You can’t even say it’s ‘astonishing’, because astonishment means surprise. It is staggering, though – it manages that even while being entirely unsurprising.

The Tories – along with their media glove-puppets and ‘usual suspect‘ Labour cuckoos – have been desperately banging the ‘Corbyn must condemn’ drum concerning Venezuela and the thoroughly-misrepresented situation there. Smears by association seem to be the last weapon they have against the Labour leader’s soaring polling and popularity – even if it’s having the opposite effect and even if they have to invent a situation to be outraged about.

In the Venezuela instance, it’s the idea that a brutal socialist dictatorship is repressing poor, downtrodden, democratic protesters – when really the protesters are either very…

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