45+ dead #turtles found floating off the coast of #Escuintla, #Guatemala.

The finding was recorded on Thursday, October 17. Those who made the sighting reported that they saw the turtles 12 nautical miles that day; However, on Saturday the 19th they were seen at 26 miles, due to the swell due to the weather conditions on the coast has mobilized them.

Cristofher Franco, sailor, described what they observed as unfortunate, since he alone counted about 45 turtles floating in the sea.

“This is the time when the turtles reach these waters to spawn and many people do not wait until they reach the beach to lay eggs, because they hunt them and there are those who even kill them to extract their eggs,” Franco said.

The sailor explained that last Saturday the dead turtles had been dragged 26 miles offshore. “We don’t know exactly why they died, but if it had been due to pollution there would have to be other dead marine species. They probably ate something that made them sick or intoxicated, but it is a difficult question to answer, ”Franco said.

Courtesy of prensalibre.com


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