Tens of TONS of fish die in fish farms in West Java, Indonesia

Fish Kill Alert

Tens of tons of goldfish belonging to floating net farmers of Darma Reservoir in Jagara Village, Darma District, Kuningan Regency , West Java, were found dead suddenly, Tuesday (10/22/2019).

As a result of this incident, fish farmers suffered losses estimated at hundreds of millions of rupiah. In fact, thousands of fish are ready to harvest. The exact cause of the death of thousands of goldfish is not yet known, but it is suspected due to lack of oxygen.

Floating nets pond farmer, Ikin Sadikin said, the cause of the death of tens of tons of goldfish belonging to the farmer farmers was allegedly due to the decline in Darma Reservoir water discharge, so the fish lacked oxygen.

In addition, he said, exacerbated by the reverse flow at the bottom of the reservoir which causes the rest of the food that settles on the riverbed to be pushed into the floating net.

“We can only surrender to the condition of the dead fish, even though the age of the fish will be ready to be harvested to be sold to a number of markets in Kuningan and even outside the region,” he said.

Ikin revealed, the sudden fish death was known to have occurred since Monday (10/21/2019) night. Tens of tons of dead fish belong to 20 floating nets farmers.

Courtesy of jabar.inews.id


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