200+ dead turtles wash up on Odisha beach, India #turtles #India

Turtle Alert

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More than 200 carcasses of the endangered Olive Ridley sea turtles have washed up on the beaches near Paradip port of Odisha over the last couple of weeks raising concerns among wildlife conservationists about their future.

Conservationists in Paradip said more than a hundred Olive Ridley turtles were found dead on the beach between the Hanuman temple and Sandhakuda area on Friday morning with dogs and crows feasting on the carcasses.

“The entire beach is stinking with the rotting carcasses of the turtles. Though there is a prohibition on fishing in 20 km distance from the coast, trawler operators are fishing resulting in the turtles either getting entangled in gill nets or mauled by the propellers of the mechanised boats,” alleged Hemant Rout, an environmentalist and secretary of the Gahirmatha Marine Turtles and Mangrove Conservation Society. Rout said tourists who had come to take a walk on the beach were disgusted to see the carcasses lying all over the area.

Courtesy of hindustantimes.com




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