1,000+ cattle have died ‘due to drought’ in Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam

Livestock Alert

In Ninh Thuan, prolonged drought has left more than 1,000 cattle died from lack of food and drinking water.
As of this time, the total tonnage of 20 reservoirs in the province of Ninh Thuan to about 10.6% design capacity. While agencies Meteorological Forecasting forecast until mid September at this new future should rain, the drought situation will continue intense and takes place on a large scale.
The lack of water damage livestock, crops, causing people to stop production, decertified land, people’s lives difficult capital is even harder, risk of poverty is very high, the epidemic could break at any moment.
Facing severe drought in Ninh Thuan, in his meeting with provincial leaders last afternoon 13/4, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung asked, Ninh Thuan province to concentrate for curbing term, limit the damage to a minimum, take measures to protect cattle and the existing plant area, to find out measures to restructure the plant, ensure adaptation to climatic conditions, soil, turn challenges into opportunities to thrive and grow.
Ninh Thuan province has also recommended the Government to support local hunger relief rice 2nd 2015, suggested the government support funds to 132 billion against drought in 2015 to carry out the connection, expand the water supply system, expand intake, canals; purchase and transportation of drinking water for the population; canal dredging, digging ponds, wells against drought.
Courtesy of vtv.vn

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