Watch Sky’s #Boulton on #Grenfell judge: “you’re objecting because he’s white”


Sky News anchor Adam Boulton plumbed the depths of crassness this morning by telling a Grenfell justice campaigner that the survivors’ objection to the government’s appointment of Sir Martin Moore-Bick to head the public inquiry into the tragedy was just because the judge is “white and middle class”.

And then went downhill from there.

Ignoring Grenfell spokeswoman Sue Caro’s clear and logical explanation of the survivors’ objections to the judge based on his judicial record, Boulton told Caro:

Is there any truth in the fact that you object to the judge because he’s white and middle-class, aren’t you?

then, after she gives a further, lucid explanation:

Do you think this is helpful? I mean you strike me as being white and middle class as well.

And when Ms Caro explains that as she lives in the community and her children have lost friends in the school, so there’s no equivalence between her…

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