Thousands of dead fish found in a river in Copan, Honduras

Residents of the community of Azacualpa, La Unión, Copán, sent images showing that thousands of fish have been found dead in the Lara river due to contamination from mining activities of minerals of West (MINOSA), subsidiary of the mining company Aura Minerals (from Canada).
Upstream of this river is the mine of San Andres, where the mining company Aura Minerals has operations. By mining operations, there have been cyanide spill that caused the death of fish.
They denounce those who have generated contamination caused the death of these fish, which is also putting at risk human health. locals say that Aura Minerals was emptying one of the heap leach.
The Copán environmentalist Coalition opposes mining metal in the area since it has not promoted any significant development and has generated enormous social and environmental damage from the colonial era. The so-called “modern” and “responsible” mining that promotes Aura Minerals/MINOSA is a farce, as verified by this horrible news.
They also denounce all involved in trying to submit the country to new mining concessions by the new General mining law of the 2013 communities in Copán Ruinas and elsewhere.
Mining is a component of the extractive model which aims to promote development through the exploitation and export of natural resources on a large scale.
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