Large die off of fish in the mangroves of Darwin City, Australia

Darwin City Council has been busy cleaning up large quantities of dead fish decomposing in and around the mangroves near Vesteys Lake.
The dead fish were spotted soon after the first rains of the Wet season build up.
The council has signposted the area.
A notice to residents yesterday reads:
“Council is working with the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries and the Northern Territory Environment Protect Authority to investigate the occurrence of large quantities of dead fish in Vesteys Lake.
“We will have staff on site cleaning the fish from Vesteys Lake from Friday 13 October.”
Council said the cause of the fish kill was unknown at this stage and said the necessary precautionary steps were being taken.
“As we await the test results, staff will continue to be out in Vesteys Reserve cleaning the fish from the lake,” the council said.
However, it is known that fish kills often happen early in the Wet season, often after the first flush of water into a water body following storms. This usually happens around October and November.
Poor water quality and low dissolved oxygen levels are associated with the rain and increased water temperatures.
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