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10 whales stranded, 4 dead in Aceh, Indonesia

Local people withess several whales stranded in Ujong Karueng Beach in Aceh Besar regency, Aceh, on Monday, Nov. 13.
Photo By Antara/Ampelsa
Four out of 10 sperm whales that were beached at Ujong Kareung Beach in Aceh Besar regency in Aceh died in the early morning on Tuesday while the rest had been taken back to open waters.
Around 50 rescuers from various offices were deployed since Monday to release the whales, with support from local people acting as volunteers.
“They were stranded in shallow waters, only two meters deep. So it was hard for us to release them,” Head of Lampulo PSDKP Basri told The Jakarta Post on Monday.
He explained that the first three whales had died before being taken back into the sea.
“We released seven of them to the sea this morning, but one of them returned to the beach again, dead. We are still monitoring the other six, making sure they will not strand themselves again,” Basri said.
Along with three ships from the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry, local fishermen lent their boats to help with the release and monitoring of the whales, as some of them suffered wounds after hitting rocks on the beach.
Local people had flocked to the beach since Monday to witness the stranded whales. They took pictures and shared live video via various social media platforms.
Marine and Fisheries Campaign Coordinator for World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Indonesia Aryo Tjiptohandono told the Post that in a lot of cases, beached whales that have been released will die due to their wounds.
“Crowd control around the area is very important to reduce the stress level of the whales,” he said.
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Massive die off of sardines washes ashore in Ensenada, Mexico

Hallazgo de sardinas muertas en la playa de Ensenada, BC
The Attorney for Federal protection to the environment (Profepa) attended the discovery of copies of sardine Monterrey (Sardinops sagax), who were dead and in a State of decomposition, in waters and beaches of Ensenada, Baja California.
In a statement, the Pofepa reported that this dependence inspectors attended the report citizen, as well as to information disseminated through social networks, in which reference was made to the “massive” presence of specimens of fish deaths along the Beach known as ‘The Pavilion’ in Ensenada.
In response, Profepa in the entity staff went to the site to corroborate the facts, where they found in a strip of coastline of thousand 250 meters in length and a width of 0.5 meters, copies of dead fish, which to be reviewed were identified as Sardinops sagax or as commonly referred to sardine Monterrey.
Likewise, inspectors made several tours in the area of Beach, with the purpose of detecting contaminants, evidence of the presence of fuels, chemicals, or presence of red tide that could have given rise to the death of These bodies, however, not found any cause.
Continuing with the diligence of research, were interviews with ejidatarios and settled in the place, who said that hours before had detected the presence of fish dead at the site, were observed two boats in the site, that it possibly performed catch or fishing of sardine and anchovy.
Therefore, Profepa performed a consultation in the satellite tracking of vessels (SISMEP) system of the National Committee on fisheries (Conapesca), noting that indeed, the day in which arose the presence of dead fish, two were located “sardineras” boats.
These vessels, pointed out, were possibly carrying out maneuvers of catch of sardines a short distance from the site of the event.
To rule out the existence of contaminants at the site or traces of them in dead organisms, a hypothesis that has been set is that one or two boats had an error of calculation or maneuver to load the marine product.
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400 dead turtles found floating off the coast of Usulutan, ‘reason unknown’ in El Salvador

The Environment Ministry (MARN) reported yesterday afternoon in his account of the social network Facebook, which last October 31 this institution guardarrecursos found between 300 and 400 dead floating about 13 kilometers offshore, sea turtles face the Bay of Jiquilisco, in Usulután.
“The majority of chelonians found are in a State of decomposition”, quote.
According to detailed, MARN staff collected samples of the dead specimens for analysis in the laboratory, but so far it is unknown what caused the death of turtles.
For this Friday the institution has scheduled a new travel offshore.
The discovery took place during an operation which is carried out in the area, with the participation of officers of the national civil police and the Navy, and which seeks to some fishermen are missing since Oct. 31.
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Thousands of fish have died in Dubasipalya Lake, Bengaluru, India

Fish Kill Alert
Thousands of fish were found dead in Dubasipalya Lake near Kengeri Satellite Town in Bengaluru on Wednesday. Residents blamed the pollution in the lake for it.Residents, who hit the lake’s periphery for a morning walk, have been seeing fish die in hundreds and since Monday. It has only worsened, they said.
Jagadish Gowda, a resident who goes for a walk near the lake regularly, said that this began ever since the city received heavy rainfall. When Bengaluru received heavy downpour in October, this was one of the worst-affected lakes. Having filled to its brim, the lake overflowed leaving a KSRTC bus stop inundated.
“We have been seeing dead fish in the lake. We fear that sewage water is being let into the lake and this is the reason behind the death of fish. There is official apathy when it comes to maintenance. Even the weeds are not being removed on a regular basis. All these could be contributing factors,” said another resident.
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132 dead seals wash up on the shores of Lake Baikal in Russia

Третий факт массовой гибели нерпы выявлен на Байкале

INTERFAX.RU-Number found on the shores of Lake Baikal in Irkutsk oblast and Buryatia dead seals increased to 132, “Interfax” in the Baikal interregional Department of Rosprirodnadzor in Tuesday.
“At three sites of the Baikal coast-the village of New Enkhaluk (Buryatia), near the village of Murino (Irkutsk region) and along the Circum-Baikal Railway (between the villages of port Baikal and Kultuk in Irkutsk region) to the raised so far 132 mascara dead seals. The reason for the mass death of animals is established, “said Assistant Manager Irina Shushakova.
According to preliminary data, the largest number of dead animals-more than 90-found in Buryatia. In the Irkutsk region raised 39 carcasses.
Shushakova noted that deaths of seals from any infection has not yet confirmed-the first samples gave negative results. Illegal hunting is also deleted. Therefore, the basic version is the natural cause-for example, the deaths during the storm.
It was earlier reported that three facts of mass deaths of Baikal seals were registered at the end of October on the shores of Lake Baikal, two in Sljudjanskom district of Irkutsk region and one in Kabanskom region of Buryatia.
In Buryatia on the sand spit near the locality of New Enkhaluk tourists found around 30 dead animals. In the Irkutsk region staff RAMS “Reserved Baikal” found 31 killed animal when traversing the coast between port Baikal and Kultuk, seven more carcasses were found near the village of Murino.
It was also reported that according to preliminary data from the autopsy seals, animals died from cardiac arrest. The first result of the laboratory examination of samples showed lack of canine distemper virus.
Currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of the seal are engaged in the Angara-Baikal regional office Rosrybolovstva, Baikal interregional Office of Rosprirodnadzor, the territorial Department of Rosselkhoznadzor, regional veterinary services, FGBU”Zapovednoe Baikal” Limnological Institute of the SB RAS and the West-Baikal environmental Prosecutor’s Office.
The Baikal seal, Lake Baikal seal, or one of three species of freshwater seals in the world, endemic to Lake Baikal. Currently the population of seals in Lake is more than 100 thousand. goals.
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70,000 fish have died in a lake, ‘due to pollution’ in Telangana, India

Fish Kill Alert
Even as the state government has launched initiatives like Mission Kakatiya to restore water bodies, lakes and tanks, the pollution in the lakes in Telangana continues unabated. On Monday hundreds of fish were floating dead in the Potharaju Kunta lake in the state.
The lake, located in Annaram village, had nearly 70,000 fish, and most of them were found dead early morning on Monday, reportedly owing to untreated sewage being let into the waterbody, and also due to the municipal dump alongside the lake.
According to reports, the municipal authorities dumped the garbage including medical waste like syringe, medicines and vials of vaccines at the lake, going against their own principles.
Local residents told media that a day before the incident, an earth-mover pushed the medical garbage pile into the lake.
Speaking to TNM, Ravi Kumar an officer from the Telangana State Pollution Control Board (TSPCB), Sangareddy said, “Preliminary investigations revealed that the fish died due to the untreated domestic water being let into the lake from a neighbouring apartment-Prakruthi Nivas, and also the municipality dumping the garbage alongside the lake.”
He further added, “There was no discharge of chemical effluents into the lake. However, we have collected the water samples for analysis. Once the report comes out, and determines the cause of the death of fish, we will penalize the apartment owner, the village Panchayat and also the municipal authorities.”
District Fisheries Officer, Sangareddy, B Sujatha was unavailable to comment on the issue.
According to reports, the fisheries department had recently released 20,000 fish into the lake.
Expressing shock at the incident, Vice President of Annaram Fishermen Cooperative Society (FCS), D Veeraswamy, said, “We were shocked when we went fishing in the morning. There were thousands of dead fish. The impact is likely to continue for a few more days, killing more fish and other organisms in the lake,” reported The New Indian Express.
Shockingly, this is the third such incident happening in the state within two months.
Recently, nearly 2 lakh fish were dead, after chemical effluents were released into the Gandigudem lake in Bollarum, Hyderabad by pharmaceutical companies. The fishermen suffered a loss of nearly Rs 2 crore.
Earlier in September, hundreds of fish were found dead in Pasumamula Lake in Abdullapurmet, Hyderabad incurring a loss of Rs 60 lakh to the fisheries society.
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Large die off of fish in Athalassa Lake, Cyprus

Fish Kill Alert
The dead fish seen over the weekend in the Athalassa lake were the result of a sudden drop in temperature and the depletion of oxygen caused by large quantities of mud falling into the water following the recent rainfall, the agriculture ministry’s fisheries and forestry departments have said.
According to a statement,  the ministry’s agencies took immediate action after the dead fish were spotted in the last few days.
The department’s personnel returned to the lake on Monday to continue removing large quantities of dead fish, a job which they began on Saturday.
The Green Party condemned the government’s inertia, saying that it is not the first time a massive amount of fish have died for the same reason.
According to the Cyprus News Agency, the task of removing the dead fish from the lake will be concluded on Monday.
“The spectacle was tragic today,” Efi Xanthou from the Green Party said. “It is not the first time and I’m not hopeful it will be the last.”
“We can only condemn the inertia demonstrated by the competent authorities. Once the problem is known, why is oxygen not pumped by a pump?” a party statement said, which also called on the authorities to take action to prevent yet another future mass killing of fish.
The party stressed the lake is vital for the fragile life cycle in the park and the solution is not to remove the dead fish and bring more.
“Finally, we hope that the fish will be removed immediately because there is already a bad smell. At the same time, we hope that steps will be taken to ensure that the birds that will come to spend the winter at the lake will not be deprived of food,” the statement concluded.
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48,000 birds killed due to bird flu in Moca, Dominican Republic

Bird Flu

48,000 birds killed due to bird flu in Moca, Dominican Republic

Thousands of dead fish appear in a river in Murcia, Spain

Fish Kill Alert
The conservation and heritage association in Murcia (HUERMUR) has made an urgent report to the Guardia Civil and the relevant water authorities about the sudden appearance of high numbers of dead fish surrounded by foam.
Locals noticed the increased numbers as they walked by the river along the Manterola promenade.
“There are thousands of dead fish!” exclaimed one resident, and was among many who were questioning how they managed to end up in that state and in that section of the River Segura.
Another local described the scene as a “disaster.”
As seen on the HUERMUR Twitter account: “It’s the same old story with the River Segura. Every time it rains, there is foam and dead fish. We will be reporting the situation.”
One of the explanations offered for the amount of foam build-up is due to the effect of the rain, and the water authority (CHS) always points out that this is the case.
However, when there was a similar scenario in August, the CHS took a number of water samples for analysis to establish if there was another underlying reason and new samples have been taken following the latest episodes.
Previous tests failed to detect any pollutants that may have caused the earlier build up of foam and dead fish, and this prompted the authorities to get to the bottom of this mystery which HUERMUR indicates is happening far too often.
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Depth: 14 km

Distances: 778 km S of Calgary, Canada / pop: 1,020,000 / local time: 13:37:00.8 2017-11-16
146 km E of Boise, United States / pop: 146,000 / local time: 13:37:00.8 2017-11-16
54 km SW of Challis, United States / pop: 1,100 / local time: 13:37:00.8 2017-11-16
42 km N of Sun Valley, United States / pop: 1,500 / local time: 13:37:00.8 2017-11-16


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