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Powerful storm lashes region, thousands without power in Delco, Pennsylvania, USA

Whether it is the middle of winter with ice or the middle of the summer with rain and wind, Radnor Township appeared to take the worst hit again in another severe weather situation.

A strong line of thunderstorms that moved through Delaware County and the surrounding area Tuesday night knocked out power to several thousands homes and businesses, and as of 9:15 a.m. Wednesday, Radnor still had more than 3,500 without power, mostly due to downed trees.

The list of roads either fully or partially blocked by downed trees in Radnor included Sproul Road between Bryn Mawr Avenue and Conestoga Road, Mill Road between Roberts Road and Bryn Mawr Road, Roberts Road between Darby Paoli Road and Sproul Road, Conestoga Road at Maplewood (eastbound traffic detoured – Westbound open), the 200 block of Spruce Tree Road, Eagles Road between Radnor Street Road and North Wayne Avenue, Donna Lane, the 700 block of Woodcrest Road, 275 South Ithan Avenue, the 500 block of Huston Road, Chamounix Road between St. Davids Avenue and Aberdeen Terrace.

Deadly Ebola virus spreading, say WHO officials

Ebola Virus

The World Health Organization, also known as WHO, is reporting 50 new cases of the Ebola virus today.  

In all, the disease has triggered 500 deaths since February in the three West African nations of Sierre Leone, Liberia and Guinea. 

A WHO spokesperson said education is the key to preventing more Ebola deaths.  
“There is still a lot of resistance from the population to cooperate with health workers. They are still not willing to report to health clinics to get treatment,” says WHO spokesperson Fadela Chalib.
Ebola is a highly contagious virus that begins with a sudden fever, intense weakness, muscle pain, headache and sore throat.  
It is first transmitted from wild animals to humans, and if it is not treated, it can spread quickly from person to person, just by contact.

Two new MERS virus cases in Abu Dhabi

MERS Virus Alert

The UAE’s Ministry of Health on Wednesday announced two new cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) in Abu Dhabi. 
In a statement cited by news agency WAM, the Ministry said both patients were “stable and receiving necessary medical care”. 
The Ministry added that it is coordinating with the competent departments and other medical authorities in the country, and has taken all necessary measures as per international standards and recommendations from the World Health Organisation (WHO). 
It confirmed that it is monitoring the situation closely to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

8 northern provinces warned to brace for flash floods due to heavy rains, Thailand

Severe Weather Alert

Eight northern provinces are warned of flash floods and landslide from 8-10 July 2014 while the Ministry of Interior is closely monitoring the weather in order to assist the affected people in time.

Director-General of the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department Chatchai Phromlert said the eight provinces warned to brace for flash floods and landslide from heavy rains included Lampang, Lamphun, Mae Hong Son, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phayao, Phrae and Nan. Officers from the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation were on standby 24 hours to assist the affected people especially those who lived in areas along river banks, foothill slopes and flood-prone areas, the official said.

Some areas in the eight provinces have reported rainfall of over 100 millimeters after heavy rains earlier this week.

The director-general added that officers would lead tourists at natural attractions to a safe place if a natural disaster was likely. As for the local people, they should keep abreast of weather forecasts and disaster warnings. They were strongly advised to abide by the warnings and frequently look for signs of a natural disaster, Mr Chatchai said.

Large Landslide; 17 People Missing In China’s Southwest

Breaking News

Search ongoing for at least 17 people missing after landslide in Yunnan province

At least 17 people are missing after a landslide in southwest China’s Yunnan province early Wednesday, according to Chinese media.

Xinhua news agency said the landslide occurred after heavy rains in Fugong County.

A team of 140 rescuers is searching the site using excavators, fire trucks and ambulances.

Some people may have been carried away by the Nujiang River, Chinese authorities said.

Yunnan, situated in a mountainous area, has a history of earthquakes and heavy rains, making it vulnerable to landslides.

Flooding and Landslides in Northern Japan

Nagano Flooding

Unrelated to Typhoon Neoguri the rainy season front as brought severe flooding and landslides across northern Japan.

The worst has been in the Hokoriku region where over 30,000 people have been told to evacuate. One location in the region “鹿児島県 与論島” 300mm of rainfall in the past 24hrs alone.

In Nagano several landslides have left at least one dead and 4 injured.

The first landslide occurred around 5PM JST. One boy died in this large slide while four more (his family) was hospitalized.

Another landslide destroyed at least 5 homes in Nagano. This one was reported to be hundreds of meters long along a steep hill side in to a river bed. More information is still be gathered on any injuries that could have occurred. Image below is the second slide.

The rain is expected to continue through the next several days in northern Japan and even worsen as typhoon Neoguri tracks north bringing showers across all of Japan.



  11th – 12th JULY 2014
CME 11th_12th July 2014


Subject To Change

Depth: 10 km

Distances: 495km (308mi) NNE of Young Island,
1762km (1095mi) S of Invercargill, New Zealand

1799km (1118mi) S of Gore, New Zealand
1842km (1145mi) S of Dunedin, New Zealand

2408km (1496mi) SSW of Wellington, New Zealand

Global view


Subject To Change

Depth: 40 km

Distances: 2184 km NE of Sapporo-shi, Japan / pop: 1,883,027 / local time: 22:35:17.7 2014-07-09
491 km NE of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Russia / pop: 187,282 / local time: 01:35:17.7 2014-07-10
424 km E of Esso, Russia / pop: 1,965 / local time: 01:35:17.7 2014-07-10

Global viewRegional view