Thousands of dead fish found in the Lakhish River, Israel

Environmental Protection personnel from the Ashdod Municipality were dispatched this morning (Wednesday) to the Lakhish River following a report concerning thousands of dead fish that had filled up the river due to pollution. The municipality’s personnel are working in order to locate the source and scope of the contamination.
“We began with evaluating the reason,” said Ashdod Environmental Protection Division Director Kobi Paltzi. “It’s possible that a certain body took advantage of the rain and poured materials into the river. Another possibility being checked is an organic load and lack of oxygen that lead to the deaths of the fish in the river. We’re waiting for the lab’s report.”
Paltzi added that the Israeli Environmental Protection Ministry and Cities Association will be participating in all stages of the investigation and will aid in detecting the cause of the pollution. “The Ashdod Municipality along with the Environmental Protection Ministry and Cities Association are located at the scene in order to conduct preliminary treatment including the removal of the fish,” Paltzi stated. “Likewise, we’re performing a sampling of the material poured into the river with the aim of trying to trace the infectious agent.”
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