Thousands of dead fish wash up in the Asso canal in Nardo, Italy #fish #AssoCanal #Nardò #Italy

Fish Kill Alert

The sudden death of thousands of goldfish in the Asso canal – probably dead from drought, but perhaps not – reopens a wound. The stream, in fact, is the final address of some consortium purifiers and is the subject of a detailed complaint (dating back to 2016) to the Public Prosecutor’s Office by the managers of the environmental associations in the area.

A complaint of which nothing is known. Silence that suspects many citizens who would like clarity. Yet the biologist and researcher Giampiero Dantoni has over and over again on the heavy and probable pollution of the waters. But, above all, on an important background “mystification”: the discharge of wastewater “underground and on the water table” is absolutely prohibited by law.

The discharge in the Asso torrent is defined as “delivery to a non significant surface water body” and not “delivery to the subsoil” as it is. As if all the wastewater disappeared by evaporation and absorption into the soil.

On paper, the waterway does not deliver to the Colucce vora. The Asso torrent is defined as “water basin with entry into the sea”, thanks to the creation of the “spillway”, a surface channel used for the “overflow” and which leads to the Frascone sea.

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