Coronavirus UK: NHS declares HIGHEST emergency level – comprehensive care now undeliverable #COVID19 #coronavirus #UK #NHS #Emergency #Epidemic

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CORONAVIRUS has been declared a level 4 emergency by NHS England – the highest warning that can be issued.

With the epidemic continuing to spread across the UK and the globe, urgent measure are being put in place to contain the outbreak. Over 50 cases have now confirmed in Britain, and the outbreak has forced the NHS to warn some care services are now undeliverable.

A level 4 emergency is defined as when “pressure in the local health and social care system continues to escalate leaving organisations unable to deliver comprehensive care.

“There is increased potential for patient care and safety to be compromised.

it follows the release of the government’s battle plan to tackle the crisis earlier today in the event of a major escalation in the virus’ outbreak across the country.

The Government is preparing to encourage people to work from home, introduce an “emergency registration” of retired health professionals, and call in the Army if necessary.

However, Prime Minister has urged calm from the public in responding to the epidemic.

He said at a press conference this morning: “Let me be absolutely clear that for the overwhelming majority of people who contract the virus, this will be a mild disease from which they will speedily and fully recover, as we have already seen.

“But I fully understand public concern about the global spread of the virus and it is highly likely that we will see a growing number of UK cases.”

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