48 TONS of fish die in a lake in Dong Thap, Vietnam

Fish Kill Alert

On October 7, Senior Lieutenant Colonel Van Vu Quoc Khuong, Chief of Police Tan Hong (Dong Thap), said that Tan Hong Police are directing functional units to investigate and clarify the case of more than 48 tons of fish. Check seed Nguyen Thi Bich Dung’s (51 years old, live P.An Thanh, TX.Hong Ngu, Dong Thap) in Tan Phuoc culture (H.Tan Hong) dead white pond just before sale.

Initially, in the early morning of October 3, when Ms. Dung’s family checked 3 pangasius breeding ponds, dozen fire found that all fish in the pond died of unknown cause.

Ms. Dung’s family went to the Tan Phuoc Commune Police to report the incident.

Talking to PV Thanh Nien , Ms. Dung said: “My family has nearly 20 years raising catfish breeds. My experience is that if a fish dies from a disease, it will not die so quickly and in a pond. I suspect that someone was harmed, so I reported it to the police ”.

According to Ms. Dung, normally catfish breeds for 4-5 months will be sold to growers. However, due to the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic , the pangasius industry was in difficulty , so her family had anchored fingerlings until 13 months before there were buyers.

The agreement is that by the morning of March 3, fish will be weighed. But before they could sell fish in the morning of the same day, Ms. Dung’s family discovered that all fish in the pond were dead. Instead of selling to traders for 18,000 VND / kg, Ms. Dung had to sell dead fish as bait for catfish, only 3,000 VND / kg.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Dung said: “Only calculating the money for raising fish, my estimated loss of property is nearly 900 million dong. I hope the authorities investigate to clarify the case “.

Talking to PV Thanh Nien , Senior Lieutenant Colonel Van Vu Quoc Khuong, said: “Commune police have come to verify according to family reports about the death of fish. On the morning of June 6, Ms. Dung’s family filed a request for the police to join. We have sent people to take samples of water and fish samples to analyze and investigate to clarify the case ”.

Courtesy of thanhnien.vn


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