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Major fire breaks out at chemical factory in Kurkumbh, India #Fire #ChemicalFactory #Kurkumbh #India

Chemical Explosion Alert

A major fire broke out at a chemical processing factory located in the industrial cluster at Kurkumbh, off Pune-Solapur Road, in the early hours of Thursday. It took eight fire tenders from various agencies more than four hours to bring the fire under control, said officials.

The fire station in the Kurkumbh MIDC (Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation) area received a call about a major fire on the premises of a chemical processing unit around at about 1.45 am on Thursday.

“We received information about a fire at Shivshakti Oxalate company in the industrial cluster. We first dispatched the two fire tenders with us. After getting to know of the intensity of the fire, we called for additional tenders from Baramati MIDC, Jejuri municipality, Pune Municipal Corporation and also that from a private company. As the unit had been storing many types of solvents, which are highly flammable, the fire went on spreading for a while across its premises. It took eight tenders and additional tankers more than four hours to control the fire,” said Kurkumbh MIDC Fire Station Officer Sudhir Khandekar.

“There were 10 staffers and workers on the premises when the fire started. They all managed to come out safely before we reached. There were two dogs stuck in their kennels. Our firemen rescued the two canines amidst blazing fire. As to the cause, there is a possibility of the fire having been started due to an short circuit at a particular point, resulting in the solvents catching fire. Many drums of the solvents aggravated the fire further,” added Khandekar.

A major fire was reported from another industrial unit in the same area in the third week of May this year.

Pune District Collector Rajesh Deshmukh said, “I had sought a report from the concerned industrial safety and MIDC officials. Their primary report points to a short circuit as the primary cause of the fire. We will be issuing directives to concerned agencies and stakeholders to take steps for averting such incidents in the future.”

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42 people killed in Cameroon landslide #Landslide #Cameroon #Africa

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At least 42 people were killed after their houses were swept away Tuesday in a landslide caused by torrential rain in the western Cameroon city, state media reported. According to Reuters, rescue teams spent the night scouring the rubble of destroyed houses in the town of Bafoussam, in the country’s western highlands. Among the bodies recovered were those of 26 children, Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV) reported. The search will resume today for additional bodies believed to remain under the rubble.

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Large landslide continues to block road between Lowell Point and Seward #Landslide #LowellPoint #Seward #Alaska #USA

A substantial landslide on Lowell Point Road has blocked both lanes of traffic and is not expected to be cleared until earliest Thursday morning.

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A substantial landslide on Lowell Point Road continues to block both lanes of traffic and is not expected to be cleared for a few more days.

A community alert about the landslide was sent by the Seward Police Department just before 3 p.m. Wednesday, warning that the road would be closed until further notice.

Thursday morning, Seward City Clerk Brenda Ballou said that more slides occurred overnight and that city crews are working with Metco Alaska LLC, a local contracting company, to find the best way to clear things up.

Ballou said there have been a few small landslides in the area over the past few days that were able to be cleared quickly, but Wednesday’s landslide was bigger and prevented the Lowell Point community from accessing Seward on the road system.

Ballou said people from Miller’s Landing, a recreation and lodging business in the area, were able to run a water taxi Wednesday afternoon to shuttle people between the communities. On Thursday, Ballou suggested the water taxi was still available.

Crews are also working on keeping the outfall area of the Lowell Creek Diversion Tunnel near Lowell Canyon Road cleared. The waterfall is currently under control, but the city is monitoring the situation.

Ballou said a couple of the rocks that fell in the landslide were so large that equipment could not lift them. She said the city hopes those rocks can be rolled over enough times and dropped in the water to clear the road.

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A ‘swarm’ of hundreds of small earthquakes rocks Southern California #earthquakes #QuakeSwarm #California #USA

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More than 200 small earthquakes peppered California’s Imperial Valley on Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

The USGS reports that 240 small earthquakes occurred near Westmorland, California, between 4 p.m. local time Wednesday evening into 8 p.m. local time Thursday morning. Most of the quakes measure about magnitude 3.0, with the largest being a magnitude 4.9 quake.

The seismic activity continued into Thursday morning, as dozens more small earthquakes occurred in what the USGS calls the “Brawley seismic zone.”

Dr. Lucy Jones, a seismologist, founder & chief scientist at her center, said it is one of the largest swarms ever seen in the Imperial Valley — and it is historically one of the most active swarms in Southern California.

According to the USGS, the area also saw earthquake swarms in 1981 (which included a magnitude 5.8 quake) and in 2012 (which included a magnitude 5.4 quake).

The USGS reports that the earthquake swarm will continue to produce small earthquakes over the next seven days, and while there may be a few moderately-sized earthquakes up to magnitude 5.4, the system will eventually peter out.

A second less likely scenario laid out by the USGS indicates that a large earthquake between magnitudes 5.5 and 6.9 is possible. A third — and least likely — scenario indicates that an enormous earthquake of magnitude 7.0+ could happen, which would cause “serious” impacts on nearby communities.

Luckily, Jones said the earthquake swarm is too far away to have an impact on the dangerous San Andreas.

“The swarm happening now south of the Salton Sea, near Westmorland is over 30 km south of the end of the San Andreas,” she tweeted. “It is in the Brawley seismic zone, a common source of swarms. So far largest is M4.4. Too far from the San Andreas to change the probability of a quake on it.”

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MAGNITUDE 5.1 DODECANESE ISLANDS, GREECE #earthquake #DodecaneseIslands #Greece

Subject to change

Depth: 154 km

Distances: 165 km SSW of Aydın, Turkey / pop: 163,000 / local time: 14:05:37.3 2020-10-01

23 km SW of Kéfalos, Greece / pop: 2,500 / local time: 14:05:37.3 2020-10-01

MAGNITUDE 6.0 NEW BRITAIN REGION, P.N.G. #earthquake #NewBritainRegion #PapuaNewGuinea

Subject to change

Depth: 80 km

Distances: 420 km NNE of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea / pop: 283,000 / local time: 20:34:45.2 2020-10-01

107 km NE of Finschhafen, Papua New Guinea / pop: 1,000 / local time: 20:34:45.2 2020-10-01

MAGNITUDE 2.1 GERMANY #earthquake #Germany

Subject to change

Depth: 10 km

Distances: 50 km SE of Bonn, Germany / pop: 313,000 / local time: 09:36:51.4 2020-10-01

12 km WSW of Koblenz, Germany / pop: 107,000 / local time: 09:36:51.4 2020-10-01

MAGNITUDE 6.5 TONGA #earthquake #Tonga

Subject to change

Depth: 10 km

Distances: 214 km NNE of Nuku‘alofa, Tonga / pop: 22,400 / local time: 14:13:33.5 2020-10-01

43 km N of Pangai, Tonga / pop: 1,700 / local time: 14:13:33.5 2020-10-01

Global view


Subject to change

Depth: 7 km

Distances: 52 km NNW of Mexicali, Mexico / pop: 689,000 / local time: 17:31:26.4 2020-09-30

13 km NW of Brawley, United States / pop: 25,800 / local time: 17:31:26.4 2020-09-30